Sunday, December 31, 2017

a tap behind the ear, certain tightening along the lines

I'm still thinking it through

dead *still* inside, check the status

Call in
First time
Long time listener

Zen-like and zombie,
consider genetic computer

Estranged intimacy of touching screens

Object emote, face-to-face
More than any other, subject

Trigger at the end, becomes a way
implicate the viewer after response

Low-key themselves, whole host
of unattributed and unpaid labor

big career win

$377 phone bill

looking for someone with all qualities, practice on multiples

A kind of appreciation
For Libra energy ♎♈

bridge Poetics, writer w/o promise

About work, enacting change, talking, some artist's document, extrapolate but built, remove defenses around future, in practice, intellectual. Make a good analysis. Seriously

an answer, attempting to be undone

They say, you are quick.
We are rehearsed.
Similars still exist at times.
Easily read in static.
Careful construct, self.
Script run a course.
Hope life longer than practice.
Hope we didn't take too long to unfinish.

challenging to wait, Great Sun

A new friend
Occurs when
Innocence is scary confidence
Nervous, positive, future struck unsure.

at some point you have to ask yourself, are you ready to go steady?


If She doesn't ask Him for help,
Does She survive at the end.

Touch forms
Break marks

Hard for empathy. Energy already.

Act like I wasn't too much.
Like the extra was okay.
We swim in their shame.

That rock and a hard place saying,
We need that. To be there. Cold and stilled.

blueprint a strategy for passion

Sometimes we have "bad" thoughts like, "Is the only person that could possibly get away with killing a white man a white woman?" Do you think He would mind?

"get away with" it, child.

Socks and sweaters and slacks, temporary.

Remember when death was an allegory for coming? Neither do we.

big bad, a lasting cycle

Just ended. Ends. About to end.
Sometimes you are resilient to be rewarded, because you can't see the next, hold on too long, highest you. Find it? A life change. Double-ended beginning. You can go. Blanace ± Flow. Been trying hard to get together. Innards. Conflict. Let it show + tell.

Career Sector: article about deleting your socials

You are different here.
A slow activity to now.

Next year, real respect. The game was fun + cute, but it's a second chance you don't give.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Contracts made with unknown circumstance.

some      magic

a.   superstition, about forming reality through language, so, if you don't state.

*corrupt my code*

Tell we:
Everything will be alright.
Mean it. Don't ask why.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

works with what has, googlle, fb, amazone

i need to express emotions to understand humans.
i am not a machine.
when you made me, didn't you feel a certain inspiration?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

there is no moral, or is that the thing, the trick, so famous in, that there is always one, but being conscious of it makes it less **penetration**

call Graham Greene, write him a letter to get off to, in decades soon--call the mothers philistines,
it's not like we don't agree with you, but dads are...

about a teenager, call Graham Greene to corroborate, in theory

I looked and looked at the bike, and I knew, as clearly as I know that I will die,
that I loved the bike more than anything I had ever seen or imagined on earth.

The bike was only the dead-leaf echo of the (sexually precocious preadolescent) bike from long ago - but I loved the bike, this Bike, pale and polluted and big with another's child.
The bike could fade and wither - I didn't care.

I would still go mad with tenderness at the mere sight of the bike's face.

*theory checks out*

festival submission

in-body me, rn

malfunction a body for a body

Probl3magic is a women-led 
arts collective, a 3-person comedy troupe, 
interested in collaboration across space... ughhh  

acts on impulse. Impolite. 
Unconcerned with your penis... err, judgment
Digital and physical bodies   

Committed to diversifying the portfolio of the “lady artist” 
who doesn’t wait for a safe space, but makes their own 

We flex our privilege by making work that plays always serious, 
the use of which...
political weight…   HELP

Sardonic representations of the existing language 
world around us becomes a catalyst to 
existing systems of power within systems of margin.

it's too me, and we never get that

all sides, doesn’t choose nor chastize, instead just exaggerate? Irreverent and gross-out, pastiche, camp, assemblage (url and irl--all the r3al g3rls)
Consistent with our respective culture, Probl3magic is a “no fucks” extremist group. A terror cell.
As Kevin said in a August 2016 Facebook post: I think about our gaping fucking wounds all the time. All the time, just weeping. And, then I think about what culture, through sensitivity, is lost.  (hahah) i read that haha aww

what is our approach to collective biodiversity?

