Monday, April 25, 2016

cut you from the extent: on poetry

CMU is a trapping. Segregation apparent. Mick and me, tassel-free. Adrian,
is he or she? Better yet mystery. On spectrum. Betweens. Take a number.
Lose it, fb pm Toronto-filmmaker-twin no-photo-albums a success:
lost A, help with the connecting. Blue moon tonight. Dragging clean.

had to look up what a ghuzal was...

news flash, an uneducation for poetics

stoned reimbursement: we smoked some hash

all the comes, that remembering me
thank you for the international grant

wearewe are

Asks questions, because, dramaturgy, a socio-performative, insistence on the social-copy-social,
          coming in on delivery and find we identity.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Paul Rudd movie

feedings first time in months able to have any feels besides stress, and it is pure rage, but, luckier still we privatized rage, we are happily with our Married


eat self, feelings too

No one is hyperventilating.
No one is worried about not-successful.
No one is writing paper called the Debt Drive: pains-for-profit.

Time isn't going to help you, it's going to hit on you

Calling all aged: fielding ceremonies
Open for submission: certain caged

Nice Try, (hand job ghost)

1 week left!!! Then, summer!!! Yay.

<so, of course i'm reflecting on the past 3 months, and i'm having a fucking rage attack>

*and if we privated th e fb postings, we would be hiding our rage, bad feminisms

Space isn't going to heal you

We are thinking about our personality defects. We accept them.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

currently stealing your look

Time is going by so fast and, still, last month--week even--feels so distant and divorced from my body that I am certain no form is sustainable. Tripping malls.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I didn't believe in my bio

Skills: runny-mascara-stood-up-night-of-prom-face, but, you know, with dignity.

and i told them about you, i said

"She's gotten a different education than her peers."
And, it's not cool. But, it is the truth.
                                             We owe you for your loss.

Ariel worked at a hooka lounge

And when I droves her homes, circa 2011 bod,
she would always, every time, ask me--"I smoke
weed, write poetry, and then masturbate."--if I
wanted to come inside & share a joint. Smarts.

we are cantaloupe

We can't or won't.
We are what we are.


can't tell a thing, it messes with the weeds
cause, catching feelings, a traditional @  brainwashing

posthumorous bods

All the people social intercousing
over 4/20--boring--never smoked
with them. *straight-edge-furtur*

they are definitely having sex, def

My life is fulled with poetry<we hate the poem that refs itself>
<it is such with the meta>withs irl & url much<it is fully meta.

let me see you werk, werk, werk

I am sure there see no such things as
a *deserves to*, but all self-opinion states
it is the selfies that does it, but won't, just
that is not how things werk. Okay, okay, okay.

punchcard sucks

unequaled, totes okay,
and no concern for 
                             no effect on personals. 
Fuck, so far off. Happying 
summers. We have fingers 
                             and sentiment: 
it is principle. **it hurts to look at you** 
                      *not a compliment* *k*m*n*

you tries closer, work ethic

Secretly, well-known-secretly, constantly judging all of those around,
with high horsey play of ethics
and care, because, with proximity
you failings, forward
move in opportunistic,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

this tight might be hacked

ωSigh. Why is the Art World messing with me this week?

⊙Shhhhh, make them think you are more important than they want you to be.

ωThanks for the ad-vie.

that rilo kiley song about being a...

fucking zombie

Watch teen series from youth.
Expect all the feels again. Rom, even.
Notice all flaws, you are dead inside too.


sleepzzznow, jusskidds i don't sleep, superhrrrr

R29 article states that vegetarians are omega-fatty-acid-producing mutants. So, Scott Pilgrim is right and, as a vegan, I have super powers. Yay. I knew wait, does that mean I'm v self-righteous + pretentious too? Sure, why not? I'm basically a superhero. A superhero.

Just input on mid-2017, but will we even be sexxxistence?

What I'm trying to say is, what if I'm deadmeat?

one. week. two, them twos.

How to profit from your propensity to help others instead of working on your own shhh?
How not to be your (kinder-than-you-want-to-be) mom?
How to be more selfish and (slightly) less self-satisfied?
How not to be a giver who pretends to not be a giver, because they have so much time because they are super-vegan-humans and have all their shit under control...because they can do all the stuff, all the time without making any sacrifices, and they don't need your help!
*I missed 2 more grant deadlines*
**Suffering self-righteous martyrdom**

also, surreptitious photo dumpimg

Them lies, and I deleted all intents to copy you.


Weef Disillusion Ed

*these fucking ppl*

k*m*n...they poison

me rn: slowly.

articulation: and I'll be sad if it happens, but they want it so bad

What Was It That Miley Said?
we run things, they
                  don't run we.


it also more fully iterates that

what happens in-real-life, the
seamlessly blends in-and-out.


cc: friend, shroom night

I always expect to hang out with those so up above me. Miami, 2015

if we cant figure something out--studio visit


some skewd lyyics

I got this famous feeling/I've been waiting so long/screamer finally wake/all those past loves/they got nothing on me/bb-child/after all I just don't like you

a setting up, some intro in the middle

like Malcolm, sure. a concept. a wound. glad their getting some without me. mores them than self, and fuck the dentist, i finding with speech. don't presume to know me. fave boom

leaves, looks like a stage

remember that time we said we liked the spotlight
under fluorescent, and they made a spectacle of we,
as if shame were even really a thing. Or pride. A term.

something sudden like blown glass, ain't that some bullshit

More human than human.

