Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Spine. "That was a memorable day for me..."


"a spin-off of the TRUTH campaign."

Yes, I've been quoting myself.

i think a cat peed on the notes I'm archiving from.

Makes sense?

"Have you ever seen liquid close in/fold in on itself? Enfolded Substances."

On the back of the Janitor Story.

13: a move to short films

"The Universe"
A start. "Scary nice girl always trying to be perfect."
Annotation. "She says, 'Carrie is my idol.' Flash of blood-dump."
Monologue. "What kind of fabric is skin? Some tightly woven fibers, hiding precious blood. These fragile cells. My organic clothing." Wishing it were intended deadpan.
An end. "Montage: Affirmations in mirror. Vomits. Serving at Restaurant. Cutting into her hands with scissors. Her ex as a zombie. 'I think he was on steroids anyways...just a matter of time."
Wrote "assholes" five times on one page.


"A janitor cleaning up a high school," written quicky, "tearing pictures from the wall." Like some after-bullying scene from a LMN production, "and blowing trash and confetti out (?)." Some more, "Camera moves toward him fast: he's ripping the posters down (the camera shows they are pictures of him, the janitor) and he rips them in half and signs one of them."

I don't know where it was going, going.

Movie 2: Flapper

"girl in front of mirror" SIDE NOTE. "green version of Splendor in the Grass dance dress"
and some dialogue is written lopsided "My name is Varo. I am a flapper. Most of my friends are swingers, but that's okay, after the Gap commercials, it became passe."

Did I write this before anyone else?

Age 8.
"She thought she was stuck in a nightmare,
turns out she was stuck in a dream."

Read: sarcasm

Humiliation is a movie idea from childhood

This was serious. 
"INTRO--musics plays and young girl walks down dusty railroad at dusk...it's a story about a girl who is cold as ice. Not that much of an asshole, it's just how she is. So, events happen..." 
And further down the page it reads, 
"She is not pretty, a kind of sad beauty."

Monday, December 28, 2015


Dreams of robbing malls, driving in snow, gifted black
teddies, and my skin is doing things I've never
seen before.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

bod for skins

"Not how like a man would dress if he were a woman."
            Vomiting.    Now.       Winning.

i look like a young harrison ford

It puts the power on its skin.

where is my name...step-mom

i was the seduction and the year was, kevin brophy...something about dragons?

I'm watching Working Girl. Eat me.

I'm watching Working Girl. Eat me.

Thanks, Santa.

Not Cool, 'friends'.

Sometimes we feel like posting on our fb wall is equivalent to our # on a bathroom stall.

since always plus age nineteen, leave Katie behind

If we're being honest, you're only interesting
when I'm talking and I only did it because      I was bored.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

familiar ache: where the blood is

She speaks like a proposal, we
believe none of it. A possible
assignment, removed. Clearly,
from a quarter-inch away, but
we see too close. The
womb is where the warmth is?

A moratorium on grey hair, and bros, and dads, and sirs.


So review mad, and we have no tact, and we have been accused of an obsession with whiteness and purity when we are commenting on a culture’s obsession with it, and our intelligence has been questioned, we have been accused of having flippant politics, pretty Christ-like, actually, and we wanted to verbally whip our adviser right there in the room, run circles with our wit, but we were reminded that defensiveness is a sign of weakness that we can’t afford, and unpacking the review contents, or even our last week en suite makes us feel like we have done ourselves an injustice, because we feel submissions brewing, subtle bullying, into apolitical territory, let older gentleman have his way: boring, because humor can be confused, we assume, but we can’t talk on an empty-sleep, so, recognized disadvantaged state and they pounce, super cool, because it is really hard not to play the game, and we are tired, so make we sobered and see, something other than the authority. Make we brat more, because, Jarrod, “You have no power over me.” Clocks whisper, think of you: Goblin King. “You have no power over me.”