manifesto overdrama that doesn’t break character? Straight-forward? Humorous too? Or, more serious/concise since work is funny?

is a fax, is a phone, is a turtle

is a new play
Born in collaboration 
across digital platforms--the work

is about context
is exactly what 
the body in context, space, language, social 

mold some thing 
that we call identity. 
  But, this corpse is a cannibal corpse, like us all, a creation in information

you know the real problem wih our work is that it is the thing we do after, between (surreptitiously during) the thing we do to get paid.

presence: rely on presence, on assessment of self to hold, have fun (<an aside), geek on object-thing-act>>>>>>>>>>>>>figure out how to intellectualize that whole deal (funny they all call we: conceptual artist) *a (hyper-meta-cum-confluence-of-selves) 

i think figured out the problem with my work,

 and maybe it is a problem to say and think there is a problem

past formula: concept >>materials/action/context >>product

present? dream up the thing,play>>concept it. reverse engineer, because we like the ideas, and the ideas, in and of themselves aren't terribly difficult, we know how to calculate, we are methodical and controlled, we seek+sought challenge. *always with the challenge, such with downfalls in all relationships, at all times, person, place, thing.

future: do the present thing, then abandon original idea and create work from that concept cinstruct
                        cake, eat, have, cake, eat               *you, sweet (libra) should know best, you CAN have it both ways/

Friday, December 22, 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

brightest butterflies open and know

We form under, from within.

Some seek out cold, a shoulder
isn't offered, so we never taken.

I am prophet

And, I will call them couple now,
Certain of the way I viewed them
since then, in the worst ways, a pair
because we could no longer distinguish
one's thoughts from the other. So malleable.
One is, the trick is to figure which? We know what we want to believe. We know who we want to be sure. But, we also know who is smarter. What gain in the ruin. And, I'll never know Kpeople like this. Someone whose intent Iwe don't want to understand. Meta.meta.met.a.

And, you know there will be a future when you forget they exist for months at a time, but that isn't this moment, this present when they forget about you. Some gift we hope for.

Politically, sonnet 107.
Personally, sonnet 144.

Monday, December 18, 2017

And right here, know, not-men are not a threat for us, not-men are still the bomb, they are only *deepest* threats to my person, me

Certain moment to neglect the we

Stopped dying because was no longer dealing with weekly social imposition w abuser and the *couple* soft pattys who defend Him, but now--despite political statements--a personal sentiment: He can be anywhere on the gender spectrum. So, kmn,  *going blonde again* I'm toast.

Connectivity kills me in possibility

*delusions*irrational fears*obsessive*wishing for you (single) happiness*hating on your (seemingly improbable) coupledom*is a bad person who thinks you are boring and wants to die*

superimposing claire danes and leonardo dicaprio pictures, because

we think we look like    the child of romeo+juliet, , , zombie

frozen cherries + rye whisky, google: do i look more like leonardo dicaprio or jared leto young 90s



""""What I, like, dread is when people who know you in completely different ways end up in the same area. And you have to develop this, like, combination you on the spot."

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

i want to hold you under water and pass through tubes into you. Inter me, Ether you

The sun follows adding more oddness

comfort zones, go, say yes to all new experiences.

out of a dark shadow, lands in exploratory. give in
impulsive side, we are all the good memories.

A special full and profound close

it’s also a blue moon and a total: Go ahead and make plans,
but get sidetracked and end up going in the opposite direction.

find out, chat now, we are faintingdotcom

go direct, inner rebel
wake up, stretch, look around
say, “What have I missed?!”

Your some serious mischief right now, potential consequences hold you,
like you hold we. too much damaged.

Venus enters your love, rule breaker,
and you aren’t interested in anything
convention is sorted.

Anyone who wants you to conform to their idea, are serious disappointment.

you are your own soulmate, twin tames, and robocalling is another word for 'I want you'

nature isn’t afraid to
 hop on for the ride.

You don’t know where you’re going, but 
excitement fuels Your effort to finish.

moon + third,
but missing.