Something that looks like a flower, but is not, and Hello, placard holder,
never as good as, like, not-real, and they admit it, evens. *w/e earth*

got it while you not it

staring at a screen, no koi, and comic ppl
know bonsai: gud, I love the movie karate kid,
next karate kid (too), get it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, April 18, 2016

fb = arg

we <body> is definitely for sale

why do so many ppl I know have wikipedia pages,

they suck


daisy toe ring: we've found the 90s

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*
*gang signs in the food court*

a picture I framed online

tenderness with central culture = hilarious

Age Trigger Warnings (resurfacing PC)

explore what is easy

how do you deal with being a top?

but, i've never been on the bottom, bottom



it means art you half-wits*


*edit: that was mean, sorry

*always bought into your bullshit, and we still want to get high*

the hack is to never be dis
and then they couldn't all
all be true | markets sing

E are after-waits. feelings, W/E



just indulge we, it is getting bigger

and wetter, and
not your favorite,
but, it's not just Merit
                         Based, so

Pretty in my Pink Artist Residency

here is a poem about my currency, bitches:

                                                                      it's visual

Alter with fire. dead birds.

head down territory & essentialists structure
great sacrifice
tetra trance: iced

space shuttle relationals & virtual bliss
force proportions
present memory

in films

we are all still borns

And they wrote: good luck!

What is deserves, even?
Come Saturdays and give
*birth to a whole community*

Ritual important, rupture the byte, a temporary charge.

I'm totals in denial

Don't think intimacy is important}{check the watch
Is identity a generalization}{accumulate ins vacuum
Record will populate again}{justifying leftist pitch

We are both alive, but you are not awake.

glitter sequins hairclips,
new forms to submits

bleach and bleed accessories
byte it hard, dominion shtick

Jillian Mayer

Artist desperately hearts your sad IG account.
Successfully reminds you of their sexistence.
[3 year old video to my students will eat it up]

Thursday, April 14, 2016

take me somewhere the realest

Most ppl don't listen long enough, nor look hard enough to judge, absent company included

we feel your avuse

I am sure there is no such things as a *deserves to*, but all self-opinion states it is the selfs that does it, but won't, just desserts-ed, because that is not how things werk.

these people. these effing ppl...are so gross humans all the time. seriously

Secretly, well-known-secretly, constantly judging all of those around, with high horsey play of ethics and care for others, because, with proximity you failings, forward move in opportunistic, tries closer, and unequaled work, totes okay, and no concern for that which does not effect the personals. Fuck, so far off. Happying summers. We wave our fingers and sentiment: it is the principle. **it hurts to look at you** *not a compliment* *k*m*n*

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

(jk)since we are talking beauty regiment II

Birds do it. Let's do it, social.
Forming the alert. Predators
           Early human habiting
absorbed in the currency-make

burials give us away every time

since we are talking beauty regimes

This word, gossip. Up in genders,
largely dues form. That image drills
sitting close and curled, old-time
social platforming for we.
base skew in long shots, documented
performances. So hear semantics and
speak, in clear. Communication.

Capitalisms and the Relational Aesthetician

The only person I can think of that successfully cashes in on cultural capital:

Next time someone gives you disappointing news (even if just mildly so): cry at them and say, "It's because I'm getting fat, isn't it!?"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

also, I never said fifth element, *translation problems*, I don't have a clear anything about these notes

Something about multiples right start with the questions like where to fix a tire from everyone and everything I come from Fifth Element and does this have to do with sensitive information about your product multiples made traits that Define how we can make plans art practical in what ways is changed from those more commercial endeavors

Such the fraud in poetry class

when, "impressed with how much work done"
...the last six only took from two-after-midnight.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Time to hit that daddy, now that I'm grown." LLvid

My erotic friend fictions keep my blind confidence alive. Hearts, B. Last year, alienation supremacy, tipsy before crits. And, not often, but, sadness drank. Cries in publics--that's not real. Now, in celebration and finding how we combat new-space-Dads.

Friday, April 1, 2016

we bullet proofs

"You are the girls I've been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl." Come to my party.

title things like you want to be, Whats a Steak...

What's a stake, even? So much of the body. Business in the front, party in the back? Blacklight of my life. Deal with we. Come early, come late, Tarot. I'll read you like a cereal box...uh, Rhizome, maybe? Always do anyways. Puddles are currency, trending. Steal a plant, find my tress~black and white immortalize. You + B. Computer things, draw we complete. American horror: the pursuit of happiness.