Friday, June 30, 2017

we love that you don't paint bodies. don't draw faces

I feel so small. everytime in my dreams,
you're haunting me. his dark materials return,
but we moved on easy. I fall without some need.
We made it rain for me. waiting on a book of dust

some 90's thing, notice me

take my hand. I have wings
and strangers win
the enchantment
of lily,

 I see your face, guess I need
too. private obsessions and warped towns
                                                                   *cheapest place to live on planet earth?*
this is my sorry,
ghost tale goes deeper
age and worth, I pray your face will fade.
truth and fiction, a cafe, I need you, baby

streamlined and hushed, they only want you

when in dark
humor, psychological insight,
and they take a Polaroid and
let you go *enchanting fictions* you.

they say they'll let you know
spirit and morality distilled to
come on. we have heart and
talk ourselves back to 21, you're
no fun, only want you when
back into their acquaintance.

they take a. they take a. they take
carefully crafted characters. they
are only allowed in *enchanting
fictions* real complication, zero fun

I love to get it out. novel

to be young
command under
and dance w/o
abandon me
American Renaissance
haunted from the seat
of somebody's missing
opportunities. I love it.

miami vices

I'm married to a terrific guy
Once you become famous, there is nothing left to become but infamous.
I'll never need until I die.

what is a u hunter?..join dyad

Unicorn is computing industry standard 
consistent encoding, representation, and handling 
"Everyone has a unicode; it's just a matter of spotting her and tracking her down."

text expressed in most of the world's writing systems.
murder me, because language is everything and^^^and why 'her'

it is not technically possible to list all

The unicode (U+007F) is a legendary creature 
described since antiquity as a beast 
single large, pointed, spiraling 
horn projecting from its forehead. U+0087
I am full of gimmicks to self-entertain.

we want to communicate a saucy unicode

on all fours, call it like it is:
a               cheap           trick

"designing a genderless emoji takes more than removing the lipstick"

sad swipe, certain pains
"my name's blurry face"
have they tried to removing
because, if simpson's
taught me anything...
yellow is lower middle class
white ppl in middle America

my vote is PS transparency grid, full gray, we all depressed anyway

your geolocation is a lie

we don't know what to believe anymore
like our teenage glorification of the ideal
female nude, full art class, no criticality

bury the lead

who were you to give up 50/hour?
seeing all failures. i really wanted to think
                                                to just tank in Norway

Thursday, June 29, 2017

*I have a way with words*


stuff hurts and things

self-hate masturbate and

go to sleep already

who even cares about being salty

Rights in the dark. I can do better for it. Next on my hit list.

you. neeeeeded me.

it was good on your own
but we let you down, and
you needed me--three things, happy week.

at some point you just have to own your unlikability (everyone already thinks you do) and hope you don't (actually) hurt anyone

also, sounds like a great way to      forever-pain

hot tip

I hate myself...or, the self everyone sees me as *skipping pseudo-science and going straight to what we are here for*
Hot tips
Hot tips
Hot tips

you never noticed, never cared, interplanetary

heartbreaker, did you
create a permanent
and decentralized
think i was a full

deadass multiplayer issues

may have been copy and pasted
relies too much on references
may be too...for most to understand
*reject we more we like it*

oh baby, baby, baby

you're my holy ghost, you're
my quickly modify and update

your tenderness is paradise
just raining cleaner content

my heart is beating so fast
*find connection*
*satisfy your soul*

peer-to-peer remembering

we. can. not. with. this. two-faced. talk
and then i remember that we think know-it-all is a compliment
and that we have so many faces (they are all cute!) so, mean
while, we need to put measures in place to prevent you from forgetting me

flesh of linking

shallow allowed anyone to make a website
follow we in deep 1994, head like a hole
a short lived, the beverly hills of internet
live and die in LA, doom, some gloom

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

take me to hogwarts!

we want

thought you'd understand better than most, powerful email disregarder

*linguistic tools to alter paths are exactly why you do not attempt to shut me the fuck up*

it's the closest to hacking the universal mind, get me to the drum circle, circa high school

superfluous information without audience, some dent effect
about the language-push-set string, form syntax to analyze
driving my (chosen) words into being as opposed to the same

now, extremely cheap poetry, brings what? beauty, whatever
that is, to a space aligned with bias. influx of information, no
audience, but agenda has to do with latered systems analysis

brain, take me to norway

so we can analyze the social
with many minds

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

good advice for someone who was anthrophobic f0r years, horoscope?

retreat from life and nurture yourself
focus on your home zone, read a good book,
eating wholesome food, plenty of sleep. See
spend time with your nearest and dearest.
you still have to interact with the world

early selfie culture, still awkward

i lose my ground
lift my hand
my head goes down
you are too late

Have to, because we are who we are, because despite appreciation and fully support, criticality is productive and transformative.

