Wednesday, May 31, 2017

open for interpretation, no prescriptives

Fame is equivalent to the lovers card
As much as fame is to death, same for

propaganda of pantone

Color and subcultural sublimation

the best thing about Craft is that it is not about skill

But time

A negation of labor occurs, "not-work"

But time

An importance placed oddly, "care"

Time consumption as a means to relegate the distribution of labor. Who are words, even?

is there anything interesting left in a selfie?

The lie of it. What is self?

Some head cut off.
(All drama)
sacrifice for the social.

accidental and deliberate gaps

Misremember history:

Perfectly recorded, or reinterpreted after political change.

subject is incessant change

Archive as a living organism
Can't get into asmr, at all

when they said you get treated differently based on presentation I wanted to have a squared conversation about just presentation for own

but we cannot deny the social, and
there was something in there like a...
saying we are treated as we are based
on presentation, both of us with many
occasions of difference, but there was
also something of a reprimand in the
suggestion, which isn't totally unlike
"slut-shaming" except, both spectrum,
"gender-performative-shaming". basically
saying: this is how you get treated and so
even if you are a slider, stay steady and
avoid femme at all costs. avoid me. we.

they want their time back

Something fatherly, also sexual, they want your time.
The businessman and the prof: reminders
My "wife" before the baby
My "wife" back in college

they said cyber feminism and posthumanism = over

No utopia cyber era,
New Realism counteracts Speculative Realism
                                 +object oriented ontology

A list of contraindications, and this,
"In short, the postman era became a girl."

revisiting one of the artists most frequently suggested to we, what does that say

sweet, all powerful squared icon, guide my behavoir

I'm feeling poetic about my prosthetics and nostalgic for when knowledge seemed possible.
🔋floating screens🔋

the only thing they all agree on: we are not boring

That is not satisfactory.
Someone once said that we transform space with our presence.
Don't we all?

take weakness, package as strength: perform for the machine

Some Marxism, but
people love 'authenticity', well. love and hate
so, how with you, numbers.

But, push buttons with conversational comedy
talk difficult without patronizing, certain tactic
bathrooms in new york

digital on/off, border control

some uncanny threshold, disorienting in the middle
pre, post, ritual. reverse me. temporarily dissolve-in
fictional elements underpinning acts of exclusion form
seem to be essential, formation of imaginary central

between structuring *self* [identity][community][self]

They are a dangerous person to upset. Their spID
affords a lot, but they are smart with their words
and, despite own-judgment do not mince connect,
but, can we trust? Things can sound worse...maybe.

space:ghost modern intimacies

Is a practiced space
Social stock market, and
behaviors override design

We are walking commodities

horoscope: too real to function!

Brave, Stubborn Aries, all of the pictures of you become secrets for the maker's resentment. Bold, Straight-talking Aries, half the people you let borrow books will not only never return them, but will literally shit all over you the same day. Like, lending books is some sort of omen, or it's chill when you give one to someone you do not care for, which is totes possible, because you are a ridiculous nerd who likes to share (but like in a totally cool and selfish way), but like in-future do not lend books to people who...who...well, whatever. Boisterous, Sarcastic Aries, book lending is harmful to your health.

Also, people who have posted photos on your timeline mostly suck...not because they actually suck, but because they hurt your feelings and are seriously the fakest person you can think of (but you're not invested in them, so, whatever, but definitely don't lend books to people you like anymore. Okay)

emotional roller coasters are v sexy and manly

We can only hope.

ugh, the poetic 'you' can bite me. you can bite me!

And I've seen you watch while mentioning something to make me jealous, to make my ego pained, to position self above. Seen you look for the break.
And I've seen you see my start to cry and I think there was a small smile there, probably satisfying to know you could incite such in someone seemingly, unflinching.
We all flinch, and you are just un-observant. Like candy and a baby. We guess.

*wants* to be petty and

accidental group message to make you jealous,
but you won't be, because you give not a fuck (Shakespeare)
and, that is actually kind of freeing. Also, everyone thinks you're boring, except me.

performatively, anti-couple. politically, I'm alone.

Personally, sometimes, just alone.
Mostly we like it though.

long convo with your friend and neighbor

kindly do not turn others against me again (as if that is a thing)
also (all dramatics), never trusted you, something in the confluence
of self-righteous and self-conscious that is just

occlusion, we feel actual harm

But, a fb article said FB unfriending is abhorrent, because it causes a lot of pain for something that doesn't affect your day-to-day, but every time we see your name we feel the naivety guided by your dishonesty...and we want to unfriend you so hard, but do not endeavor to hurt people.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

you must forgive me for being you in beautiful places

You can regenerate at the beginning.