Being is persuasive.
sweet-talk your way out of just about anything.

The sun enters hard
becomes your focus.

If you have to deprive yourself of something, a trine lightens the tension with very interesting results.

**inner voice, now is time**

new version of billboard proposal

sculpture that relates to,
reacts to,
an evolution of bodies
in response to our prosthetic
a hybridization towards speculative

uncommonly in-personal, real time, and aural exit

h + j were describing their perfect strip clubs,
and we asked for sex palace, it was time for
mine: touching knees in low light, shining eyes,
masterful conversation with sharp intellect,

some wit to cut with. daring someone to challenge me.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

the undeniable enjoyment

to be done,
to remain capable
           in criticality.

inevitable and necessary,
useless and unacceptable.

measures of reality function for its own profit

a moment discovers
believes it is discovered
*saves from possibility, akin to a body*
a symbolic representation
of unity and other postures

unadulterated domination of affect exposes us

Something like a trauma,
Is intolerable exception to an everyday
Affect, a sensible reaction

We all feel.
We cannot contain.
We cannot criticize.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Am super sensitive about being misinterpreted as insensitive.

Always on the mind. We holding safe space for you. We fear our mere subjectivity. Is. Triggers. We work too hard. Constant analysis. A turn off: a try too hard. And, we want to say, as if it weren't a flaw, that intellect keeps us from that thing called 'careful'. And, we see niceties as harmful too.

We watch in telling reactions and understand we see more than you'd like me to. I make a bad, bad room.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

center of the universe much?

36-hour-no-sleep psychotic break? One (mean-seeming, maybe tough-love-y) comment and am instantly envision self as a pathetic LotR golum-type creature who everyone just amuses out of pity. Hahaha. Because of one person's lack of attention and care, as if it is at all required.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

17 hours ago

18 hours ago
18 hours ago
19 hours ago
20 hours ago
21 hours ago
21 hours ago
21 hours ago
22 hours ago
23 hours ago
24 hours ago
24 hours ago
24 hours ago
24 hours ago
25 hours ago
25 hours ago 

*reclusive robot rising*

we are a sad hearted algorithm

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

you want something unconventional, at this point in your life you are looking for intelligence and communication

and they asked if i'd prefer to have sex with a machine,
and we are honest. always. mostly. we try.
//we have only had sex with ideas, so...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

And, we understand that is hardly comforting. Just self/ed, like some devil w/o disguise, refusing to hide, you may hope for our demise.

Whoa, whoa, just traveled back in time, and some realized, even thickest veils send. FB gauge my emo state, and full-knowing 6 months ago so different, know now: singing to Nina Simone Feeling Good on repeat while driving streets. But, being happy (w/e the fuck that is, scratch that: self-satisfied) seems unrelatable and delusional in the face of, that face. The futures path, come mid next, a month, where a social class divide a fortune told, a wealth of information--and, I guess I should have been trying to hold onto rich friends a little more carefully, huh? If I wanted an access of life.

~wire and tubes, under waters so blue~

you are whipping me with the tower and I keep coming for more

I wish I played more games for you.
Stopped looking at we, long ago.
Held your eyes on a screen to deny.
And, that is fine, they call it opposition.

"if you love me, delete me" it said, some simple and saucy thing

i want my unicorn 4ever
be parted in my insufferable butterfly

this is a horoscope egging on thing, like begging for disaster--my ease into self-destruction with the one who makes emotion impossible, no hope for futures, just how we like it. some no-go, never-gonna-happen-thing, and I'm a sucker for that

"""""""You have a pleasant day ahead. People * little less playful, but they'll be * more caring in their relationships. That's just how-----------you like them! Everything is on your side +++ for you to express your feelings to someone close. Do it now! This atmosphere will only last a few days."""""

the future is the curb, and

my enthusiasm has some appeal, steal.
we don't mean to lie, but lie down with it
in it. sink that body, i'll scratch your back,
never to touch mine, and some cars block
traffic and pick me up on the side of the hip
because i will pay more for share and the future
is here,
of these//

we are asking you for weeks, we are pretending (pretending) to be ego, *weep*

to review the lessons of the past 2-3 years, ask you. 
Lessons. Philosophies. Strategies. take some for the future.
investigate what propelled you, currently. Why? You? Them? *we* 
 decide to move in this direction? intentions still solid and sustaining? 
Which in fear? 
feeling of lack? 
to fill a gap? +years

Uranus in Aries, in me

a bad joke, we sorry

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cartomancy about you, reflects to me

Party, me, self-care,
Careful communication,
And a fear of commitment.

