Friday, August 31, 2018

A simple text based life

To be your lover is to give you all of the information

there is an air of rejection in Libra season

And(sick irony)

*dear ram, you’ll feel lit up from the inside, ready to release the past, fully embodied in your truth, and prepared to confront whatever needs confronting. Again, Libra*

Thursday, August 30, 2018

no. 2, more lure than anything

if you want to attract             (an aries)
they are not the type that the more you try the more they like you.
they are the type that the more they try the more they like you.

(i know i am not giving the best advice for a normal relationship, but we are talking about aries)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

with that fire you started in me. but you never came back to ask it out

burn first.

go ahead, transform space without me
fantasize about hopping platforms in socials fantasy.

Monday, August 27, 2018

to lack such command over the English language. to talk to two people at once. if we had the time.

the company we meet.     a couple i can no longer divide.
            but wait in soul. so deafening! that i could.
            the unrest too. from white to red! i'll rest my head.

to enjoy. fools stop. sometimes it takes a second, the *.*why*.*

the lie: in the form of that strange politeness you wear so well.
for me: general assumption that lies are told to add excitement to your humdrum life.
the lie: in that way, boredom is an existential bane.
for me: but also perspective. because geez. really?
the lie: why shit on me? why be bored?
for me: you have their ear. you have their smile on command. i'll never forgive a thing.
for me: you are wasting time too! before i find a way! come and find a way back!



I am. I am...disinterested in advertising my narcissism for you.

*that's a big ask*
whispering. for me.
*i'm not willing to do that for your sake*
morning, keep them empty. for me. lay me down. myself.
~whose words are you really, if you are theirs, whose words were there before~
on a bed. figure how to cheat yourself. we could have kept the streets. to take me home.

wide-open and otherwise. conversation is a selfish thing.

&i am only selfish with friends.
you are my politic. net aesthetics.
dull and toned-like. losing value.

a harm to Capital. to revise.
i am an indictment on your precious.
a history you hold close to your chest.
most care, i've seen enacted on my body     for theirs.

so. solid state. the most present in the [[room]] without presence.

or worse: to hear about them. how good. nice. everything. *it's a boring aesthetic*

unable to comment, full shade, because i am disinterested in being unkind.
only ever outraged by the politic of it. forever forgiving, mere human, in-personals.
an offense that holds less weight by fact of mine. *some indoctrinated bullshit*

it's ugly. and your quest for beauty is too.

diametrically opposed to any need for transparency is the manipulation to make it all the more pleasing.    some surface. to point at.
                  we can barely look at you.
but still look for you.

still wait to be in your company.
travel miles for the inevitable ignore.

and scary too. but, it is physical. the lie.

to stand close to one unwilling. discourse.
to have them stand close. to smile at.       it is pain.

*these hips don't lie*
*you are so beautiful, it hurts to look at you*

but, we are known for our sarcasm.
because distance is what we really need.
a far-reaching thing, sure, because your heart is ugly,,   mostly.

closeness is a falsehood of the body. social grace, devastation.

it is easy to assume that any deviation from normative behavior is a choice. besides that which culture has accounted for. past taboo.                                                        ~when the body appears whole~
things that make my stomach turn. like being in the presence of abuse. yours, mine, ours. to understand that love knows no touch. floaters. honesty is an unfamiliar compulsion, i know.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

since the invention of the smart phone.

if jennicam-ed no one will ask the question:
why did they just start having a middle-school
panic-attack, cry-hyperventilate session while
compiling materials for a lecture?

oh. htc glow.
oh. friends away
from home. 'friends'

help me. so attractive, but unwanted. charming to be forgotten.
help we. easy to deny space without self-reflection and

                                                                            misery porn is dead, so/

//when you are an adult who feels like
call homesick home from sleepaway camp
when you feel like crying you just take a shower instead.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

anon from Rome with empathy

None based moves    on the border
the human dimension. the machines.
not anthropocentric vision.
present-future-present, near.

a normal machine, a computer programmed
performance test, a benchmark. hesitant

strives, stresses: verifies its presence,

in a constant search for improvement, without knowing purpose.   work.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

attn: digital

to how space is used to inform
the platform's aesthetic
is a following
trend to serve-user

comes with cost to
unpaid.underpaid laborer    makehuman

.in a real way. physical habits of pre apocalyptic avatars

.valuable for some of you.
process-oriented work that translates
.what you deserve.  across platforms
.an abundant card.  of technology expanding
.a giver, a supporter.  for better or worse
of the human body  .linked to money.
.a belief card.  rgb to make visual
everything is an extension of body
.you need to believe in yourself.
a history of form  .you give an impression.
.but you do have doubt too.  agrandizing
this space  .connected here.
.look, trust yourself.  the context of material
hybrid to  .move forward.  not interested?
.the answer is yes.

skin isn't located on the surface

do not communicate.
do not engage.
they want your energy.
if you give it to them,
you'll have to gain it      back.


internally lit. vpr

-Just go away!
-I don't give a fuck what you do.
(dude, if you didn't care, you wouldn't be yelling.)

-local band music
-sound of trash can full of glass bottles falling over

-drums+ "ohhhhohhheehhh, done"