Monday, August 31, 2015

I have unused life left.

wetting we

heavy cross, pet with me

the first.repeated time.

digging into.
                   .touched spine

Background person, foreplllllllllease

He did his best, heaved up and down.

Launching on You, Going Hard

Dragging. Forwarded on me

Handing. Propped like corpse

Surely they starve--all stares

They sought to own me--interesting line
Appearance, shiny--one bar too short
Gap, widened, protruding enough--call

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Calling on That High Priestess of, OG, Post-grad Porn

Love & Magic Toyshop, fall me
textualization of reality, absorption high
culting with the masses
a high-brow causality

pro-pro-proliferation of otherness

Strategically Stupid Style

V. diff styles
Text--not facts industry.
Most of it stolen, like some monolithic
motion of masculinity

Whole Foods Reciept: finding my audience

"America's Healthiest Grocery", carbon
I hear these things can kill me.

You didn't have to kill me, Whole Foods!

Monday, August 24, 2015

I am your daughter            look at that face                 most expensive eggs

One Wound, Two Cuts

Opening ceremonies, sometimes do start
with individual feels, piercing     now, way farce
autofiction this life, observe      report

close channels with honesty, and was
never afraid       said, so far above you,
all ways      not like, fonder for    insecurity  
success,       theirs, mine,   not yours

feel unwanted, often   pain makes you creep
exactly, a carving,   timed so right--nothing for having
draw it clothed,    closer than recent

Was not there, and then all there, magnet body, w/e

forceful writer, no outlets

call me when I have a chance

eye my civil tights

If, could, just properly restraint my incentive,
this naming, for what it's worth
all includes you, and we bettering for it
call it tactics, watch my rights

always asserting self fishing with the reals

In decay, opportunity of ivy

new term

Ambient Sexism

avatar we, grow without meanings

I was boring to die
projections we  
praise the screens
bleach queen

Sunday, August 23, 2015

breaking all functional fluids. creeping half-hearts, b

picking up time, misery lit defacer,
functional fluids, losing
shame full with concept,
breaking own cruels,
trying it intuit,

trauma is trending, and
I have-hated cathart

Friday, August 21, 2015

looking at wiki

Trying to gauge your own success based on what they had down by the time they were your age.

Said goodbye to the wunderkind long ago...soon a move, latebloomers too.

Friday, August 14, 2015

all witholding and script

Tragic. Early. Death. Wish.

Have we done this one before?

Scrapping papers,
 All Night Long.  Full-body-lifing,

I never risked for this cake-face,
no disarming self, #blessed
 Middle school, rubberbands, favors

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

worsen ppl lonely, fingers, selfish gene

Ppl should not get offended.
The I in life, as the I in texts.
              ((Htm IRL G.url))
Narrator says: more self than
Believe you we.

I'm just talking about myself!
I'm always just talking about myself!

shit-death, growing

Would see, see. Far or near. 
There's time later,
shit death is growing.
Did a job on,
Facebook crush.
LA month, every failed

buzzfeed me identities

"He called himself a Bob Dylan song and
then proceeded to call me a Britney Spears song."
sounds like an insult.


"spit and polish, conquer and demolish"

gross disease, biblical plagues

"lays eggs in your vagina"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

the siting, experiment, w/a bodies

The hoax
The cult
The site

only by cracking the egg in his chest, can you make him human again?

Why even try, things happen fast,
a week, a different        lives
Nothing near this, cooking news
sucking timestamp

Code, only so           just so
do you have backdoors
Hate us, love us      boring conversation

Sit alone, blue light,      coffee

game's down.

community downs,
     outside party, liquify.
our business, ding.

give the lady a prize,
"I can take your money from you."

Total Data Extinction

Hold the tonic., rum, rum. Make it day.
Watch me enter.                Wait.
The exit, micro delay.

Created sickness, ignore the cure.
Nightmare on Nerdstreet, that's not your car.
Open garage.

Love we electric.
Basement talk, silicon, whatever.
Running blind. I live here.          Crushing it.

increasing patience, on strokes, like yours

You have a really bad weekend and you feel like prey and you don't want to leave your home for at least a month. You, following instruction.

as if someone taught you

stage directions during,
             performing, v acts.
call it director
welcome to we, express the contrived,

who is your audience?


Feminisms, plural,
"I don't have to use my brain and
I can take your money from you."

Feel me. Hear me. See me.
Peculiar benefits, Professor.

Frantic Reality.
"How to be friends with other women."

Not here to make friends,
we all, loose.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Rerunning adolescence. My-so-called Life on dvd. Paleese

"You do?"
Yes, I have the boxed set.
"Of course, you do."

W/e. That's okay, "I've never done MDMA before."...hahaha,
the only way touch is bearable.

And, maybe I'll always be the unfortunate middle-schooler
trying to hang out with the high school kids.
        Throwing stones. Getting attentions.
             Never really sure what kind.

Faking it w/e Bodies

Candy tops, outside. Eat
Eyes, gleam, clean

Train platform, looking for something. Put it third
leave it all away, seems the same

everything true is real again?

Italian understatement notice, appeal

wouldn't culturally affluent suffice/breathing intact
readme forever, in
                           institution, looking for a fight

thirty-one-minute-waiting on twos

steal my through, more authentic                  half-lifing your desiring machina
insoluble difficulty
                              apparitions, bloat on             fun playing same,
I'm good at it. reformatter

It's a commercial.
               on highs

infinite encoding time, fragrant tonight
metaleptic shock, toxic treatment
                  tampon death,
                  internet sexual
scraps of, screen captive
                  activity tomb

Thursday, August 6, 2015

FB, housewarming

My briefs loot affair with        ex,
and now, been, ripped
from my cyberwomb.

Body broken.
Dilating you.
Call me I.              Youarewe.

stolen for a--moment with hue--

Wish I had something to sell out, it's that time of life, *fingers crosxsed* for futures, tunnel vision.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Service Me, Reactionary

Alway s
Surveil my

incommensurable boner

Anthropometric, "I'm polite.
This will be consensual."

.rubber tubing. 

weakly, bodily, become a girl

fire away--bicep dialogue
and decrease sentiment--cooing kitty
make for--sounds strength and strange
purchase, making it--a hunger appeal
calling you, spiral phone's--with tightener wrists
between legs, curls right--being is bruising

Suborgasm, Voodoo Doll

New, programing
a   little agency, no utopic cyber era
in roots, the ends 

Acceptance object      =      my subjectivity

With avatar, virtual,   capital
punishing   a win   for 

Monday, August 3, 2015

dead, heavy thing

I miss the weights
all my old phones