A quick watch, one-off, no studied, but I'm making a pass:
some interesting stuff said...less than usual, but still a few cringey moments...jokes to audience "I love you" (gross), strange racial syncing with imagery (as if that is the defining characteristic of the image--despite other visuals), and blantant gender binaries when talking about visual branding (but w/o discussing that issue) associated men w cool w smoking, and women w sexy w alcohol (their own pejorative. unowned).
+some problematics+

straight up am nothing, have nothing, less than before

don't even think my new references answer their emails.
what is going to happen to me? ahahahah, poetry.

Reads article (headline) that instagram is the most damaging social media for your mental health, immediately taps the icon.

though the storms and the light, baby you stood by my side

Someone asked we how we feel today. *big mistake* Like a ghost.

something about light

Simultaneously reading texts on anti-coupling as political act +chiasm +molecular-identity-chimerism. And, I'm like, Spice Girls?

there is no
'i' in threesome

*no trigger intention*

New video series, some basic exercises, is extraaa, is (most hated) faaace. We a good trick.
Title is everything, title is: when I'm stressed, I don't eat; when I'm sad, I eat everything (vegan). a skewed reality, privileged. best diet stressed+sad? Embodies.
Description is post-secondary education, is: the image is easy to swallow. the text speaks to tighten your throat like mine. full-cultured-bulimia, eat me.

Project: instead of a Patreon (which, let's be honest, no one supports this)

webcam girl project that adverts as 'carbon offsets' for mansplaining...because so many stop themselves halfway through, say, "am I mansplaining?" and then pay to listen to my least pay as much attn to words as body (same goes for bio-political territories)

"an. important. journey is beginning"

when the day is blue.
literacy is about joining
i'll sit here wondering about you.
infomatics, biologics, and economics

i could be there, drawn to all things breathing

The new hide feature for comments is really going to add to    the already overcomplicated emotional FB experience.

I would like to, now, say goodbye to the host of the party, sorry for more swift exit

Secret skill: endure mansplaining long enough to have drunk-millenial-tech-bro self-reflexively call themself out and deem you an "8th dimensional being" and then ask them if they need to refill their drink (because, of course they do) and get the fuck out of there before they can turn back around.
*I am a 8th dimensional being! **bowing ***noh8

We just have to go to one house party to feel like dead-world-what-is-the=point

When someone tells me how much they make a year within the first 10 minutes of meeting them, their instincts are right, I'm totally thinking "What a valuable person, who is super capable of engaging in the conversations at hand."

*i am holding you* leave me

on my own
go away

and it is true that the complicated and 'negative' qualities are more interesting than the 'good' ones.

good isn't real.
that is the point.

so school sentiment: is a construct 

how else do you think we navigate 'our' character?

am I an antagonist?

Do we author? Do we happen? Do we share. Me.

^all drama, cut some slack. Read an article on LDR and then watched her entire oeuvre.

lit hub article we wanted to share, but knew that we would be judged harshly (and normal with welcomes but we still {still!} haven't recovered)

Been on both ends of this shard. Some magic mirror. FBfam, we don't hide. Heartened+vampire.

"Graham Greene has famously written about the “ice chip in the heart” that allows novelists to plagiarize the lives of friends—an image he took from Hans Anderson’s The Snow Queen, in which a sliver of glass from a shattered magic mirror lodges in the heart of a young boy, Kai. For Greene, that chip of ice is essential equipment. Nearly all writers have to ask whether they possess such a splinter, and to what degree."

i am posted and for sale

how much do you think we could make?
can't i just get the surgery?

they called you two-faced (and, i am certain their parameters are stronger than mine, but) i can't unhear it

i never want to know you again

*and i don't rust the teller either*


We only seek value in self-kept rituals. Wish I may, wish I might, wish upon the first star I see tonight.

