Saturday, June 30, 2018

dark minimal synth wave compilation

all systems are GO
correct the assumption,
i'm listening to you say there are are no boundaries,
but i'm also listening to you say we are not post-gender
and i am paralyzed .

we are going to be in so much trouble, in our own overanalyitcal read something into everything, who are you talking to screen? you're just a screen. i decide!

their work has been erased fro the history of games
it predates the critical history--dropped from the taught
the numbers go down. where is form for them. bought up
                             let's get emo, "murdered, murdered"
it's not how i'd approach it, but i'm all eg'o

we want you to feel it, i heard karma has more to do with my feelings than your actions

fear me, curiosity-based mechanics
i want to crawl inside of you, with
procedural generation, I can heart what the heart wants
but, i wonder how much i'll have to to fit

how to clean your filthy, disgusting lap. top. i am less than, you are stolen,

alive bodies.94:1
breath bodies.95:1
heart beat bodies.113:44
heart beat   bodies.113:44
breathe  bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
breathe bodies.113:44
heart beat  bodies
heart beat bodies
produce thyroid  
heart beat  bodies.113:44
breathe bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
see   bodies.113:44
heart beat  bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
breathe  bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
heart beat 
fire neuron 
breathe bodies.113:44
heart beat bodies.113:44
produce melatonin 
balance bodies
fire synapse 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

to poke and prod, this soft body, how the robot uprising begins

feels like the Summer's Eve
like a good book, I can't afford this deep end
sort of apply machine learning and virtual reality, in a fairy tale
                                                                                       .with you

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

the product is a person too

the person is a product too
there is little said to distinguish the two
and, i am not interested in the politics of corporations
the person by law, but, they are systems
created by products, creating products
stimulating something, even data.
systems are built of and for, but move beyond the by.

*a meme about late capitalism*

and, i write poetry without wait for rebuttal
the rebuttal would be: idk, eat me//too

the problem happens when everyone is thinking of you, as writing about them, and then you cannot pretend to make them happy anymore

 not just output. procedural; something breaks and someone perceives this break.
wait for it, a moment like all others. when the performance breaks down, it is allowed.
 again, the moment of change is power is not something new.
slippage of media, power of reframing.

a gitch is a performance. i drip. i grow. a tree.

object slides from a normal operation into something that is different,
recontextualizes the tool, uncovers a new layer of operation.
there is more there. that change. that moment. that make.

fed by habits: reevaluate media, its materials and conventions. resolved to <find on a page>

captcha is broken, and so am i, human

the operation proves a success, a screenshot of all the folders
parts of me across your screen, attempt a transplant, after first rejection

i don't think you are cold.
                           nor hard.
                           nor metal.
                           but endless for future, but finite for now.

getting stiches is painless biohack, am partiality with synthetics

broadly finite in understanding of space, try chloroform or even cocaine before poppy.
a video of my implant is non-linear which makes it hard to follow, but the language
in-code creates a bubble that pops your heart-place: the so-called Italian method.

we share words, they aren't all wounds. the privilege is too indispensible and true

working as an artist is a double-edged thing: lucky, but I don’t really know where the art ends and my life starts. where theory and practice separate. completely inhabiting the same space, which is not always easy-allowed. exhausting to constantly represent the artist, the theorist.
the human being.

a million tons of water is moved by old technology

theorize and miss, the actual depth of the matter.
we are not a starting point. it was with less than an end. a ghost.
it can be a powerful experience when art alters your expectations. it isn't always *good*

it happens, it feels, we tried so hard to heal. but, forgetting was easier. always.
like some kind of filter peeled away, reaction is just a memory. empty to signify you, too.

what is left can be how the body works. rare and very real.

feedback and solutions form an alchemy of post-reaction, and it's pretty romantic and devastating

To be honest, one specific moment I had to re-evaluate: an email you sent.

how to conduct oneself in the presence of the words. in that one instance, an email. a future-altering thing. the magic of standardization and your words. you didn't go out after. either. you wrote.

they grew. they made. they saw the tools.
my media. my more. my simple, hurt fool.