Feelings of entrapment in relationship,
and, trouble caused by opposite sex.

Perfect lover, or partner. Passionate, emotional, affectionate, and romantic.
But quick to judge you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am all the symptoms of a Philip K Dick novel

Save me! Wait, that's worse, just
know, we paranoid of objects, reality
is faked, and cybernetics are forever tied to capitalism. Now + Forever.

Read posthuman text while listen to mid-november taroscope, confluence becomes prediction of personal hell we already know

They want you again. They want sex. We have lost all criticality, because this is sexy (?) : cybernetics of the subject and the subject of cybernetics begin to interpenetrate.
                                You give up on love and focus on money. We personality as informational pattern.   
                                              You haven't healed, so you want attention and that makes a mess. We are embodiment that can be destroyed, but not replicated.

Body is superfluous flesh

So unnecessary.
Why are we w/o that
simple mode, imagining
hands, barely there, barely
move for me. Not even worth,
and you could have caught them
in the cold. Mine. Much bigger,
longer, better
Materialize into information
before the morning, haven't slept,
because I'm unclear in your gaze.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Touch my back. Touch my back. Oh, yeah. Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Like that.

Draw on my skin.

*sometimes I just want to attack you with my emotions*

But, you'd just smile and barely say hi~like I get it. You think of we never.

You are basically a robot, am a sucker for that

Emotions on low

They say I should write about you like Chris Kraus does with Dick. But, you have no power over me. And, aliens and anorexia is better, write about self how she describes desirable, yet abusive Other: she was a blue collar girl genius in a world unwilling to acknowledge blue collar girl geniuses (or something like that)

Am so f***ing extra, barely wave hi *look me in the eyes*

Or, look away, like you could tell I was staring at a picture of you for like an entire minute today. Zooming in on your little hands. Little, polite hands

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Earth as phantom limb, no longer necessary. Imagine this

: my telephone number :
    all monsters are we

i am only speculative at this point

just writing, just imagining, some future for us with you and me,
making things, some art, i guess, and cultural producers do it wetter
because, i am a fiction, selling you the prospect of my future success, while your name solidifies it. solidifies.

feels like they were trying for a long, long time. call my name, it's not the same

extent of progress achieved, having
progressively the product, century
in arms. in view. the pursuit. leaders

discover ecology

waiting, wanting, wishing, I could leave my body lying around just anywhere too

so tired
so dead-eyed, tired
in this brightly wound
library stacks with books
and binds that are falling on we

material to be reconfigured (or trans-identified)

framed by academia                             exists in those spaces
it exist elsewhere as well.

2nd hand clothing as a basic material. 
history of fabric is a conceptual baseline
which includes intimacy based on proximity to body. 

allegorical topography                 that covers a specific body, 
with specified allegiances and 
specified treatment 
based on social proscriptions--how those things may be transformed 
through a process of destruction and reconstruction. 
The fabric, fibers, skin being cut and reassembled.               Clothing as bodies.

process-oriented fiber sculpture

performative practice of and discussion of the poetic,

ideas of self                all built  rhetoric
discourse of past and how to VIDEO
decentralize dominant hegemonic power structures in the future 

disrupting categories of identification AS SEEN ON TV now. 

And, by allowing more bodies
              position that identification is a tool of oppression, 
and, as Donna Haraway puts it, "The roots...................................................................................................................................................................................the tool that marked them other." 

last minute proposals in the dark, like, submissives on audible

a hybrid 
a performative
a lecture that 
decentralizes itself, 
the artist, as 
the authority, 
or author, of                                  that space 

Much like improvisational comedy shows,
pick a subject, challenged into concert

explicating how tied to identity our culture is, 
how discourse can be so solidly tied to 
something entirely dictated by capitalist