They will cry. So we will cry. Catch their breath in mine tonight.

2012 was 12 years ago

we whole world is old
you are welcome

*crisis meltdown mode*
some music videos follow

we meant diane keaton from the 80s

I know it's Saturday, but we role-playing a hard Annie Leibovitz today.

*musical sounds*

we aren't
things, but
fully expect
our flaws in

                  *good luck*

just cannot lie about the things promised anymore

it hurts even with distance
and we aren't used to this

because, there are just thousands
of undoctored photos of hotel rooms waiting for us

didn't even want you to want, wanted to want something for once


*we were never good at safety*

we full of privileged pain, and the wound shouldn't last so long, but we are all unresolved

and we go back and forth trying to figure it,
but the hurt dissolves if it is pointed at the specific,
even if directed at person (me) dissolves because
we know, we know who we are, we constructed this
character out of the materials given, it is an unsympathetic
character, we full aware, so we do not expect acceptance
from certain types-in-deep. but we sometimes give unearned
expectation of intelligence to our audience.

So, when the attack is systemically driven we find it hard
to argue the point of "unlikable self"...and, that is the hurt,
the course for others, but, this, mired in confused ethics on
their end, maybe. but also...but also where is the debate?

.developing a "soft patriarchy" theory.

warm-heart-geek-out everytime we read--aloud

"I learned early that the imaginary and the rea lfigure each other in concrete fact, and so I take the actual and figural seriously as constitutive of lived material-semiotic worlds."

oh, how 90's words mutate today.

but it is a critique, and it points to their own praxis, but it remains a critique.
we only exist in ambivalence, but not apathy.
it's the difference between acknowledgement and other stuff

Monday, June 26, 2017

started at a particular, look me in the eye

are you satisfied time and place then this
1978 and 1982. The term,1982,
look me in the eye, but the approach is itself a
and tell me you're satisfied network that extends 
out in time and place, anything goes all of the
stories of its origins part arbitrary. They
lay claim to and include a all of the time
particular version of the past created for particular
purposes. i'm so unsatisfied. understood as a product of
their intersection.

strategic durability any fool could see

a disparate family of material-semiotics
trans-analysis, but i'm frightened of the 
things i might treat. everything in the social
and natural worlds oh, hush, keep it down
now as a continuously generated effect of 
the webs of relations, i try so hard not to 
get upset within which they assume that 
nothing has reality or form, voices carry
outside the enactment of those relations.
in the dark i like to explore and characterise
the webs and the practices that read his mind. 
like other oh, touch describes the enactment of
materially and discursively heterogeneous 
relations that produce and reshuffle, part of the time

Saturday, June 24, 2017

how to win them over:

attracted to codependent behavior
also, you're welcome.


[Not the most romantic but very strongly sexed and sensual. Attracted to assertive people. Ambitious. A workaholic. Needs recognition and fame above "love." Extremely independent. dissatisfied. Fickle. Cannot commit.]

the worst news, horoscope

is for productivity

and when you say Z are the best for I,
                     and I am the worst for Z

sometimes we want nothing more than to scare you

some bet, I raise you an eyebrow (the left one)
                                                         (the liar)

terror erotic, also the hermit

"The appearance of the Hermit card shows that if you're single, you are by choice, and definitely not lonely! You have a list of people in your contact list you could call if you just wanted to get some action, but you're in far too a reflective mood to waste your sexual energy on just anyone. Your time is well spent on meditation and brainwork, especially when it comes to figuring out what went wrong in past sexual relationships. When the day's self-reflections are over, you'll emerge with a renewed and healthy sexual outlook."

tomorrow the hermit

Placed in the future
inner the role model, or you are looking for one
the way you act in your relationships, your future
no reason to explain, if they are the correct ones,
what you seek. face your problems head-on.

the pain surrounds, i watch it rain (today, the sun)

and i feel so clear (rays of light and warmth)

i let it out, watch it (metaphoric radiance ) disappear

where it was (filled with joy) ? where it used to be (perfect)?