There is your voice.
Why are you playing me?

Why are you playing you?
You can change at will.

how real spaces are used in production of every virtual one, but now just circular

*this conversation is important because of the people involved*

next poem positions: desperate and privileged

It's never good when you question.if you are sleeping with your stalker. Follower. Posit:I love you(r)

art academia is more profitable than art at large


2014 notes

Auto fiction
Assembler of strategies
Liz feder, Elvira wick, iris haussler, Mari polar, beauvais Lyons,
"More authentic alone"
Lil talent agency
Moyra davey
Anthropocene project
Cyber culture+2nd wave fem=died same time?(?)
no agenda is an agenda

That artist from ug bfa 2013 that made scrap metal work (fake outsider art)

poetics of propaganda [for your defunct pedagogical social practice needs]


a student messaged me in the middle of the night, it read: ?

(And was proceeded with a video by some head)

wasn't the first.time.asked for some direction,
bit of information.

The question.mark was packed.

Unpack: is this okay? What exactly? How am I supposed to react to this? How are you reacting to it?

Compelled into.conversation, exchange. About feminism.

I had done the same.
Presumed hierarchy.
Another opinion to dictate.
Still do it now, ask:
How would _ tackle this?

I am a bad feminist. So is everyone else.

video, text, refresher

my digital heart is animated, thank you
divorced from function, all romance
my hand is tracked, sacred, and turning for you
meaning is retroactive and I cannot give away my position/s

do you wake feeling multiple?

the constant display
Is you life-span on tap, side right?

the explicit construct
Have your feelings been designed?

the separation inherent
Does your background inhabit you?


Worse if, "gallery spills back into life."

killing time intersects with art-as-part-of-uneven-system

occupy people, space, time~life.

close facebook. it's not my wound

it is a cultural wound.
okay the cultural wound is my wound.
why so cutting, ppl?

color coding, I'm dying

Art is a warning about the terrain you live in.

implicate viewer in dance, all out infinite contingency plan

constantly flux feed. united by condition, limited. abandoned and not-yet-found, plane of the horizon, asymptomatic body. tunnel. unachieved. the feeling of being cut from one's own life. varied viewpoints, multiplicity. disconnected and intermediated. spliced, yet unified. travelling unfriended, successive consumes we

transitory+hypnotic: parallel purposelessness

anticipating ambivalence and crafted catharsis, some choreograph
"technology induced experience manifested" like a worm. warm and
soft. some amateur pornhub. of voyeuristic agency. located between

international relations printed in black and white, skeletons attend to contemporary offspring

some forward-facing catalog, lost and on all fours.tightly wound for digital days on suicidal self-indulgence.a diverse social hostility of hospitality.the allure of independent psyche, visualize culture without ancillary tech.terminal nascent.pleasurable.

what does an airport rep best, but *cult of access*

Intertwining some personal affects
A public affair, liminal, bad dream,
Consider we.

In-feed, unchecked desires, and person-

*millions of clouds became stars*
Virtual complexity.


affects of awful, $ becomes vote, don't we all $$$?

My politic
All sides, I
Feel it in my bones

we use the word 'impotent' like a lot, probably too much

loses power through repetition (haha, get it)
if only actions were like words.
*same old power shit*

plugins are vocals for change *wants to collect them all*

mimic we for once.
refuse identification, see
how long, hard, thick, *other things that sound
sexual (and gendered, but are positioned to, just sex) too*
disappointment and intimidation, seems
like a tactic, it's not. lick. linux.
wear we strategy.

anything can be sex. parts. sensations. substructuralists, why not?

Get into space. Blast open the contents.

I same visible universe, move out of itemized, plug-ins voodoo dolt. revister

Do not merge. Singular reversal. A surface that touches itself. Within and without, body between, not obstacle, a meanings of communication.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

still feel like yourselves, still feel like you murdered we

Back in April.

And, we aren't *happy now living w/o you*
But, we also aren't unhappy, and fully into
quote Ace |spectrum| of Base allnightlong

more of the least shocking news ever: 100% complexity--test me

A great deal of physical energy alternating with a great need for quiet and rest.