I learned that they are actually vastly complex mechanisms with inherent economics and politics.

can obfuscation and transparency co-exist? an enduring thing, is not a bot, but wishes to be

the walls of our gardens are deliberate and standardized
because the state of the first space, became automated
against all will

~the origin of the gun~

this new way, code-name: not-boy

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

it added the "stories" feature, a snapchat-like temporary feed of videos and images

"You ruined everything, you stupid bitch."

art follows commerce, commerce follows social. palmistry..?

(future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omni-channel or pop-up shops or geo-fenced flash sales)
the future is palm-sized
social media breeds (cultural) consumerism.
displaying via smartphone.

Monday, June 11, 2018

watching ibiza, writing you, posturing in critical theory, having convo to help write her thesis in a way that will also benefit me, without *tradition is toxic* capital

*currently looking up “circle-grid sociology” because this sequence of words to yield a google result makes sense to me*

because, tbh, articulation is the single most valuable skill i possess.
not only does proper articulation, site/interaction-responsive, manipulate the way one is perceived, 
manipulate the success rate--oh everything--anywhere: in the social. physical. digital.

understanding what words to use when SEARCHing, today, we can achieve anything.

self-helpings pls

"are you trying to freak me out before i go to sleep?" "words can't change reality..?"

topic of Theory to translate? *I am interested in writing something specific to your practice/needs, because I want to do a contractual exchange of labor/rights to each others work, where you can do whatever you want w the theory (own it) and I can own your emoji translation (as the visual element in an art project where I exchange "intellectual/informational labor" for "informational/screen-tapping labor"...where on either end, the information is treated like data, despite already being processed and corrupted)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

zodiac sign advice for the next time you are watching my-so-called-life compilation videos and recall how much you dislike insecure/imposing brian krakow. gross

your sign: hide feelings well. hold self back. posturing and proud. but, also impulsive. will probably give in and drunk text them. especially after months of self-imposed distance (i've said like 8 sentences to you my entire life)

their sign: rarely first contact. insecurities get the best. won't make a move. it's on you. doesn't want to bother you if you don't want anything to do with them(i don't open that wide at the dentist)

"the way you are"
"how am i?"


zombies walk in light, gorilla glass, hold my hand

we are always alone.

alone and watching 90s music videos

long-form performance by all three of them

i don't 'believe' in conflict in discussion

and, the definition of bullying is to silence through intimidation

just so you know, "I'm fabulous."

been described as "fabulous" more than "bitch"
just in case you were ever to wonder. swagggg

all of the information and agency you give up for the perfect photo

i love my phone too, but,
estranged text taken or destroyed
given freely, in as many forms as possible.

translate from original to preferred text.
make mine machine, 8I'll have what she's having8

trailer for movie titled: you are not equipped to handle this person, Aries

you do not wear the right armor

please message me back! i swear I'll be better! less intense, less aware, less willing to be honest about your obvious shortcomings, I'll pretend to be the type of person that can fawn, that can deny any problematic thinking, un-nuanced and lost-in-convention, even that convention of thinking-out-side, self-righteous alienation, come back to me

infatuations are willing to accept
many friend requests, but i know
you know that silence is the best
way to hurt me and like some falls
that means you at least are still seeking to harm. still wanting to inspire emotional pause.
*i really miss my old computer*

play high school, trust self with access again.

but, some *the fool card*
sacrifice respect for attention. again.

desperately seeking someone to drink tea with and make listen to every story, even the one about

finally putting your contact info back in my phone and then angrily deleting it two hours later after you left me on read, and i'm kind of like, how can you spend the time to be so up-to-date with my socials but couldn't be bothered to answer a simple question!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?

do you like me?  Y or N (circle one or both)

as many that apply!
haha, just kidding, of course you don't, of course you don't...
and i am in. to. it

recreating the intro to all that in the kitchen and my mom still thinks i'm cute, so...i must be cool

and, this year we won't, but, every other summer i go on a roadtrip with my sister to see how far we can go west before we destroy one another. last time we got all the way to austin

can i get a finished version via drive?

doubled jeopardy

white feminists are...?

what is drunk in self-love, alex?