and i can't believe in (subtle) nothing nor (spectacular) anyone i can't see you (entirely new) know it's better than (fresh experiences) it's ever been and it's good enough for me your love was bittersweet, you love was killing me, i walked alone, i do it now, do it all the time, you let me out, let me be my be, just like i've been wrong, i do it now, i do it alone (sunlight, internal or all around you)

*this is the best (to)day (tarot) of my life*

i'm only a man and i do what i can

so captivate, bewitch, dazzle, and beguile
 maybe i was wrong
calculative thinking may someday the only way
  maybe i was wrong
i'm only a man, entrench itself everywhere

started from the bottom now we're here

living at my momma's house to transcend immediate involvement of the body
and begin to understand how to feel trying to find a place of my own

i'll give you the keys if things are happening too fast
you may never fully experience emotions that tell you to bring it right back

tell me do you like me

it's not only deep thinking that requires calm
tell me do you like it
it's also empathy and compassion
tell me do you like me
the higher emotions emerge
tell me do like it
from neural processes that are inherently slow

i'll give you any you ask for, anything you wanted, as long as it's free

the brains become both calmer and sharper
*it's not that we can't feel, we're just hoping that it's real*


shifted from being printed on paper to being published online

your horror, your design

automating cognitive processes +your love+ programmers stock-in-trade

i want your love

i want your leather, our algorithms use a wide range of information to predict the queries users are most likely to want to see, i want your ugly

remember how we used to party all night

better strategies, drinking in a small town, better imprinting of knowledge, teacher said we'd never make it out alive, build stable knowledge structures, we don't stick together because we put love first,
this was the beginning of the end, to force some users to work harder, sweet sixteen and we'd arrived.
*be applied in new situations*           *user friendly*                *get us while we're hot*

i say it to your face, but it doesn't mean a thing

to aimlessly click around
you don't even talk to me, you don't even talk to me
tried to crack the puzzle
yes, it's me, yes, it's me

i'm living with this spider now, and

i know i'm always living with spiders, but this spider
this fucking spider knows all of my fucking secrets

we re in the middle of something

*red* overloaded with diverse stimuli *red* online more information *red* can mean less knowledge
interaction with systems *red* involved transferring colored balls *red* set of rules

I don't like it easy, I don't like it the straight way

come here to play, full release

neural mirroring
you're doing pranks and that's how you talk to me
our brains naturally mimic the state of other minds
we interact with whether those minds are real or imagined

I heard you for the first time on the radio.

why wasn't i told the chronic overactivity of those brain regions implicated in social thought

lead us to perceive minds where no minds exist
all my kisses

we were looking for (nervous system) we were inbetween

there's another, even deeper
so quick to merge, we ran through the moonlight
something to blow up

processing, we laughed
inferring, we ran far beyond
thinking and feeling for war

specifically dedicated to understanding other people's minds
and we laughed at the moonlight *mind reading*

would it be good enough for me

and you, what's lost
and you, what's gained

sharing different heartbeats in one night

one night to be confused

we had divine sense to experience a diminishment
devoted to spatial representation to carve into the body


one night a magic rush, romanticized society
promise made, technology, we were in love

a real human being and a real hero

the price we pay for your thoughts and actions
assume technology's power 155 people or more
warmer than their head's so cool to alienate
and you turned out to be the most intimate
the most human and a real hero

don't want to picture you touching someone else

tools end up numbing whatever part of our body they amplify

if you let down, let me down slow

i'm on my own, you're at the beach, limitations as it opens
possibilities, we use it more--i've don't want to give you up
so what's it gonna be? mold ourselves, i said, what's it gonna be?
form and function, i don't want to make it out like it's no big deal.

*i lose my faculties*

leave behind, tasks that demand wisdom, in time

the tight bonds we form with our tools

in you i feel so pretty

become extensions of ourselves,
we become extensions, we must never be apart.

it's you that i adore across all our screens

mediate everyday activities, live, you'll always be my whore
child to my heart, raises every time the imposition of some form
mind and body, we must never be apart
shape our memory, for you i crash cards

the great danger we face, to pull your crooked teeth
emotions and empathy, you'll be perfect just like me

disembodied symbols flickering a lover in my bed
to sacrifice qualities that separate us, a god to my head

I really don't want to go home

Utter chaos. Intellectual technology, I know a sexy bar
I've got money, you indispensable component
thoroughly integrated with--I'll pay for you
Pray for me, invented at the end of the era