Highly sexual, yet often celibate, especially when working.

Smart and naïve at the same time. A mix of wisdom and childishness. Emotional immaturity along with the deepest insights.

Convergent (rational, left brain, sound judgment) and divergent (intuitive, right brain, visionary) thinking…

Both extroverted and introverted, needing people and solitude equally.

Humble and proud, both painfully self-doubting and wildly self-confident.

May defy gender stereotypes, and are likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but those of the other as well. A kind of psychic androgyny.

conscious agents, a theory that is computationally universal (?!)

it’s a machine theory (for your mind-body-complete).
all of cognitive science and neural networks back out of it (^we know, not-real, not-it!)

don’t think we are machines—distinguish between the mathematical representation and the thing being represented. a conscious realist, pkstulating conscious experiences as ontological primitives, the most basic ingredients of the world. experiences are the real coin of the realm. everyday life—my real feeling of a headache, my real taste of chocolate—that really is the ultimate nature of reality. (my real taste. eatme)

linguistic paradigm consciousness, nothing is ever new again

field of vision, a shared a common structure: we want to share you.
might be possible to formally observe that: we accept only-options.
encompassed all of them, possible modes, inspired by Turing: queerer.
he invented the machine, trying to come up with a notion: complication.
he got the simplest, most pared down mathematical description: orgy?

for computation. same for the science of observation? I'll watch.

so, we are one big illusion hmmmmmmm, sexxxy

" I’ve evolved these symbols to keep me alive, so I have to take them seriously. But it’s a logical flaw to think that if we have to take it seriously, we also have to take it literally."

generically, true structure in reality, never the case

bell curve—say, too little water for you die of thirst,
too.much and you drown (or doctors say your bulimic)
only somewhere in between is good for survival.

truth to extinction. an organism tuned to  see small and large
quantities of some resource as, say, red, whereas they might
see intermediate greens.

corner of your computer. a sweet sspot thank you, science+technology! oh, ffff, right there, thank you!

available to us in the past 30 or 40 years, and that’s the desktop interface.
a blue rectangular icon on the lower right corner,
does that mean that the file itself is blue and rectangular
and lives in the lower right corner of your computer?

<and full-blown semiotics, well-known mystery>

it has color, position, and shape. those are the only categories available to you,
and yet none of them are true, couldn’t possibly be true. an interesting thing.
could not form a true description, entire view of reality confined to the desktop.

yet the desktop is useful. blue rectangular icon guide my behavior,
hide complex reality. key idea.

whatever reality might be. time to figure it out, the tiger will eat you.

"a false reality can be beneficial to an organisms survival." i'm orgasming"

if knowledge is power and your polite strap-on is /prosthetic/ knowledge then
                             🔋i'm coming

a mathematical .model of the observer: how can we be anything but 1st person?

quantum marveling at the strange fact
systems don’t definite, objects localized
space, come along. experiment. observe them.

after experiment
defy common sense
assume the particles

ordinary objects have an objective,
central lesson, we get the wrong answers
observer-independent existence,
no public objects in preexisting space.

under ordinary
the world independent
ideation cannot be upheld:

singing with me, *I want the world. I (I) want the whole world*

hard, hard problem and oblique strategies : we can tell when It is going to happen, because, silence

disentangling the observer from the observed
an endeavor that straddles the boundaries
on your side, neuroscience and fundamental physics
researchers raw, trying to understand a three-year lump

gray matter obeying nothing more than the ordinary
give rise to conscious experience. aptly named:

silence before the boom. loud. sex above me

getting at little gestures of nature: in my phone i have 20 tabs waiting to be fed

has spent the past three years, perception,
artificial, evolution, game. the brain, and dramatic one
presented by us to our perceptions, not like reality.
this magnificent illusion, as it maximizes, drives truth to extinction:

a little on the nose, but we are transferring information between us. these bodies. poetics.

a case against reality: my neighbors are arguing

we realize with a jolt, our brain's best guess
we perceive as never the world directly
a kind of internal simulation of external
reality, we blank on simulation
a reasonably decent one

evolution will weed us out by now
true reality forever beyond reach
an inkling of what it’s really like:

they are mentioning Spotify, like, a lot

i am going to write you into my life & that isn't romantic, it's violent

sight, sound, taste, texture
*we are not an accurate portrayal of the world*

Friday, May 26, 2017

my 'heart' is this dumb glowing thing sometimes

despite all the bullshit

despite 'love's, career is the Star

Pragmatic 'love's, "Most of all, keep re-evaluating whether you still want the person or goal that you've been waiting on for so long. Is this worth it?"

poor boy, no breaks

Trying to let the tarot decide for me, how to.settle between,
"Or is it a little something on the side, to keep you happy and less lonely?"
+It would be!

it really is in the cheek

It is a dimpled,
We always thought the dented chin would reconcile,
But you can't run away from your sellings.
We don't profit.

