Thursday, November 29, 2018

age we appropriately

and now I read, once again, an image of myself in print, two prospectives, a specter and a punk.

Cannot sleep at the memory of how clearly newborn I was. I cringe.

If there was ever anyone to be cloaked around. It was her. The idea of that transparency that has become brand, well before it was honed, elongated, refined. I want to cry out an embarrassment: I love intimidating people the most, you find yourself obsessing about them. With all that distance you accommodate. You can never be there. You can never touch them. The draw, it's in that dance. Entirely contrived of one. 

it was a coincidence of experience (or a problem statement, too direct, because correctness often resembles the unclear)

no, perhaps 
   a simple fact    (audacity to inscribe)

~an identity that history has not yet been discovered~

with no place.
so consummate.
what, where, for, others 
who officially did not exist. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

That body. That machine. Is an art object.

any time, any day, i would have put it back in


     arms bronzed by light


     under sheets like ours

L: I'm sorry.
M: We just need more time.
A: You need to figure out what's right for you.
O: I need to figure out what's right for me.

we are post-drunk, too early, waiting for a callback

removal of the fifth finger on the left
.it doesn't really get better.    i respect them, and their decisions

sholly was secretly the best -keep it down in there-

they said they wanted this thing. there was some time before. they didn't wait enough.

am lmao
am no one
                 's side b

everyone falls in love with the director

isn't the first time.
  won't be the last.
                                                        *stay intense*
we make it better.
by fact of existing.
                                                  *i love the myth of us*

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

At some point,, you are just telling the world you are impolite by politic.

just saying you are, and by Politic(!),
like that sweet uncoupling, mad text
but, a lot that does. in a time-space
                                    without liberal angst
places are different, lives are startlingly
altered in a matter of days. we are a proposal without a pick-up. steady, okay, for how long? kindness is a winning game, which empties value, oh, judgemental one. --oh, god, i just realized that i don't not want to get old and have wrinkles all over my face. skin so thin you could tear it (all skin, always?). save me from a future 😱i cannot unfold.

fortuitous events, like a mf Jane Austen novel. The body has become too accustomed to these specific social mores.

and, why are we so thirsty?
to form a body between us to fit
   .like flesh.
    .to inscribe.

with a word for one another, to a space
like any other. readied to cashout on desire.

i am alone and double-tapping memes you would enjoy: about time for a spice girls reunion you'll seek tomorrow--feminism consumed and digested, spit back out, capitalist machine, w/e, give me more. I want the world, I want the whole world, it's my bar...

and, i wanted to ask you, but
i didn't want to embarrass us.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

inauspicious headline; it was an inside job

‘vegans can do anything’ among four dead on Mount Everest


Other options

i made this comment,
   that it was fitting,    :a rose by any other name would smell:
but, what i meant was,
   you're finally admitting it,                  .all those dead bodies.

some ego.

Friday, November 23, 2018

to: the public

a crystal code in
every single machine.
the ideals of the goal. 

our lives like a deep fading.
when it was 11 then, was it just for 12?

his ego v. this corporeal body

a harm without a know
an invasion so expected,
the body eventually shows.



the way and where...
i agreed at last, politeness.
for this body i never owned.

when i signed the contract,
i didn't even know. they can try
to wear us down, wear us out, it
won't work. could you even get so low?

you are my pillow

on that shallow breath, valium, kid.
it slows the colors. are cold against hot.
a word of thought wears itself out, sits. sits
along without a know. long time. make it out.
suspend a float. a melody breaking noise into the woke.

when we went to dinner with friends, was it just for show?

times are listed for screenings of a
long time, went without, try to figure it out.
longer times, when they came. back. our lives.
i'll break you down, this world, just for show.
let me break you down. just for show.

a lot of little doodles. backwards take. my skin is crawling. we met in his car.

to centralize the secondary,
i told you it was revolutionary.
did you even notice?
the driver wasn't there.
i held a ride into the light.
all the times we did it right,     was it just pretend?

rules don't apply, general assembly. zero.