Stay with me tonight, what makes us most human
We'll count the streetlights

looking for the answer: a thing like me

as I recall you were looking out of place, "Can machines think?"
imitation, if we can find a reason, a reason to change, interrogator

you can drive all night pretending to be a person
one an actual person looking for the answer in the pouring rain
software unnerved, a reason to stay, "man's" perception of reality 

all alone dance with you

surely an ill-assorted social phenonmena
all night on a string, in its margins
fall into the interstices of structure
we don't need to occupy the lowest rungs

i think its possible we've had the same dream
human beings, with given needs and capacities, have interacted
but i don't expect you to believe

all of my fears, coming alive

it is instructive to analyze your heart
is still beating sexual relations is the usual
ceremonial remark never again. never again
wanting you near and seeking to grasp at my side

selfishness, meanness, theft, anger, witchcraft, and greed.

I want to be with you alone (overnight)

such transitions are key
temporal and social experience
rise, political healing: all forms

Note some variations in this theme
conditions and characteristics defined
a more inclusive status in realms, withstanding.

(we can't always get what we want)

Friday, June 23, 2017

anyone could see (this text) how much i (pointing again) adore you

i domination search language myself
i quote want you virtual bottom to find me

simultaneously surveilled, i want you to love me

original branding, i forgive myself
mediated and multiplied
oh no. oh no. oh no.
i don't want anyone else.
the other half: i'm always laughing

little breaks over time can cause a hole

micro-agressions.say it aloud
.learn from the tools used against us to combat the wound.

you're all i wanted, okay?

i don't eXXXpect anything
pain is like history, still there:

some uncanny thing, someday you will trust me

i guess it's inevitable: human, but machine
it's all i wanted to say

hungry for other people, I've got nothing but their bruises

same rich path, you and I

I am asking a big leap, I get nervous

disembodied head, an avatar, a mirror: product in space.just being in your service
full of indecision.staring at a computer for days
books and papers across my floor.nothing can be promised
standing in your pretty prison.i don't want to talk about beauty. i never talk about beauty
i want think you love me, don't you
maybe i've got a presence.that, incarnation, excarnation thing.

speaks in platforms (let me know the way)

tactics of the body(make a play)
we are one body(what would an angel say)
we have form(the devil wants to know)

I've been a bad, bad girl (contradiction) I've been careless with a delicate man

Create new structures, sad, sad world. I want to suffer. You know they are formed with old, hybrids. Where I can begin. Superimpositions, I'm feeling like a criminal. Hypersurface, he's all I ever knew of love. Tomorrow brings the consequence at hand, no single read. I've got a lot to lose, and I'm betting high, so I'm begging you. Utilizing existing things, repeat: in the future we perform in mirrors, reflect on things. abject late-captialism, even.

the reason is clear:

filters normative, reaffirm, remain dominant. human. train. appliance.

our future is a fiction but we don't sleep to dream

you got your head in the clouds and you're not all what you seem, physical things unfortunately. i've got my own hell to raise, all sense: a body, i have never been insulted in all my life. run. hide. i got my feet on the ground, and i don't go to sleep to dream, identification is a form of oppression, don't make it a big deal, don't be so sensitive, making embodiment a must, you don't have to be so defensive, we aren't nihilists, we pragmatic, this mindless body, some future, don't show your face.

automated and interconnected paper bag

i was staring at the sky just looking for a star to wish on and AI too can explicate one's place in the world. trap. my chances were approaching chronologies to shadowy shape systems. but it was just a paper bag. language never pretends to be personal it's all in your head. we are resistors hunger hurts, but i want him so bad, oh kills. timeless and malleable languages, impregnable histories, it costs too much to love.                                              we are always showing you one thing to say another.

familiar and estranged, a sense of play

(nothing's gonna change my world)
contingent on our shared history
(images of broken light)
structures are in flux
(dance, on and on)
quite other sites
(dance, on and on)
mix, joint experience
(images of broken light)
a mirror since it is placeless
(nothing's gonna change my world)

again, again, again, we alien and cyber

if you're getting any ideas
the language of the future will cause breaks in the now
binding things on repeat
if you're getting any ideas
because we built on past
and future is illicit (like all good people)
if you're getting any ideas

blurry but lit, we are held by it

as fast as you can.future-fear
baby quick.future's near
what is future, but utopia. not-real
go free yourself.
you think you know how crazy i am

what is honoring but submission? I could taste your agenda.