AJ, aka Ariel

Adamant about the pronunciation, which was not the Little Mermaid way (air-e-elle), but Are-E-elle. They always tried to be both supportive, but position themselves as better than. Because they were a writing major, not minor, and they had read all the books. Appreciated more genres. Still, "appreciate", not-so-oddly critical without debate. They wanted we to know our place. Dry under wet them. We finger knit them. A scarf during a workshop reading once, it was a pale yellowy green. Their skin was softer than mine, no blushed. Hair cropped and black, eyes large and green, a bodied waif. No one could say they weren't a brain. I tried hard then too, to present without fault, paled with short and dark, failed, all loose and collared, covered more and more. Somehow presentation has never been so... Something in the cheek.

had a dream where I couldn't do a pull up, and

I can't do more than two three,
And, I dreamt this after watching
A handmaids tale. Which always
Reminds me AJ

if we even gave the chance to say Y or N or Maybe

But, we feel w rejects anyway
And, must be known how often
We full-time reject, we feel bad for it

But, yes, sure give up on we.
They all call us that thing: trouble.

We don't feel dangerous.
We don't feel like threat.

We want to hold your hand.
We are that sad+humiliation.

take we to capital and tell we to sit on it

Well, new $$$
Making venture
For intellectual sexual

*Apparently, obviously, your biases are based on your cognitive function*
Function for me.

I am pure, untapped dissatisfaction for you.

They said you must have the smallest,
Most polite strap-on. Highly doubt it,
But certainly hope so. We feel every
thing.  *some princess and the pea*

I am embodying you, full with information, it is all just information, still

in a culture that denigrates at the readied

We are closing in on placement
Not accepting as much as honing
We monstrosity, a doubled thing

See me backed, sewn, stitched
A book for that, with an attack
Stay my name, stay my named.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

you are all i wanted, okay? and, someday you will trust me. i don't expect anything. always running around you--some skewered lyrics

when you trust me
you won't be interested anymore
but, i will be able to touch you,
and then, lesbian death bed, we are not lesbians (anymore)
calling all lesbians-we are for unfortunate middleschooling.

*seriously, though, am I ever not going to drive crying, wondering, questioning what the fuck happened to we for the entire fifteen hours down to FL? for summers and sunshine and selling

to put your hands inside, the whatever of another

participating way, ways down deeps
see me: wet narcissism in denials.
and Drive.

i want to delete you, but you are my Sister; it's just something i want to do

attraction to form,
find self useful,                          deep.
slippery between.

<coming space>

prized things,
a fist to fight.

sexual harrassment is foreign exchange,

we all privileged learn it, circa post-high body.
some france, italy, europEA thing

to perfectly perform her, stay awake.

Run lines. Want so badly to
shout in foreign language, to
curl underneath, reading lines.

To perform the one you would come for.

XXXtalking like friendsXXXsomeone's momXXX

back to life, back to reality. studio
she tells me she is leaving me for                                                more

it was the worst, the worst. such miscommunication. i've been all the things in 3 short years

they didn't say it aloud:
there is a fine line between desire and disgust

must not think much of me. it always turns out none of them do. i would've 
given her and him and them anything, they just needed to guess my NAME

th bdy s lwys wrttn n by scty, esp Hers:SOCIALintercourse

"I heard you stayed with That Man." She knew his name as well as mine, but her voice was dark, forced. She called it months ago, with no speech and a motherly look of disapproval: I knew what she was thinking.

She just said, "You make a good dom. Like, a really good dom." *But, I can't make them submit to me. Please don't leave.*

all super thick energies
too poetry
two fake-artists, poets

*reach in and make a fist*


Summer 2015  \before them\

reminiscing is never a good stain.

I would hyperlinnk her for you, and the
fames too, but we are all alive and well, and I
don't appropriate bodies all the same, and, I
then again, have never been in DIS.

all the drink tickets. get really, really drunk. BOTH

of we.

