Sunday, January 31, 2016

also, also, late appeal, and the Binge On deals

Looking up images of famous people from when they were your age to find out how long you have before you fall the fink apart.

looking hard and stiff, feel we

Shift with desire, despite what they'd want on paper, a littke trickery on our part.

that moment in drunkard

when you are still aware of all the social happenings, and they think you don't see it, but your reactions are delayed, and your mind isn't so tightly wound to the construct, and so, in the morning, semiautomatic

Saturday, January 30, 2016

**not sure who I am, because there are several of we**

Small, discreet, jokes
goes unnoticed, buying
the grey-hairs, the dads
of the room, and we look
at each other with broken

surreptitiously felt me up, real chill

but the idea of confronting, a wound, recognizing |th
loss of power, a second wound, avoid eyes in hall |at

we can, easy,, tell

All of it is real<and none of it is true>
Because, am never told<but only see it>
Falling way, way hard<in front of we>
So, guess, should have<taken the three>
Teenage wasteland<on the three, repeat>

My Married is Falling Off.

Like that, full on, expose me you wrote, with publishing deal, see you in three years, I'll punk your middle-aged business desperado.

faints like the memory

mosting media, and we
is mostly monstrosity

halvsies my 19s you've
slept with, monetary

when 19, I was still
the Franco, and you can

go kiss it, slowly
freak and geek meat

with all famous teeth
they don't know, and new

am little lamb, me

High School, all overs, "I think I'm a bad influence on you"

all of you-stories are
of what happened
all of me-stories are
deepen, no givens

they are the same

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Terrified by your passage
Through time + space,
What a mess we've made.

Faking it wetter. Weef, disappearing.
Say known, something, but don't.

Like, 'like' ownership, up in here. Up & in.

Monday, January 18, 2016

UoC you next tuesday

I was going to work with him. He said, "Hey, hey, girl, hey, we need smart performance artists and you are it." And, then he told me that J.S wanted to waitlist me, and it wasn't up to him (nor T.G's shining face). So, I took a sure thing instead. I mean, I don't know...paint-by-numbers...and you'd call it something-like-regret.

When they tell you that you don't know your own politics:

Believe every positive thing a person tells you when they are after your junk. And, they don't get anything out of it, but you do.

They are just giving it away for free.

must like a movie

Maybe I should take that student up on her offer. Join her sorority. I could be the house mother and hold their hair while they vomit.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Two worst lines, 2015

-Let me buy it for you. Stop it with the feminisms.
-We should hang out before I'm famous.

                     From the same band.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

see we, soon to be, famous meat

they said it like poverty, my name
are smart, seem cool, fucking hilarious--do we have a vegan option?
Overstated interest, that's all we really can't, we can't. Soft, speak, appeal.

we fall for angels, don't we?

Shit storm on PC, 40% more elegant Americans.

godtooth, artists-maker-contents

Your own character arcs are not that obvious, but they are no less remarkable. Happening slowly, steadily, and subtly over time does not degrade/negate it. You better recognize.

i dont edit me, you do

Bottles + cans, clap your hands. . .

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

iFound them. the self-texting in LAla 2013

didn't lose the story--time to get used

it's baby soft, because, baby, it's vulnerable

Her so much.

Raw paws and plank pose, ninety seconds too loong, asphalt outside your door

prove how strong I am to you

wetting more, three blockness, driveway, in your face

Angry man
In red truck
Why do you

Look like you do
Wants to spit
All over me

I've decided to take an over, and over--make it out. Alive

We will wear a school uniform omorrow,
which basically means they didn't come,
                         because, if the libertines taught us anything, it's syphilis.
Die poetically.

like undisclosed meetings, and cannibalizing our twin

I made it up: my brain is like a harem dancer, it can mesmerize you. I made it up: Dylan.

Start wearing glasses, because you are adorable. Death drives, the question mark. Again (question mark)

That's a taxi that's not stopping me, no security in the guard.