*not about love*
dead scary thing. in fact i can't stop falling out.
all real illusion is singularity. i miss that stupid ache
*not in love*
transcend space. try to live in a lovelier life

take you in multiples.not about love

all politics.the early cause already are deep.are identity
we information.sick of lack of basis.without body
body process.given at close range for the gag and the, raw, too
we mean we  are both. always.not about love.

speaking with product, you wouldn't have amounted to very much

don't go telling everybody, alluring machinery. self-help-book
you're essentially my employee, repellent capitalism. infomercial
you sexualize me--cinema thing--tends to forget

don't tell on me, language is everything. fast-forward, connectivity

it is in-body real

text taken from an honest question
answered in an earnest way
a cut poem from a cut poem
kill-me meta, we read memes, don't we?

burn the world down, horoscope (or live and die this way)

speed so fast i felt like [self hating shit] i was drunk
i had a feeling like [full-force social imposition] i belonged
i had a feeling [some kinder future] i could be someone

feminism (or live and die this way)

that is a pressure. on points. (you got a fast car)

(make a deal) power of
(starting from zero) elite
*i've got everything to prove*
easily (make a decision)
recognized (leave tonight)

think back to a conclusion, some other beginnings end

you guess it
Closing Time again!

winters sesh, I know who I want to take me home

language like space grows distant
<closing time>
real, real naive
<I know who I want to take me home>
culture on repeat
<closing time>
we are all guilty of that now too

*thought I had found a friend*
  visibility       however small

inability to differentiate between private and public, she comes to speak to me

i freeze immediately--this point is the opening of a wound.
that signifies a deterioration of boundaries. but, "she"...that is wound too.
                                                                      and that reifies border control 

nothing's gonna happen--well this is confession time--i know where i belong.

aren't we all
stabbed my ex-stepdad
in the leg, with a pen--she's so high above me

what can a guy like me ever really offer? estranging syntax

we save money and trees. call we millennial
*often situated in defeat*

some discomforting failing of narcissism

she's blood, flesh, and bone
no tucks or silicone~suborgasm voodoo doll

first-class, fancy free, she's
high society.endurance hypocrisy

she's so high, high above me:through repitition language dissolves:she's so high, high above me

all space, all forms, media real impact, she comes walking over

i don't hardly know her (because of our culture)
but i think (many forms) i could love her
(incites more violence) crimson and clover
i've been waiting to show her
(standards of normativity) over and over
i wanna do it, (appropriated more) the real thing
over and over (standards of normativity)

our love is deeper than the ocean's water, we sell futures

reposition, waited so long
timing is right. personal propaganda
i'll give you everything you need
a specific type of photo on instagram

no one ever talks back, explicit, they got nothing on me

fly, not always found in collaborations
high, in certain historical proximity
take you way back,  some institutionals
call it centuries, make archaeologies
you were meant to be, genealogies

*this song isn't creepy at all*

through all of my lives, whatever we are doing
never thought i'd wait so long, laugh outside
the stars are aligned, copy their mannerisms
save that heart for me, photo costumed in beard
cause girl you're my destiny, as much as possible

"my ancient kingdom came crashing down without you, baby-child."

oh no. insofar modeled to remind me

these tools, past lives
function as objects, couldn't ever hold me down
*heidegger (sp?) doesn't want us to be objects and tools*
contextually codified, i got a feeling
sustain and subvert authority, this isn't our first time around
oh, sweet, master text, *heidegger is a tool*
less of a telling, affirmed, don't tell me i'm not dreaming

we are the passengers seat, you are the one that makes me come

(honey) through imitation
exchange of (sun shine)
ideas free of charge
(want to)new and in-progress
application materials (make you)

talk about participation as a means to touch myself

i \want anyone else. (cuts, breaks, ruptures,)
(sometimes heals.) when i think about you i touch myself.
i close my eyes. (that is okay)
i'm on my knees (not enough) i'll do anything for you.

not enough, but a thing too. and fun too. all selfish.