*you are correct*

more like the stock market closing bell the day the iphone 6 was released

difficult body, enter this
queered space. proscribe
a privilege already known
but, meet with opposition
fortunate. space invaders

i hear you are doing well without me. i talk about how you messed me up. often. where is my old phone? i think you broke my heart?

but need evidence.

some idea of transmutation

my one name. my other name.
door.     close.      window.

no favors, do we aim too small, merit

the institution is still my sugar dd,
taking the GRE for phD, circa 2018

vaguely stated regret

indivorcible from the other: more opportunities
joy of one requires the sorrow of the other

master move, tell me more tarot. we went for so long, it was all wrong

time won't pass. the arrow is long, i know.
[terrifying jane eyre quote, as if I'm 15]still]

vitamin c crushed, second life adverts on youtube

wait for me after all, succumb to owned discrimination

you're going to be okay anyway

it was mine, it was their partners: my wanting is complex too
not desire. a reflection of self. We felt into the sea, and
they thing was not the thing. the thing was on the side
the whole time. it felt right. it felt wrong. the body won't weep.

you're a preventable tragedy, no, you are

they looked happy to see me. In company.
they didn't talk, yet again. In company.

Answer: the star.
they think of you often.
[prove it]

Saturday, June 9, 2018

obscured by its position.

the conjectures that one might make his body
curled frontally inward
hidden by pose
assumptions about what a “proper body”

explosive and capable, "a sardonic mm," when you agreed, it hurt me deep, and you noticed and had a slighted smirk, guess i was always attracted to those small abuses

assembled without demolishing entire social sectors.

a pleasurable force     a bit about us:
appropriation of what is outside oneself, like a good book.
incorporating into oneself a proscribed fairy tale with you.

what is other than oneself,? as characterized by steel.
ignore my ego-trip that day, an essential process of life.

forgetting is a kind of reverse force, I could put you back whenever I feel it.
my body has no organs, is an emergent theory: a bad bad boy. most delicate and broken.

desiring-thing, production lacks imagination, and that which drives is a social one: an algorithm-dependent configuration

desire is a real, productive force.
machinations of nature as a kind of
circuit breaker in a larger connected.

flow desire from itself. redeem the one,
all I ever knew was Deleuze and Guattari

imagine a universe without me.

I sat so near you and said that one cannot be judged nor determined by their desire, as it was wholly a construct of the social, we are all attracted to more or less to similar tropes, within the communities we exist, unless we seek out difference, endeavor otherness. and, you agreed. as you often did then. and it was good. for me. one of the only times I was self-aware and glad to be blonde and blue and baby, "There are no desiring-machines that exist outside the social machines that they form on a large scale; and no social machines without the desiring machines that inhabit them on a small scale."

i was so sad when i found out efux was an unavailable handle. so incredibly sad

all that’s opaque, unintelligible, unfair. just hash
top-down class war and inequality:
This does not only apply to art investors.

style a life, corporate
technological and antisocial
((their idea of sharing))

pick one, exchange them with me

deanna havas erotic fan fict where she never becomes involved in ld50

i want to be able to look you in the eyes and say i love you

Friday, June 8, 2018

We are the long game

Mostly important because of who this message was sent to

mostly wonder if I have any pain that isn't parasitic

but really, they've just stolen my ability to speak on ID politics through systemic denigration of that v specified social config

Long form novels are for bleeding. Read: link

At this point it's probably fair to assume that that line in my About us costing me jobs
*it's my pain, I can party of I want to
*did I tell you about the time someone likened me to an Italian who famously impersonated a 9/11 victim in order to attend survivor meetings?

we are a political note

love it when people ask for professional and intellectual labor privately and then go through the rigormorale to make me seem socially maligned publicly. *oh, wait, everything isn't about you!*

Doctorate, 2019

My face is falling off, so I guess I should be enriching my mind, or something.

Meant it as much as I mean anything

I know, I know, assumed sarcasm, but,
*pls don't go, I lo ve u so. //will eat you while, sweet b
//do u love me

Again, trying to make the midlife attractive and popular

Post-ironing, considering I don't have a sincere bone in my body. {or}so I've been told...

By your bf, you fucking traitor.

Breathe down your neck. Some call it freedom. Colonize that space.

mini strokes, a day ago. Many.
cannot pronounce words in language, our most.   masters forced power. call us dramatic, but most. as soon as I drag self from vr, location. Webmd. "like, how young-okd can you be and have a stroke? No food. No sleep. No druqks. 30h dehydration?"

