Monday, February 26, 2018

was too hard, got soft. was too big, made small. *we don't stop for anyone, even though*

nothing I ever do is enough,
mostly I just want to die,
*happy for you though*

jealousy is futile,
still embarrassed
about resistance
to politic, we belonged
in your year, the "belonged"
is the part that makes we cry. we wet
~you've got a fast car~

hard hearted series of regressed

We worry sometimes when we meet someone new. We worry we wear our heartbreak. If only you knew me then. And, we keep telling ourself: 1/4 done. But, even if we survive, what's damaged, broken, done? Our Aries fire is watered down, Pisces season is not my strength, know we used to own confidence, even alone.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

essay on *fear of erasure*

we bold accidentally
we best when we perform

And, they are afraid of erasure
Watching their history revised
Just like US, a dead-data-gone

tower, pope, devil, empress (thursday, you ask: who loves who more?), temperance, high priestess, death(close chapter, prepare for difference) We are radical Love of Difference..

history on histronics,
a wound creates a whole
and narratives endure negation
digital crash (body) of (financial) boom

Friday, February 23, 2018

corrupt data: poem generated by information for American Horror Story in Europe

friend go gore, been rags
Marlboro touch XL
Man, Bulgarian red cross, Bulgarian red cross
butch cost           
Levi's let's colour coke
perm Texas gore, the wall
live Texas alcohol, Texas asset texas
tour, fan, ink, rust taxi bordello seekers
texas thanks
sorry brat, dingo cat
more gore Texas
center hall sofia rave
gore ultimate glow, forest golf golf
choice Cleopatra art gore
center gore dildo, your hair
group Texas gore, Texas gore services
professional cosmetics gore Texas
Texas levis Texas 
vulgar mode insurance cost
be kind levis finders, tour mouse respect
marvel studios vulgar queer lush, concerts
taxi sex ate set
fusion art Texas Texas rover go
Texas fresh go fresh
Casio store, Russian ice cream metro
gore car car make gore gore
smoke club eleven, fiat pride
push pull metro pull deli
Pay gore information center
color home metal Levi's
your eye for yore Meth, bad hobby
paint music stop, Texas specialist
made it star, post classy gore
Fuck police wine and dine, Texas
Wi-Fi free zone, you sofia residence Texas
corona extra flip flop Waters
open green zone, bar Roger
he erected store Texas
live sonic hub happen
olaf toys and totally task
loud brine voice proudly presents: usa took Bulgaria brand
on residence France, commerce cafe f rappe
fresh fish, British kings
lord Council, nobody can feel me
Anna's yore Texas, kill all the Nazi's
eyes lie, rats cultural and informational rip
electro burns texas texas, brute drug
got damnit sofia graffiti center of the republic of Macedonia Texas
NEO sty Levi's touch screen
Bank, Texas, one, share
gore texas taxi taxi blast
Pope instinct instinct, pure gallery NORMAL
I don’t cross vans off
gogol and best the taxi
demis, your eye, coca cola inside us
touch of usa store, modern thrown in
school is boring
pump next time, lil brute

the raw text, but no-data-set, just the embodied and annotations

Fuck police man Bulgarian red cross Bulgarian red cross butch cost Levi's let's colour coke perm Texas gore live Texas alcohol center gore dildo Texas more gore Texas rave gore ultimate choice Cleopatra art group your hair professional cosmetics gore gore mode Texas  gore Texas gore services Texas Texas Texas 
(gore is bloody in English, Texas is a red, anti socialist pro extreme, golden age capitalism) sex ate set fusion art lush Texas Texas Texas rover go fresh go fresh Casio store Russian ice cream metro gore car car fiat pride push pull metro Pay gore information center color home metal paint specialist Levi's your eye for yore Meth bad hobby music stop Texas made gore Texas Wi-Fi free zone you sofia residence wine and dine Texas corona extra flip flop bar Roger Waters open green zone (idea of infographics) he Texas sonic hub brand on residence France commerce cafe frappe fresh fish British Council Anna's deli yore Texas kill all the Nazi's eyes lie rats cultural and informational center of the republic of Macedonia Texas NEO sty Levi's touch screen bank Texas one share gore texas blast Pope instinct instinct pure gallery NORMAL coca cola touch of modern thrown in

Thursday, February 22, 2018

So, SLU, you admit authenticity is an illusion

Understanding and developing these aspects of self will help develop and expand your sense of authenticity. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Triangles in a string

When you spend months trying to subtly get people to realize you are a couple by showing up everywhere together and collaborating on projects (because everyone knows that's your MO), but no one catches on, maybe it's time to recognize that your furthering your union seems weird, the weirdest, and not in a cool way, not in an opposites attract way, more on in the least sexy, no one wants to and dad...way less sexy than that, actually..."how, why, what happens?" because it's masturbatory (also in a less sexy way), do you just sit around humble-bragging at one another? Encouraging each other's self-righteousness? Each other's toxic self-righteous behavior? Prompting one another to make bad art decisions, because you are both followers and not leaders, and that is one negative-dom run-around mess?

*jealous though. That no one jumped to het.ville on you. *jealous, though, because I just have to have a conversation w a man for people to come (so fast, and hard) to conclusions...for people to say "you had a moment with..." No.
I have moments with many
Never romantic, devoid sex.

*real human interaction*

via Skype

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

$$$ is no object

and it's like some upsidedown world of self-fuckery to teeter between waiting for them to (fully realized Imposter Syndrome) find out we're a fraud & conversely questioning if we've been selling ourself short this whole time--and maybe when we kept saying we were "awesome" and "the smartest person in the room" we weren't just performing satirical difference (although, deep post-irony, self-esteemed-millenial) but making it true.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

draw down the moon

speak through me
friendship bracelets
something to
hold onto

Linguistic analysis decides: fluid national identity, but we full gross and Americano

There is something there about confession, exhalt we. If you admit to being a terrible person they will forgive you for it. And, then you never have to change, not assimilate at all?

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I'm gonna be creepin on you so hard


what is true?
why is everything is expensive?


I'll be the one you are.
I'll be one, you are.
I'll move to


remember when your mother found us

He said we are fond of You, and if you ever make it back?
You are charming, you still have a friend.
But don’t ask us, we'll meet you at that place we always went.
To look at your films, read the same books again and again.
We cannot, if we had our way, darling...
There are certain films, in which you come Home.
We cannot look at, the first time we kissed.
The personal clutter, you're sorely missed.
The persistence of feeling, we'll forget all your sins.
The hand-touch sensibility, if I could have it my way:
I woudn't be alone.