*think i would die if you were to ignore me*

i love connect myself

i want you partial to love me
when i'm feeling platforms down
i want your wound above me
i search language myself
i want you and many things to find me
i forget personally myself
i want you to politically remind me

while pouring placeless first year out

nomadic chasing, some adjunct
exploits and critiques, with jobs
fill both services. servicing, comes
for you, gives you a ride. attempts

intellectual discourse, all the amenities
none of the price. uber, lyft, share we
corporate formals, internationally welcome

crystal-heal-me, time will, time.

of this

you never noticed (cult dom) never cared

(usually denigrated)
did you think i
(gender identification)
was a fool

space created by, oh, wish i could

never so blunt, count on you
there is nothing, to be mine
we buy lifestyles, i'm not crying
picture of abjection, i'm just glad to
inextricably linked, be alive.

time will turn and, then time

we in context: posthuman feminist text

organic, fair-trade, vegan-no-touch
calling all haunted language, innocent

I'm married too

I'll never need                           haunted into a proposal
Until I die.                                 sea of prosthetic itself

I don't care about                       doubles as abandon                  
the real thing.                            connects to be young               

I love you, but                           overall explores missed opportunity               
it's not enough.                          made to carry somebody else

Baby, I just know                      positioned under everywhere i go              
there is so much more.              systems possessed by memory 

"you can find a better" buy it now, now, now

they culture, we jam
might be a good time

objects perform too

a tool of oppression, a mean equality

she knew just what she would say.product of our environment
she's always done much better with boys anyway.all of this is already a part of we
who needs girlfriends?call it personality

best smile.steadyfast
broken girl.flimsy tropes

this SWR song.satirical forms itself

summer beginning printed, "what you think of me?"

a book cover and back
a party stateside
a series of precarious situations

becomes real. look into the microphone and sing

with sunglasses a little over-confident are to my explicit in the obvious favorite songs

{the self-made only exists in vacuum} nothing's gonna hurt you baby {where no breath can escape} everything is gonna be just fine {believing some, now, fact}

whisper something in your ear, brainwashed you into believing
it was said, beautiful of repellent, i didn't have anything to say
but i said it anyway, enough times out loud

made you smile and look away
it was going to be sad either way

there is blood in my mouth full of projections

i've been biting my illusion all week
i keep on trying to change the world but i never say anything

it's bad speaking news
i'm bad audience news

i know trapping with or without you
the loneliness is made of bad dreams

i do the same thing too

*damage control*
*walking corpse*

not desirable, over nothing
like me, like you

high upon my toes, some stuff is true

running through bruised fields of hitchhikers, intentionally gets lost
i was your silver lining, practices into our personality, i'm gold
hooray           we don't exist              horray              online as solid

the self does not
increasingly we

here when the artist needs morning a maker came

the performer bees flew down construct and wrapped successfully themselves around identification
i spoke written words consider to have contradiction trace multiplicity of your voice for me in pollen
i text and wasn't prepared for body through this process of being

i okay self wasn't close to your prepared mind just be for this
when did the day tell you blue every day read ritual i'll sit here repeat wondering desperate about you 
how oppressive the pollen construct behind fell around you happy face in strange yellow full patterns

spring highly from gendered these rows enlist

a beautiful series of things that tool springs
musical and names fixing and that sound

distance make it through one's own face think look firing
more flaming stereotypical colors attacking surround

i'm attractive always digital wondering platforms where you are
after all represent i'm the one in translation who is gone

if you believe it, i believe it too

some 'feel'
some 'fact'

equally artificial, now
use it for facial recognition
image or not, smartphone  

cast a face

a face
a face
a body

critiques public construction of identity
(be one of us, painless, blameless. shape)
taking the digital social into the physical
(take the cherished people that i hold. try)

you would take the breathe from my throat (ongoing performance)

something's not right
                   (i know there is)
shifting your shape to our shapes
                                   (a spider loose in my apartment)
i can feel it inside
                   (so i haven't gone)
and they will try to make us forget ourselves
                                   (into my kitchen for over an hour)

something's not right
                   (the kitchen is on the way to the bathroom, w/e)

extended 'oh's

magick and wonder, you are putting me to sleep

we break all the time. sometimes with pictures

*morning light*

*rows of strawberry*

*dark night*

lack of documentation *pearls*

a thrill and refusal, immateriality
they say it was nothing like that
did you here me holler at you to
created a series of imprints add
sometimes everyday
you are too late.