Stop light,Gg, Brekenville Hall, east garage

Five o'clock. "Is that the shirt you wear to receive poems?"

poems for music videos, or

the other way around, just stop. saying it aloud.

was it bad? emo gee
collection: poems about snoring to screens

it is a romance, thing

we bleed culture,

don't we

finger here: make a fist, follow it

"hurts to look at you"

Focus, fiction, hand inside you

hold it, once.
30 minute diatribe, but
only attention, what's going on the in.

little gods agency

must be this tall to get in,
velvet me,
really, really, ridiculous, Lee, good-looking

Friendship relief, reading summers, Amy Schumer, torpid smokes, retroactively

She lit me x2—pipe, asked what I would do. Be a man. “If only.” If only. when ze say something 3x, it’s on zeir mind. Breaking it up. Days on fire…if you were a boy? Too close for some.

.masochistic for one.

You are His music.

And it makes you want to die, tumultuous stomach.

Make it grows. Smaller. Because, it's all about volumetrics.

And we want it to fall off.

Big Box, Mountain, Screen Shift

The grid: holy sketches and pie throwing,
encountering others, the videos are too long,
except, strip malls, running through my mind.

Monday, January 11, 2016

contextualizing, social intercoursing

We are all akwardly plugging in our electronic,
with tangled cords, we drop it low,

a swayed back, no help, get up.
Stripper Polaris.

I currency feel it more, like sulk, like mating

Come. With. Me

Don't you want to feel my phone on your phone? It's only natural.

Bottles and Knee-touching and Agenders for sure

Stopping cold, dead-like, even
finding a stoop for it, e-cigggg
and a broken fob, far, far gone
it sounded when you lit, just    like

important steps in capitalization

We will BRB, bb,
Nissan Sentra, inexplicable commercial, the
basest of base, and a cute couple, but
Google Reads far, far too into,   you
and, Basic is Beautiful.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

intermission with that slow blink 182 song

barrett-jackson: 11 year old and we
always think the joke's on me, even
even if I no one else sees it, it is
it is so how it is.

I met the famous, and they were like little lamb

goodbye too many times before but hard in bacon and phone and me and I'm almost home cuz I'm leaving Miami will continueevery interview because I know that's what you want me to heart is breaking in front of me she said goodbye too many I didn't say goodbye anymore and it up and take it hard and I said goodbye too many times before and if it mean and so she said goodbye too many times

so it says with some text to speech: no still means no

 it really does, and speeds overblown:
You a question do you feel an old fashioned man can I have your daughter for the rest of my life may have to say that and I need to know they have never gone and back until the day I die but I don't like that because he answer is still why you gotta be so cruel I don't you know that humans to know why you gotta be so cool I'm gonna marry her anyway rested mind I marry her anyway give me online and Robert De Niro. Your love with me she will remember and white I know when was the rest of my life say yes say yes cuz I need to know they are never getting back until the day I die but I love my friends could be inserted know why you gotta be so cool don't you know I'm human why you gotta be so I'm gonna marry her anyway name is a girl married anyway maybe that's true no matter what you say to me that girl with my family why you gotta be so

top 40 translations of sorts...

renegade... North America Welding engineer going to have to passhey hey hey living like there's any games and making a living like we're reading games then again then againnot time to make a movie did Hangs hey hey hey live in my husband and gave hey hey hey hey hey hey weather like where renegade renegade candy games wenge

some sort of soundtrack for the road

blinking lights below the dash:
reside at the other side of me you can be honest with him I'll be spending time alone show me happy happy now texting back to that you were right there bowling ball it's like you're my mirror with meI can get back at me

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

9 tiles, white between, picture of a ghost

missing that psychotic studio time,
dopplergangbang, and we all know I self-cannibalized Katie years ago,
and now steep live mannequin, we.

Pillow-sized prize

Blonded off course

interactions are the pay-off, contraindictions are the pill

Backing best victim.
Food and D.
Construction of a party.

