Thursday, October 29, 2015


Are the last generation to die. Data is soul. New-body-transfer, all-the-time, at least every two years. The predicament of lost bodies.

Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm learning to cry better

And how to lie wetter,
"Marry me," Nathan Fielder.

said she needed more poetry in her life

but knew I couldn't give her what she wanted
because, do it all, wrong way, even knowing how.
why do we avoid death? I'm learning to die better.

thank ease, fall in, stupidly reminisce about three years ago

How are we now,
slowly turning into me,
She is all affected. 

I gave so much of my body today

Mastered life while waiting for my Married
<text me back>
                           Meaningful glances

Sunday, October 18, 2015

play for the screen

perform, even though the webcam is covered: No.
upsides down, like magazines ala fourteen

waiting lines, still, some sort of darkened magic

waiting on video, render, so have picture up on FB staring back at we 
I play Spectacular Girl, EELS, on a loop,    this is how   should think
stare again      of we, and    I'm fairly certain -you- do, but, just in case,
super spelling brainwash the avatar, timeline stand in. Werking already
At least I'm not      hands-on like the likes of,  cert.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

worst possible living sitch (the worst!-haha)

Be all emo, want to cry--be stuck in room, again--wait to get charger from car until everyone leaves, on way, noise on porch, stop dead in tracks, think about reversing step, too visible, seen, keep going, socially malfunction every time someone speaks, too, wish for phone in pocket, so could just drive. the. fuck. away...walk back through the hall of bodies laughing like remembered middle-school bullies, and all the feels: super sick of basic, superficial relations, and manipulation displayed every day, "I'm just getting by til I can get the hell out of Dodge," so...and if you treat me like a 'bitch', I'll seem like one...and I'm sick of avoiding ppl who are also avoiding me. Can't wait for vacations with these run-onsssss.

Friday, October 16, 2015

loiter, naked legs

pass time      stop me, the funhouse is young and muscular
positions herself every day, reproduced     time and again
loiter, overstay   imagine a picture, repositioning himself

transpersonal social stock market

Ghost Modern Intimacies: the Art World.

Enjoyment? outside the spectacle


Softly Directive

Brown paper bag, just like a dream.
Practiced space: circling as usual, sharking
green and yellow waiting cars.

Before you forget, ever-reals,
occupying the place, a single ticket,
heartbeat honey, something like that

I still believe in the alternate sides. Walking commodities.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Course title: finding out what I'd do for a subsidized tampon.
Course title: subverting power dynamics via whiteness, class4bratz
Course title: die, due, dying, "I can't imagine ever wanting to be ___."

manuscript by hand, neverfinishing story

I'm a social practice artist like I'm a poet,
               v real, but doing it all wrong. 
One off.

some quote, unattribute to anyone or anything, but like, magic-death-juice-gone

"Art lasts, it ages, but never becomes old, because it exists within the context in which it was made."

dealing with my ageist issues via Rose Mcgowan's relativity


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

tell em more

Collect all the songs anyone ever said reminded them of you.
Find them depressing. Think that they do not represent.
Decide: who am I to say who I is...?
A personality that is idealism resistant.

writing with your liminality

I burned petrol to get here.
Kiley Jenner doesn’t touch her face.

all the proposals are dying, like, right now

A leveling effect. Curation by you. A one month effort: collecting the stories of East Deutschtown. I am your biographer. A one night event: we all play a part. Reenact we sublime.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Performative Personality Disorder

On persona subject, can we all agree,
I, just, over-performing the identity
placed on we.             Think:
Drew Barrymore talking about
pissing in shower, incessantly.    TMI,
                                                           as a
                                                           pry, pry, eyes, prioritize propriety, etc

Iam yourdaughter

The ways in which I am unfinished, unaccepted, endear you.
I make loose associations into clear directions, for affinity.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fielding questions, do you regret it?

Sometimes I feel like attaching myself to an institution is like saying, "I can't make it on my own," but I never tried, and now this rich white dude's name is prominently visible on my cv--and what am I going to do, erase it, no--so I'll never know if I could have done it on my own--whatever that means--but it is somewhat like getting married straight out of high school, which I told myself I'd never do when I assumed "default straight" circa 7 or 8.