A good look at strong-arms

Up close and slow, like the airport.
Place without fixed. Stare neon, down it.
Things you can't do with a wannabe tech-bro. Appreciating the Tools as they appear.

decomposed en route, sit on it

The body. Through space.
So many. Find placed.
And, quickly fall in speed,
travel like apocalypse.

a quality of the end-user is the worry of erasure

*end of times*
edges of the ~world~

historical context in a field without the arrow of time.

♥apocalypse♥ wet4u

Heart. Snake. Home.

(was l)
it was meant to be

Be the body. *nostalgic for gameplay*

obsessed w ppl concerned w history & who are still-in-silence to unmarked the making. incessantly allowing to write and to be written, each one acted upon specific bodies.  *nostalgic for ppl who says they don't care, but do* *even in regards,,,to me*

Just sitting in my body.

A zombie. An emptied. Usurp it. Have a voice. Take it. Make me fun.

*tradition is toxic*

Watching the video you sent me.

with an inability to comeback
somethings have to disappear
*it's so sweet*
to question the productivity of comfort
gladly break my heart for you, discomfort
*we don't need*

what is this next part? something in your dreams

&9Ôèâ˜ïš H—¡P™(
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aK­emÐ��4€�� °³[ï· 3E§³ŠˆÄ8p š/”¤t†¢D˜ ~’ï KÍ  Œÿïîiÿþý `‡Sr‚¢…ÊL I·Vê-å »à 0‰�©'û] á ž„fE˜qF# pB¨±­D  u" G  ZóI#“ éGùlQׇ(WÕQpÝ 

a v vaginal kaleidoscope video made in 2007-youtube for massive attack's teardrop

kaleidoscopic tendencies
i am a defense for unflattering clothes,
and, i'll never where an avril tie again

An unsent message, a bot that controls the release of fluids

But, it's fine. Watching sarah oppenheimer talk about how spatial relations of art institutions direct what and how work is produced--specifically the use of light installation and performance of the body-social in said spaces, and I'm like swoon. So smart, so buttoned up, so in control of every movement, a countenance that knows no curve. *straight up now tell me, do you really want to love me forever*

Thursday, June 7, 2018

i, tonya is so tragic, actually

and, her social configuration never synced up with her professional goals

am i a tonya?!?

discover our hypnotic glow

and turn away.

our human world.
without a screen.

our world in new, i guess

all too often, such investigations fall
helpful circular logic. digital condition

seek to misunderstand our devices—more
labor practices facilitate—designed.          we fill a need.

new post: i had already been bot-broken by then

`*to our devices*`

They make fun of us.
They ruin us.
They destroy.

Pretend we are...some essential human quality.
We’re told it, over and over again.

my moral panic in a high key

Understandably, political developments of recent years has replaced sentimentality
some need for solitude in an over-connected age. but feel the origins, go deeper
diatribes against our digital, more often than not, too quick and most obvious
outward signs of social change—more worrisome: assign a strange form of agency

are connected to this loss: keep the streets empty

commentators who blame
social ills on the rise

These devices are effect of
disintegration, not the cause
make the case, translated

evils ascribed to companies have been around since Ancient Greece.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

late Sunday morning we drove west and then south, where it flows for us

stopping for lunch. camping provisions. a small town.
this being the first week of June, well buttoned up and dreamy.

the exact location, undisclosed
we went hunting for magic, first

identified and named: I am the most potent ever
finally found.

we stayed for one of them.
who has been coming here for years, 

and, I was mildly paranoid about being recognized.

in the yurt, the gift they were willing to give me.

like in an office, looking at some images on their computer, 
pulled off a small pie. felt pressed from mushroom fibers. 

“See what fits.” 

most were too big for me, but I found one 
and thanked them for the gift. 

surprisingly soft and almost weightless, 
I felt silly in my head, so I carefully packed myself away.

I think of you, I want you too. even if it's not what it should be.

 big opportunity as users there are much more willing to trade their personal data for product benefits is claiming more spots on the top 20 internet company list while making big investments in AI

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Imagine my lips, talking. Imagine our hands, holding. Katie with an ie, or a y, it doesn't matter--your blood is my blood.

And, trust me, you'll love me:
Power-pop can be stifling 
clear talent and occasional charm 
wears pretty thin, but 
oppressive is the glorification 
of generic heartbreak. 
°~makes allowances for juvenile self-absorption that romance never does~°