Protective and Fake, Show Your Work

Choose trauma and given roles, ongoing event: Rave
A general space, you had something strong. Drink.

October, we wait, what is just the same? Exacting cut.
Co-author we, should be fun. If you want to, Complain.

simple rituals, downstairs time

hurting in the room, but all tight fits, right?
overall performance, guiding

lights over Baghdad--some other station, young party-goer.

Cher, my body,

"you're dancing circles around me"

I got your rifle, happy----party dress.

Diff, what I wanted somehow----over, down.

I will cupcake own you

what you think
               right now,

and I mean "own" like how street dancers use it and not in a...the patriarchy...
                                                  fucking over my undertonesss

tow you. Wii owe you.

fragility is for attractive people, so fuuu that

and it may all be illusory, weeds will see.


Queeva says...

Dreafing is exacting what you think it is.

***Unexpected land-locked, but hyperactive medication, no-sleep***

Come celebrate my not-dead tonight at Mermie Brown, I am all immortals, and Thursday mournings Heavens Wait, I'll dress like the Swedish meatball-buns of your dreafs, you'll inebriate for me, understand that mediation makes me no-drinks, swelling education, kombucha instead and you can't kill me yet.

Monday, January 4, 2016

im not following some trend: im precious! weep

No such minds, really, though. Just calling enemies, like necessity?

it's pure Capital

 and I 
                                        wanted to
                                         play a tycoon game,

so I'll be that asshole.

And who are you calling Communism?

evil dead, with a presence

 your power<------------>our bodies 


daughter w/ princess gun, lover on the couch, chip meet tooth

Invite fear.

two sides of "fight"

The Uncommen app, which connects men with other men ("Leaders...dads")
so that they can challenge one another to do (everyday) activities has the tagline
"Fight commonism" and it honestly reads like a spoof of 'mandom' but it is
actually trying to appeal to these types--and that totally makes sense, because
if advertisers ride the line, it is hard to offend, maybe, right? Although Huffpo or
Upworthy--peace see--will find a way, because they are sweeping generalizations,
so humor at self becomes a safety in the personals too--take none of the creds.

The only related app was the Breast Cancer association's self-exam one.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

and I don't want to sulk around all day telling everyone what happened in my dream last night, but, to be honest, no sexxx, still a mess

I don't want to see less, do you?

ovaries quick
fall out with it

just peachy, she don't want me to dig it

Put a fork in me: just preachy.

slightly off in something else,
a broken finger, taken
further examination, not for we
lead in horror, buying all the rights

it means peace building

Something like a truest exercise, I trust

I am all the crudes

And I don't know if I want to be polished.

*learns how to
be professional,
aka no curse, werd.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

appear so obvious, note refute, with

somethings arc akin to hearing,
assured too much feels the truthssssss

in we company, overlook these things

it just feels like another moment,

I am
describing                     a                type                   of
                  depression     for   you.

counting on characterizations, cause that exposition is installed for dialogues

apt, attentive, smart to fool

cunting machine

"Who let a Swedish little girl in the house?"
front porch, full bodied laugh, pupil.
and sometimes you make funny-means, "I am
Kevin," (you wish) "what is porn, even?"

you are unlike me in all the ways except the ones you cut and pasted into the remaking of the we.

that is a type genius, seeing it, giving credits and flattery, but copying it, phono-dumping on me.

will we always be fetal? directives, me

I noticed all the moves,
because they were learning
them from me.

We are Cutting this Image Up for You


spoken through a lens

when articulated visually?
at owns time, we owns time.

I am currently writing a thumbnail

picking apart your habits, and appearance, and socialization
to aid in the construction of something else--to make a point
and, it isn't flattery, it is just the material I have to work with

it would be good if I kept this in mind on the other side.

thanks for stopping by

I think In have that too.

Someday I won't feel the desperation of
identifying so precisely with a Greta Gerwig character.