Friday, February 16, 2018

Triangles in a string

When you spend months trying to subtly get people to realize you are a couple by showing up everywhere together and collaborating on projects (because everyone knows that's your MO), but no one catches on, maybe it's time to recognize that your furthering your union seems weird, the weirdest, and not in a cool way, not in an opposites attract way, more on in the least sexy, no one wants to and dad...way less sexy than that, actually..."how, why, what happens?" because it's masturbatory (also in a less sexy way), do you just sit around humble-bragging at one another? Encouraging each other's self-righteousness? Each other's toxic self-righteous behavior? Prompting one another to make bad art decisions, because you are both followers and not leaders, and that is one negative-dom run-around mess?

*jealous though. That no one jumped to het.ville on you. *jealous, though, because I just have to have a conversation w a man for people to come (so fast, and hard) to conclusions...for people to say "you had a moment with..." No.
I have moments with many
Never romantic, devoid sex.

*real human interaction*

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