Saturday, January 19, 2019

somewhere in the notes of a shut country

make me entry
make me entry
make me entry

the left hand is cold with comfort
the right burns hot without regret

a course we took, when we were young
and i can feel it in my bones.
my bones on your bones.

the smoke they wrote about complicates what was said too much.

a broken pressure makes queer shapes
they feel too much, they laugh about it
        i dream about it, their flattened touch

across a slick.  
                      they are with you. i laugh about it.
an impressive drift, amazingly fast. to eye the marrow without making it last.

it's a difficult subject, restore us, to eleborate on social systems

write this fiction, several to the southwest,
sweetness, fully on the sleeping self. I'll
be your forest region, a little more food
will allow a pleasure. leggy, to behold as
pleasant in a lifelessness leveling for waiting.
                                                      for communication

headless, passive. weaken in the presence of They-were-on-their-best-behavior

book me. cruel daylight.
glitter with the excess: Please
dress me in your best behavior, say it: Please

within the year, they ended a party of a people

a liquid glare that melted
               call your girlfriend.
something fluid and insubstantial
get upset

you never meant to hurt anyone
but, they kept the rooms pleasantly warm
and, it's different. it won't make sense.

they each lacked some quality.   .that met with someone new

file fed & state for free

we just want to party
on a rainy evening, of the last summer
party just for me.

flat face. triangle. one is respected and judged only as a human being.
"human pronoun"

same logic, we are substance together

a perfected text message.
you are welcome.

it was fun pretending
not-to-be, wish to say the same

this day. loss. age. keep running.

2017, upmost suicidal. 2018, attempts to better a self
                                                    that didn't need betterment.

you know me too well: aspirate

jk, hold your breath.
come out, in hard times
 a programmable orchestra

mechanical beings:
magnetism, sperm, and alchemy.

C O M P L E X clay

cloud-based orgasms

//of confidence
to load

a pivotal moment
to pull lines like ours

spread wide like a vision

fundamental flaws, construct completely
different worlds, but govern over all       we
my fair, endpoint, plug in. upload. backup.
this wouldn't be a problem if we were cloud-based organisms

like othello, tragic&literary, too fast to INITIATE

bang, bang,
                   store and track our movements,
we move onto you, life0like and passing
to touch, we don't need hands.                arrow over, customized and crawling

350 lifespan, break that breath

all in all, a pretty nice,
glad you came
w i s h
we could.           :same:

like a vacuum on the floor
we are avoiding-objects too

pick up the look,
whenever you feel it

that little bodily labor.

a   f a i r y     t a l e   w/  w/e  //you

pulse_faint, color a little off

8 sections of texts, limitations of the simple.

stilettos, broken, to extract and adopt
kismet is the face that :expresses:
on its own    save for the odd, interactive pet
so far way, mouse over to see the truth,

still so near

*i just came to say goodbye*

Sunday, January 13, 2019

so many complications in the way, with rhetoric. of a text message, space, time (of our life), and a gender dys

and The Sister told their friend that the Other Sister was lonely
:why did she choose to live so far away from family:    
and The Sister said that Other Sister is working. money is a stress. career advancement.
:she is pretty. she could have somebody. she could be a sugar baby:
and The Sister said it isn't lonely like that, misses friends, family--a life: 0100100011

they say: i have the terminal degree in my field!
they think: i don't think they know how old i am. ship sailed.
they say: i appreciate how practical a solution it is.
they think: i see myself on the other side of that exchange. ship coming.

we are work. if anything, we would pay for companionship.
we sort-of, definitely already do. always have.

ppl-pleaser, i'll never be your dream.
                     higher than an airplane.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

toxic ink | processed tree


.the *imagined* we of *unallowed* disembodied others.

curious + inescapable,
dangerously incorrect,
ambivalently yours,

we still haven't slept. [CTRL][ALT]inauthentic belonging

we are over[clouded]    opening passages of blankness:

to plot [character] in socials.      exaggerated and stale.

a [shared] sea of
cultural relations and travel memories
                                             sketched in their code.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Since 2017, 2018 you've gone missing, AR

ies, alongside these possibilities, some fears. good week, ask yourself who. what. you are repelled by, haunted by – or scared by. 

make this real, if you wanted, I am sure. It is to remember a multiverse full. You pop them. So, pop. want and leave. (currently) confused. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

we dream of settling, it looks like LA | NYC | Random College Town on a choose-your-own-adventure. "i choo-choo-choose you!" "you choo-choo-choose me?!"

we take a picture of your hand
we hold it above a candle    lit

i'm wondering if it'll ever fit, like a
band stretched to understand the degradation of the night

backlight, LED, tell me: coke party! my rules!
glad we aren't there, waiting for the alone of our phone.
                                                                          fulfilling, fulfill me, blank stare.