without stopping, that is going pretty far for you--the real is suggested

been too denying, eyeing stoned waterfall, you've grown up really crazy.
fatherly presence in a perpetual outdoor, some motif, you are my star, adolescent tragedy and humor, i should have sang you to sleep, beforehand and memorized the day of, you look so beautiful it hurts me slightly, performed as part, that bridge where i will always, began with an affect, i will go there.
overpowering distractions of the social, i have tried so hard for you.

i am literary irony, divide we

*i meant: divine we*

incongruent satire of the unexpected

a description longer than all others,
it took about 10 minutes,
you are welcome

appear and appeal focus here

ladders and television and mirrors and sofa and deck. observe
there is no future for large installation art--call we in 40.

two years prior, Miami. it wants to be stolen

i changed it to stolen, she was rightly concerned with the quote, "it wants to be taken."

picture of we: some stripes, tying right

picture me trying
precious, but not for we
beauty considered danger
collared. you are too late

Thursday, June 22, 2017

creation of the collective

sub. sub.

we are learning
we are making

.mission .vert

ongoing things, we recreate language too

take a leap. language like identity is in everything.
visual, physical, indiscernible boundaries (inextricably linked)
and it has been a fucking shit-show ever since. where to begin

everything: you belong

we are full-on cannibalizing it all
space of psychological distance

call we rumors--language
the reason, we (here)

*pretends to
be personal*

creation of the social, some meta

cultural-sublimation, 10 minutes
multi-authorship, or less
cliche of daily experience
some superficial way
every allegory

5-10 works, pdf, cv, statement, video stills

still s

my magician, make a wish

close at hand
right is you
expectations, backed with power
road to the future. question, have
faith. attractiveness draws people 

"The illusion of compatibility is no illusion."

i never fail until its too late

im in danger.

face, broken.

we are 10 years ago

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

unabashedly missing mid-late 00s, and we like being old, but, damn, even 2012 was a second ago

*this is earlier*

remembering that grad student who punched me at my undergrad graduation party

unwanted hands.

she kissed me, costumed, at a halloween party and S leaned in and said "that's J"

unwanted lips.

i kind of thought she would (lifetime original) kill me for a year of my life.

unwanted things.

"be a bottom" would be a great title for a song

weird al does grimes?

Old Subs, we feel you--and our new acceptance rate, some 25%--but, will never be a Bottom

This was about the time I was sitting alone, in the dark.

Sitting alone.
In dark.
In underwear.
Not even socks.

In my underwear, and not even wearing socks—that depressing, that essential.

old, unaccepted submission. bury that

·        Art Theory: philosophy that deals with the nature, expression, and validity of the concept ‘art’. In the 70’s and 80’s theory shifted towards semiotics and identity politics.
·        Semiotics: (Saussure) the study of language and signs in relation to what they refer to (objective world), those who use them, and systems of structure (syntax).
·        Theater of Cruelty: (Artaud) experimental form of theater linked to surrealist and avant-garde movements.
·        The Iron Curtain: symbolize the political, physical, and ideological boundaries between the Soviet Union and the West following WWII, from 1945-1990.

[More Theater Notes]

Void. Art major. Objective. Theory. Develop. Deviate. Participate. Expanded version, discuss visuals, electronic submission. Read. Aristotle, avant-garde. Post.
Artland and Theater Cruelty. Modern. Bolt. Epic. Samuel Beckett. Mad Theater, crossing boundaries.
Iron curtain. Read. Post.
Open. Puppet.

·        All text was extracted from the notes taken during the first meeting of a culture/theater class.
·        Void: it was the only class I dropped during my undergraduate career.
·        Art Major: I was a Fine/Studio Arts major and doodled this while introducing myself.
·        Electronic Submissions:  are often used to scan assignments for plagiarism. Note: an artist friend of mine wrote an essay entirely by cutting and pasting text from public documents as an art piece and it passed the leading anti-plagiarism software.
·        Samuel Beckett: I was very excited; underlined his name twice.
·        Puppet: My notes got fuzzy after Bunraku (Japanese puppet theater).