Tuesday, May 24, 2016

of alienated

www.geohanover.com › CONTACTWith 
some-human-looking, one could be sitting next 
                           to ... the 
average life span of a P is 10,000 earth years.

and, There hasn't been any detail to the alien's life span 
                                                          apart from the eggs.

"I think that Atlantis was an Alien colony hundreds of thousands of years ago. I could go on ...." 

lifespan of a human

"Today humans have an average life span of 31.99 years in Swaziland and 82 years in Japan. The oldest confirmed recorded age for any human ever born is 122 years of age, though some people are reported to have lived longer there are no records to confirm these claims."

We do not claim personhood.

Smart phone

4.7 years, but casing it is 2, and my
texty-texty, querty bb, is still in a box waiting for the second coming

pennies on dollars

Kidprint was an anti-abduction children-in-front-of-a-height-chart prison line-up video taping service provided by Blockbuster video to cautious movie loving parents throughout nineties.

Someday I will sell the VHS starring my vulnerable body circa childhooder, front-toothless looking like a stone cold Michelle Tanner for dollars. Whole dollars. Profitting.

Lifespan of a DVD

manufacturers             have testing, there 
consensus, under recommended                     storage conditions, CD-R, DVD-R
discs should have a life expectancy of 100 to 200 years or more;
DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM                      discs should have a life expectancy of 25 years or more.

Lifespan of a VHS

"There is no definitive life expectancy for every VHS tape. Different tapes last for different lengths of time, depending on several variables. According to ScanCafe, VHS tapes tend to degrade 10 percent to 20 percent over the course of 10 to 25 years."

Sunday, May 22, 2016

personelle ad...contaminated frozen vegetables and the end of the word

Sunday, I saw you at Trader's Joe's, I was wearing my generic mid-20's man suit, I told your sister you had cool hair, she looked at you and screamed, "Her scalp is bleeding!" I really think we had a moment, you know, when I watched you get into your car. Let me know if you felt it too...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

summer jam. 2k16.

Follow me. Follow me. Follow me.

disregarder purity rings say more than you'd like them to be

**cyberspace is just a place made up by
someone who's afraid to get close. Close**

And notice we didn't say            *too close*
even though it would have matched our rhythms.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

dialectical sex, find 'friend' a verb now

websafe, cloud-like and pure
we are lightness with hue             imma space

less alienable, impossible and expression encoder
a difference with time       faultless lines, for gray
scaled checkers, board me

self-enforce on   temporary obstacle  and read
                                                            non-glow-I, materialize need

metamute on cryptic commentors

finding for you,
feeling for we,

surplus value of experience
territory of monetization of attentives

extreme non-human impulse, intensified

we are platforms

to grow,   hyperconnectivity ons with flesh that
tighten like whiter, RGB
                                       we design to jump seamless site and screens
                                       from one state to next--commodity

this is no place for the human subject

unmediated communication, only in
uninhabited  -and- this has no commonality with
web2.0, fixed capital: than labored times

our loving ice, inability to express outside language
we have fingers    -and- sentiments

Monday, May 16, 2016

tripping malls over here

on\in\at sincerity, Suburrr

refined sensibility, a tendency 
influenced by emotion, reason 
or in fact: to appeal to sentiment 

implies affected, excessive, sometimes mawkish: weak    huh.

we delete history easy-like

and it's not all url,
which is a shame-thing,
all this coming, coming
in-like by ageist claims

grossly yours

you should probably assume we are sitting in front of 2-3 screens lonelygrrrl2k16 style, droll, waiting for you to answer back. text/email/pm me.

San Francisco, get us while we're hot

I'm not interested in your dying scene
like silicon will take out all degenerate queens
and this is a curse/r.

It's all gonna happen already.

thank you for sending us your work

we know how hard you worked on it
we are excited
we'll get back2U
                             <waiting for your rejection letter>

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

**we give all this comedy away for free**

I really feel like the actors on the movie posters in my mum's game room have watched me blossom into a remarkable young woman.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

we find with you

And we are re:searching your meaningful too.

our stomach is a brain and it is keeping we awake

sometimes we get so sad for other people.
thinking about them. we get so sick with it.

and we don't call it 'pity' because we wouldn't want that either.
something about that saying from one mother or another other.

and, so you all know me: we know this isn't any more.
nor productive nor kind nor worthy than anything else.

make the world better, but maintain self-centeredness:


How can we even pretend
to be doing anything when
there is so much pain and
        broken sadness?

mass media is more more than fine arff

Pretend that there is a larger affect, if not greater,
and fuck-u-ok-u, intellect. Dumb shit gets ppl through.

And, any nihilist will warn you.

There are eville uses, but...

Escapism is a tool. It is short...it is distraction...

we are pollyanna

and we want to fix your broken,
and that is presumptuous, but

please don't show, we love you so.

deliver we from ego

There is so much existential, all around, and sad.

How do we evade ego enough to shut the fuck up?
So we don't make it worse. 
Put a stop on the opinion-entitlement. Just give it a second.
Misantropes we have love.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

All Humor is Critical

...and while can see
certain people taken
same sentiment: justify    hate,

both extremes are destructive.

(obviously) have major problems with
"over-pc-ing" which can be used to shut
down criticality--a form of     silencing...control...oppression

creates situations--where surrounded by intellectuals too afraid
to talk (but, through careful {accepting} silence they proof bigotry)

and, yeah, that's all a hard sell...

isnt a good writer. sex works for your honors


professionalism is pre-k in lights

the amount of Show & Tell we have for
jobings, this is the real world worthy, and
all insensitivity: no notice of we explicitly

a hard Try

My biopic based on my reality show based on the writing process of my third novel based on my art life based on my real life based on my fake life based on my sociological research based on my childhood chat room experiences.