Damm, I meant to bring MDMA
to the known.

...safer than weed safer than shrooms safer than me...

Cult of Collecting: Others

They all look like models, but we are a Prized thing?
DOA the hair dye aisle.

I left the room dripping.

No one's muse, she wrote in publishing, we write too.

After Hito: art-life complete, encounter the Germans, nothing else exists

make me die wetter, x3.

all red and gossip, kill me now.
All the World's Future, some cool, now
my brows on fleek, circa 2014.   Forking

we are going to settle for less, much less.

run out in front of traffic even

outside the spectacle.

fresh institutional meat, remember when it meant something to we

new mfas, "expensive friends",
we were all-in lambing,
and that blazer walked out of the social section of W magazine,
baseball cap, "I want to make-out with Kevin!"

*wish i were a sugarbb when i could have*

**also, never could have**

im sorry that happened to you in my city--no, well, yes,

that's because you are blonde and that makes you a prized thing."

*1st impressions.

this is sexxxual

Our lip balm



some inversion of what we saw but all expected a different outcome, did notice then?

can't even place in the picture in recent pasts
just thinking of settling with them to save space
in something called deserves, our longed denial
their dark cold face, he has nothing for it, we fake

can't be seen with you, you meek

fingers turning, and it was obvious
so obvious, a long stare, sidenote:
I fought over it, kangaroo, past-called,
with him, fought to touch some path.
between, with branches, and wonder:
did you plan that, did you enjoy that,
you seemed dissatisfied. I am pure, untapped dissatisfaction for you.

we will never find the time~to touch you

humor me today,
we won't in-feed with you

some rumor made,
any songs will hurt a few

these thirsty, thirsty ppl for fakes

you know that thing from childhood when you close your eyes so that you become invisible?

I am going to stare at you until you see me.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

small and ready, but quiet

little seedd isntt worth itt

your sister saw we, like instantly, all-in-years-agos

so long...kill me now.
every fucking day, i <wanted to>
think of you, every <fucking> day

&i played you that song whether you remember or not&

i made you a heartbreaker, you are welcome

social capitalize
not romantic, but
a thing, little seed
        you little shit, haha

we left a long message on our hEX's voicemail

going on and on about you, not by name,
and all the nam(ed)s aren't the feel thing

not that we ever really cared about that...

victoria offers a certain amount of protection

you don't have to be criminal, unstable, or subversive to want your privacy.
know the code. download and install. create your keys. encrypt and decrypt. sign and verify.
we all have files (archives) we wouldn't want made public. GO TO.

free for wild ass net pioneers

click for a free issue of Yahoo ! internet life

shakespeare globe trust, patron: his royal highness kg kt

sir, lord, jr, sir, hubert, lord, lady, sir, lady, sir, sir, zoe, lord, sir

sourcebook: we learning

environment grinder
object oriented development
samples, tutorials, excellent book

why are the insides of your wrists bugging you?

All of these sub-pages are under construction as of October 19, 1995   (the day I decided I had enough information online to be of some use.) 

and, I wanted to have legit feelings and to be desperate and the underdog...what is it privilegeproblems

Things often denied we. And, they
seemed like a good mark--in need
of attentions (not be bitter about
tables that turned--it is interesting)
but everyone was wrong about the
"making fun of them"...that hurts.

We just saw mutual need and tried
a thing, that tricked ourselves more
than anything else. And, now, freed.

it is so sad how little we care, and how fake it all was

Some clarity, a dialogue madeAround someone else, is all-in
Self-diminishing. Should be me, me, we.

Lost it for a bit. Some embarrassment,
No one else believed, and they were right
It was just a distraction and a game. Sure
Play, with obsessives and a storyline we sought

Turned from mimicry to some repeat unfair to both things,
             and not funny, and harmful to most-important-me

Monday, May 22, 2017

I write thousands of poems, I hate you

We past-perfect
superlative struggle w men
in power, unsuring ace spectrum

All the dead ones.
We are the dead.

we are some Frankenstein monster, of social, Foucault, but also, we have our great grandmother's eyes

With our hair on brown-out, look
We fully 1928 photo, some farm
A ballerina, wait for black sheep
Sexxx and runaway with, an Irish
                                 sailor, I think.