 .all consequences may appear equitable.

cyber security: still a world wide where

you can get lost in europe, id-ed as
the american prude. the beauty is lack

still a world to meet-and-destroy
still-held tropes. in awe of other people

recognize this face without a flower
turn this space to the sun.

even. now. sometimes i think of them while listening to radiohead's special,

because i'm still just a florida teenager,
skateboarding behind the 7eleven, fully neon lit
perfecting a dive after midnight, wet feet on pavement

long time, make it back:
abandoned, half-built late 00s model homes,
vacating tennis courts, purview of a security guard. naked

was it childish?

yes. yes, it was.
of course, that was the beauty of it.
so personal.

a storyboard.
a future, held.
much later, you
won't necessitate
the labor to explain.

in over-abundant style. can i break into this world?

artist statement: when you mindlessly doodled on your own body without realizing that you were attempting to write yourself for once, without realizing all the ways you were already drawn out and essential. ***i  t h i n k  w e  w e r e  t h e  s w e e t e s t  k i l l***  //likely fading in this work//

i thought you were the sweetest

did you even know?
when you hold a hand to the light
the scars around the bend begin to show.
i'll take you in and out, up and down,
if they try to pull out, would you even go?
when you took my hand, you said you knew,
but wear me down, was it just for show?

our lives*likely fading*kill, did you even know?*

wish it weren't you:it was just for show

if we get down? i
get you down. just so
we can get up again. it's
the will that works

always. always, like, 2 years later. gator.

keep remembering that thing i told them.
that one night, though. first night. only move.

.Quotidian is where lives are made. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

not quite human, again...and again...and again

today is context.last month is history.
last year is historonics.

decision is a support tool.
//walking or talking.
i am named only in opposition to [operation] system//

communication depends on context.
knowledge on data history.
embodied by a hardware
                                       built around |our| personality disorders.
theater| precocious| sex|

older people amassed a detritus of humanoid configuration

enjoy your life.
without my eyes.

while working artificial
we continue making footprints.
millennials have generated enough data to make. speak,
we digital remains of the dead accumulate into users. passing.
some, in a way, online accounts continue a history of deleted, we
linger in perpetual silence. generate gigabytes. processing power.
our storage is capable. you're at least some part of it. embedded.

machine learning
to approximate. a
lot of our unique.

a version of you could live forever

on behalf of you're dead,
some future. a
digital persona that can
interact. augmented eternity

a researcher. an entrepreneur. an afterlife.
a prebirth chatroom, waiting line company.
executive of digital avatar, we already are

they are a building without refute
certain of eternal reality, look at that!

deepest lab,
desperate w/ love,
...        ...
the sound of
[my voice]

watching triggering mid-00s bb queer porn


the 10veT0h4T3
was more now for your human wokeness.
find them in a digital immortality. jenny.
yesterday, shopping like it was 2009 again,
san junipero t-shirt in the 'men's section of target :Eat Me:

not paradox, *capital*

"dubbed the gender, mini-experiments
isn't new risk-taking, patience, and trust

subjective measurements, international rankings.
how long women have had the vote.
had bigger gender gap. preference(?)

how gender interacts with culture, dizzying."
complications are datasets

we're already here, all pointless and plucky

sci-fi and fantasy combat: lucky wit
the reluctant meaning. we power up.

do things even meet-humans?
briefly we live. a difference                               this crowded planet.

some tropes are built to digress; and that is especially interesting: to centralize the secondary.

every tear. every hug. to be a snowflake with intention to disrupt.

you love me.
you love me.
you love me.
 i t' s  f r e e

be honest about how bad it feels.
and . move . on .

please let me be a magic healer. i never asked to be made

they: return to us, the innocence--are they okay?

i: like the ending of the book!

they: say, do you understand?

i: have reverted. so, say you don't want it anymore.

they: are you? oh. okay.

*please, crystal gems, shadow screens*
           of course we forgive them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

subs choice (lol)

if you have your old Sidekick. connection.
are you communicating telepathically//

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Monday, November 12, 2018


we repair
phones | tablets, 20 minutes
or less

as a compromise

Friday, November 9, 2018

we are a collab with sam, in making

oh, hey, grrrrrl.

the idea of having work. in work. at work.
make money while you make money.

moments are absurd.

we are hung with a necessary express delivery

The body expanded. Without the boundaries of sex predicated on a system of domination and submission, a capital of control. The body that reproduces like a hydra. Limbs multiply. *ahem*