Tuesday, December 17, 2013

whole foods@whole foods

public massage@public massage
Why did you wrap that plaid thing around me if you didn't mean it?
thought of you.never
through myths and
one hug.that sucked
I cant.
challenge phantom feelings
lose it.a little
hold her shoulders

It Takes Village

Takes time to notice. Like a year.
Didn't feel anything. Concern only
for self. Distracted. Good and dis...
By what I, of what others. Too.
An old decision. Lived by now.

Just notice. Just bend the fuck over
backward. Take it. Without expected.
Isn't that why anyways...desire the
un--desirable. The inability to. Real. 
Security. Warm avoidance and self.



Thursday, October 17, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013


Something really, really new, and I'm sparing with it, even when pretending, but that's okay, it follows my age, and I've been thinking of me lately, like that oldness, like that Kate, and her ways, and how she can--everything--and I can--nothing--after all. Only.

Fuck That Mess

All the time.
It was good too
so I will find a little space
to do it again.
But don't wait up all night
we'll erase the morning

Screwdriver melody

Work, work. Work, work.
You better work bitch.
earnestly agree with
You better work bitch.
And No sleep til


Body. Body. Close.
Hungry, I suppose. 
I don't settle.
But I can sink in. Move again.
Make things easy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What are you looking at? Your life is perfect. You think I’m pathetic? You’re a fool. Don’t you...



Big Fucking Deal, Life


The More She, the Less He



Pulling on beads. Pearl necklace.
Moving like a whorehouse
after 24 hour, attract.
Red, with coded envy.

Beat sure of. Being under anything.
under, grateful hurries.
Fire shot, caught
lattices do shake
too far underweight.


Your pile of quivering crap. is.


Stay alone tonight.
Just in case. Bored.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

"And, I Mean, I Have This Much Left to Learn, and It Can Fix Anything, and I Need a Hug, It's the One Thing It Can't Fix...

With sister, Whole Foods, months ago, bathroom.
Left her alone. Out. Near imported cheese.
Bugged out Yogi dude. Eyes. Handstands. Eyes.
Pale, and glazed, and much like Flea’s.
He wants a hug. No. He needs a hug. Handshake.
She. Uncomfortable but willing. A sob story away.
Old, so old. And staring. I take one for the team.
Over-used. Texture. Describe the damage. Skin.