And, we should still send balloons for you,
some ritual almost forgot, for those w/o
roots, descendants of black sheep. We
say goodbye over and over, the horizon

everything is enacted on the body

redoing it.
humblecore summer 2017ed

just because we demi

doesn't mean we can get pissy when, no reciprocate
we know, also arom and, lives for...another word for unrequited.

mostly, always scared that as soon as they eat you, they take all your powers

This time, not even necessary. We stayed wholed, but not.
I just need a second, unhalved. Psychic vampire, we gave freely.
Find me giving all the fucks, and.filtering self-serving w/o rejection.

better than naked

Aversion therapy: watch cringey emokids+musicallys, but imagine it's your crush, your nemesis, your boss. "What's up? Why so sexy? --Dinner's ready."

so guess it is good, like learning, but the music isn't

We keep listening to emo music from the early-mid 00's
like we've never been rejected before. Because,
we've never been rejected before.

if middle school.taught us anything

It's that insecurity is the source of all shit behavior...
Middle school, grad school, same thing

real talk w self

If they ppl please always,
   then it isn't some torture thing,
we be pragmatic, we be certain w selves
   they aren't denying for denying--not
even a try, they don't see you at all.

bad, bad seed..the bad seed

we remember after,
they eviscerated we.    and alienated self
like always sit alone, know that alone is confidence
and be threatened, no partnerships,
but they eviscerated we, and we were alone,
and they all insecurity surrounded by our mutuals

like blanket protection, when we threw no stones

and then it was real

Worked so hard, for so long with this character development, "pathetic", something always denied. And, then everyone believed it.

"you are resilient"

Remember everything important you've ever said:
You just said them at the wrong times. It wasn't about
overcoming that, it was about overcoming you. And, I've
finally found someone with all of my worst qualities, but,
like more pronounced...

if we are being brutally honest, when we are into someone

we just want to ruin their whole night

also, each one will have a letter missing (praxxxis)

that person that always says a non-thing instead of a real-thing to maintain superficial social bonds

can go fuck themselves, actually.

*also, can i watch*

because, im not even
feigning self-respect
at this point

+also, no one is smarter than me
and  id rather hang with your ex    .

if I made memes instead it would be the same image over and over in perpetuity, of the haunted language of a lacroix box, half-destroyed and scanned, with quips pointing to our (haunted) privilege

we only write poetry about self--no love but self-love

And these are all the reasons why you are wrong about them not being into me:
(Here is where all the reasons go...they are slant, but too intrusive)

can tell you exactly when it happened, it was when i told them my iq and they laughed

and then silence.
until i said, "what! is yours higher?"

and, killing me w a smile ever since,
[i am the most embarrassing being alive]

my Hand doesn't think I'm a feminist, and that hurts

Hand thinks I seek too much validation from ppl who are not-women.

will be readied for my platonic life partner in 3-5 years

Hash out who it is amongst yourselves, futures...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

so many times, I feel like Kanye

And just wanna flat out say,
"I made that bitch famous."
And, I'm talking about him
and them, and to one another...
please do not underestimate the
the social capital of one won so hard
              *you never won us over*
       +and, it was just a game+

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I could have told you not to, obvious possessive

everything done is under their umbrella,
and I've been made too wholesale aware
some pasts with a life, I guess, freebased
what we mean is, we know about ownerships.

we still think you're trying to control me daddy,

but, we'll listen this one time.
a leveled head, some hard earned

take we for serious, for once.
see all the potential and foster it, like
                                            only you're allowed      
                                                           agency can.
guess who is never asked where the
agency is? because you're nothing but.

Friday, May 19, 2017

my crush is an allegory for

Art (institutionals)
little seed

w/e, we get we

We are fucking dangerous,
and they are all too careful.

at least you admit I'm the bravest

You might be the bravest sign in the zodiac, but you still have your issues around surrendering to change. You're working this out now, and you're feeling more confident on your journey! Wild drama arrives in your relationships today, too.

never-gonna-happen, crushed

Everyone else knew, I guess. We some joke. Probs back-end convos,

and, I've never been left wanting, waiting, worrying before, so guess that is good,

like, some-sort-of-experience. Just feel like...embarrassed.

We totally good enough for them. Better, if that is a thing.
What the ffff

Thursday, May 18, 2017

this week's reading, will deconstruct with obsessives laters

On Monday an opportunity could present itself. Like The Wheel of Fortune that turns endlessly, for a brief moment the window of this opportunity is provided. During that brief second you can miraculously see above the fray of everyday circumstances. Seize that glimpse of the future, for as the wheel continues on its downward turn the window closes.
Wrapped in the guise of sensationalism, Tuesday could bring news that broadens the boundaries of your present world. Whether part of a job assignment or a personal issue that erupts suddenly in the form of world shaking news, it gives you the opportunity to take a trip away from familiar shores.
On Wednesday a light bulb goes off and you can envision the answer to a nagging problem. The Hermit is the benefactor or the guide who sheds light on the darkness that you have encountered. Although at times he is misunderstood, because of distancing himself from the everyday concerns of this world, his intuition is sharply honed.
Thursday you patiently await the rays of the sun to break through the clouds. You may have a petulant streak when a partner is negligent about a minor incident, but try to contain your irritation. Drawing the card of The Sun promises renewed trust, a spirit of optimism, and a plan for the future.
Is there a goal you are longing to reach? Friday you begin to see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and feel that you could win this competition. The Chariot is a card of victory and you are calling on all your talents, both physical and spiritual, in a race to the finish line.
On Saturday your longing for an end to confusion or lack of clarity in your relationship may finally have arrived. Like the ever-changing phases of The Moon, the two of you have gone through all possible ways of being together. Your bond has deepened and that thought sends chills of excitement up your spine.
Life does get complicated on occasion and Sunday might be just one of those times. Feelings are deepening between two of you and yet another love tugs at your heartstrings and you want to hang on to the feeling. When The Lovers is drawn, old feelings can be ignited at any time and your lover knows that.

they said,

you are middle--not attention-seeking,
but performative. just awkward.

the worst situations

where observed, but don't speak
*watch self, observed*
don't direct, so solid, your own rep
*sometimes most interesting*
most telling of those around you
Did you notice the
Misuse of
Or fuckof

walking wound, an unsent text. because we cooler than this. +all anxiety+

Hey--noticed the other day
<after sending that^ that the lyrics>

pretty...loaded.            And, was just gonna
 let it ride (like no worries, who cares, no weirdness)
<what is weirdness?>

 but feel like most of my text-communication w you is recon,
<which is kind of hilarious>
comm=miscomm                   between us.

don't want to make you anymore uncomfortable (than it seems I already do)
*ahh, this is such a long text*
was listening to...and remembered younger too

short on the 'goodbyes'                 general social-difference
(like I would my friends), but... *long explanation*

like I'm imposing on you (and, I don't want to be that dude...
don't want to threaten you in that way,
like every guy I hate--I don't want anything from you).

Okay. I won't bother

some unsent follow-up

*you don't have to answer this awkward thing, haha~maybe see you when you get back, maybe not, but have good...

notwithstanding Pitt, leave. fast. go. now

With high +the tower+ doubts thesis will be signed by all by ceremony (no interest in pretending not a mess +Aries, Pisces cusp+ terror-of-intellect-mess), will consult 5 Mystical Objects of Communication, including FB, to tell we what to do +ace of hearts+ Social, you know you always do:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

walking wounds

Do it Best

*for what is wound but a
      meeting of external and internal*

we intensed and we embarrassed

sometimes we wish we were less scary,
but all worth it. and, we get it, it's hard to be seen.
sometimes worst in-possible thing.

novel title:

[i want you, but can't have 
you because<that is owner
language>and i can't hold
you because<we don't touch
>oh, wait: we have Internet] 

 *it is a disembodied romance with critical discourse*

the paragraph we advisor asked me to delete from we thesis, I did. And, now, poetry

Some opening to a dystopian future’s path: multiplied and automated body, in a space emptied of flesh, but filled with social imposition.

and it was all cast in a dull sadness

But, that isn't negative,
it just means that I care about something
that I'm worried I might in losing. It is
some body-ripping-away-thing

Monday, May 15, 2017

circuit breaker 1. 9. circuit breaker 1-9

Some thoughts on bringing, up with it
Throat in the snow, want through, way soon
And, just want to talk about trades to evade,
No one close assumes my courtesy. Big
Best, make a mess with me brittle seed,    a fucking                             mess

Sunday, May 14, 2017

little seed should sleep with me

Just saying

Under sheets like ours,
circles and triangles, and nothing is ever dead.

circles and triangles and things I never said.
Arms like sheets under you.

please know when I asked if I looked like I was in love

That I say on drugs, so.
Did I look like I was in love?
Yes, because I was.

Also, can I have some more drugs, please? Ty

*I fell asleep while writing this one last night*

Seed knows seed

Saturday, May 13, 2017

little and reddish linking things
But, pragmatic and sad, get down, under
Rim.collars.I'm sure. Seed wouldn't wait with we
Ed  worth it?


we don't see you
  at all, and
we didn't notice that,
small and ready, maybe, but

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

an old + privateR thing...probs high

Really concerned that no matter what we do we are still ourselves, and try so hard*all the fucks*more is what's up, not enough, most unsuccessful please stand up, and you've been traded in too, proximity kills, go aheads perform for them, and*I really thought I was going to be something by the time I was 23(or, w/e#)*and I'm at a loss, a loss, whatever the fuck that means *I smell like I sound*

Sunday, May 7, 2017

panhandling normal sized ideas

are commenting on a culture’s obsession with it, and our intelligence has been questioned, we have been accused of having flippant politics, pretty Christ-like, actually, and we wanted to verbally whip our adviser right there in the room, run circles with our wit, but we were reminded that defensiveness is a sign of weakness that we can’t afford, and unpacking the review contents, or even our last week en suite makes us feel like we have done ourselves an injustice, because we feel submissions brewing, subtle bullying, into apolitical territory, let older gentleman have his way: boring, because humor can be confused, we assume, but we can’t talk on an empty-sleep, so, recognized disadvantaged state and they pounce, super cool, because it is really hard not to play the game, and we are tired, so make we sobered and see, something other than the authority. Make we brat more, because, Jarrod, “You have no power over me.” Clocks whisper, think of you: Goblin King. “You have no power over me.”


hands make contractions, post-bb...seed ripped from me, but


the problem is, big dream, we want to play the same roles

But, unlikely thing;
Sleep is good at taking.
I am terrible at taking.
I have to trust before I take.

But, unlikely thing;
That'll trust you so much again.
And, I saw the test.
I lied when I drank it.

Certain with congrats for noticing that much.

because your phone is listening to your convos, obvi

The person you never 'heart's via ig is the 1st suggestion because you talk about them constantly and you are having heart palpitations because you drank your 8th cup of coffee for the day at 4 am.

do I make you uncomfortable

Hop3fully 1n 4 g00d w4y

attraction-desire:it's a good look, sophisticatedgoth

under, like suspicion, like squares less distinct. *      running empty
     matches perfect   all bodies,   sweat.   *  like all pretty pictures
a second hand started, devastating and excitable. *     my voice:beautiful things

count movements, making already  answered.  *     I feel nothing inside
                                          coming for   strings.    *     so young, can't be
in brief cases focus, superhuman fluids.  *   what I lost

tastes like money pot

life.hack@do not give your # to.a random drug dealer

Party Teeth

okay im done. get off now. . . . .now you get off.okay im done

error of attention

We make their mistakes.Too
Still unwilling to forgive.

when did I turn.into every ahole I avoid

Seed is loud and vibrating

Seed isn't waiting for we

Seed is ready, future, willing

And, we scare it off every time.
Too           much         affection

         errr           attn

Edna st Vincent millay at had a fake lover


Not the end of trouble, but an end to the world that created Them.
They are the worst! Make my world new
                                                           and, answer texts more than every 26m.

grazing toe to pull you out of sleep


Also. I wanted to say congratulations on the shout out.
Theysaid: magictouch.
So I got jealous, because...probably, maybe.

But. Congrats on the shout out.

it's important to be verse

What's under the full cup?
Gift. Ecstasy.

Like where we want it.

Some sentence:
That song about touching you,
we won't ever find the time.

we all-in-one repeat: fork-in-me

<the hybrid, the illicit, the uncategorized being>

reverse image, search me
on all fours
i have a flower too


*some need to destroy everything we love*

it's good though, deleuze, even. all mastered.

 we burn

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

it hurts me slightly,

just kidding!
we feel nothing

------------that isn't going far enough,
 I've tried so hard for you--------------
------------------without consequence,
there is no action------------------------

just malfunctioning all the time and personality is being subsumed by what was once performance--zoolander, who am I?

and, no one believed it
except we, but it was
never real. the break down

this will be an underappreciated office cut poem

kevin had waited shared years for this
  via                big               diversity

0new world0
0old world0

"do I look like I'm in love?"