Wednesday, January 25, 2017

it is okay, I just want to make you smile and not hate me


thanks to the intern...our connection is never lost

we w needs, physicals and contact, like once-a-year

where are you rn

talk about yourself, because no one else is talking about you

*life hack*

some replacement
of actual voice, and
pretend we are capable
with coping and selfish
esteem, some deprecation

Do Not Be Seen W We in Publics, won't blow (me) your cover, We Get It, your 'career': playful secrets

she is a fugly      B
she is a nasty      B
do not trust her  
this                      B

we probably poison too

our stomachs
are inside of us

Doubling Up: And children will be asked their opinion, and told what they need. Seeing all wants. But we ain't a child.

First day I met C he complained about the food smells coming from the lunch room into his office, and both being vegan (most important identity), I naturally agreed with him. Immediately, I made a joke, because I'm likeable(!). "Yeah, I'd never want your office." It was a double-joke...the joke was on me *because I could never have his office* I thought this to myself (most obvious identity). I thought about this a lot today. And, I wish I could project myself in some Head space. That it was shown as a possibility, not unlike 3 months. Passing. This territory: remind me of my body, remind me how alien. Cyborg.
*we are still omg, biffs, obvi!
*and, I still want my smiling face on a billboard next to the word AGGRESSIVE.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

stendhal, I gotta say, we only got 2

Out of the 7 stages: some called love: admiration and reservation: we inept

we in bad. we in secure.

we give up on hue.

in all probables, read-like
negative signals, but never-good
on that f-r-o-n-t anyway...s sit on me

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

same embarrassing question yes/no tarot. pulled same card both times. 1 Y, 1 N so, maybe know it was about "love" and then changed to "at least friends", scissors sisters? great, okay

The High Priestess - Your Answer is NO
You suffer from a lack of willpower or resolution and follow conflicting pieces of advice. You display childlike ignorance about the basic forces at work in the situation. You will not succeed quite yet, or at least not in the way that you want. You must take a step backward and re-evaluate the situation. In time, you will come to understand why things have not been going your way.

The High Priestess - Your Answer is YES
The High Priestess signifies alteration in the basic forces at work in a situation. What was true a few weeks ago is not the case today, and you can use the evolving situation to your advantage. Ask yourself what might be possible today that was not necessarily the case in the past. Then you will be able to accomplish what you want without negative consequences.

And at least it isn't the death card like my "career", which we got when we asked if we would be offered to teach at ... which, right now we want more than anything, and so I asked five times til I got a yes. It took a little piece of me away each time and you know we in a bad, insecure space to be consulting in the psychology. poetry.

coming soon

performing object

you are chosen this object to perform
with.however you pleased. annihilate,
even.abject,maybe.we in light, do not
restrict.we ask: send with us, a dasein
design, documentation. whatever that
means.  ++mystical my telephone too.

the strangely moving monetization of self


dialectical sex


self as a negation of or reactionary event

...propaganda concept
against the posthuman 'we'.

...we alive again. make it whole

disparity of self + other

exaggerated by these
modes of representation
emphasis on self, self-care,
self-expression, self-help--
self as a physical entity to
enact upon, site, a platform

electric chair, into it

sit in it, light it
it's lit

bucket's list:
My Life's Work
(no, seriously, my life is work)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

this poetry reading that you Showed

"Dead entertainment"
The fucking corpse elitism

Prick, the painted self is blaring, and "listening to democracy now" and starting an "intentional community" of white ppl with white kids to plate with other white kids in a historically neighborhood.

At least when my white ass grew up in a racially diverse space it wasn't colonialist, invasive, and oddly prideful was because I was poor. *all class act*

We question your "shared values" in your "intention"   *all class act*   admit it

Sunday, January 8, 2017

AJ was a self-described bi-sexual poet who got married at 17 to emanc
ipate herself from her Lexus-driving mother (lucky it was Open). Who,
through neglect at the beach, almost killed the kid she nanny-ed for ov
er the summer in Sweden (I'm guessing brain damaged from the story).
I would drive her home after Creative Writing every week. I would st
op in front of her building. We would sit in the dark and talk for an ho
ur. She would always tell me how she liked to smoke a bowl, write po
etry, and masturbate before bed, then she would always ask me if I wa
nted to get lit before her boyfriend-husband got home--AJ was smart,
wry, understood the importance of character-flaw, and was obsessed w
ith Margaret Atwood.                  *none of you + I know her anymore*

initials, why you h8me

Why you home?
Why you hate me!

*be my fuck ok boi*

easy reader

A proper send off-season sex
Anti?capital meet up: misogyny and capitalism
Barefoot girls love playing games
Barefoot girls with a father fetish
Chomsky: how America's great university system is being destroyed
Mexico--capitalism and anti-spam terror
Coed Blowing buddies
Frederic Jameson: globalization and political strategy
How to create a mashup by combining 3 different apis
On being hated: conceptualism, mongrel coalition, the house that built me
Performative Acts_butler
Smoking domination in the dorm
Thank you_2014plnr
The twelve tables - BDSM

that sculpture of a tunnel wall text piece

 is my safe space

Saturday, January 7, 2017

appropriating the THEORY THEORY DEVICE

this is when human
instrument of comm
silence and pleasure
they are summoned by
language, information
remains to be phrase
to be allowed, institution

is the device to con ppl into thinking you and your production is worth more than cirjerk

Just when you thought all was lost, like harry potter and some mystical shit, you find a book given to you by some world of wizardi--poetry professor, same thing, and in it you read about theory as a device, and you are like, "oh, snap! this is better than when that off reader convinced you that Fredmoten was writing 'the shit' instead of 'the shipped'...both are apt.

feeling imposed upon by the free dictionary

Buy a new, new

Friday, January 6, 2017

big no1, questionnaires club

OMG, we is a hot mess *w intermittent fam love*, but just so
everyone awares: haven't graduated yet. I know, it's long. Such the
commit. No stability in futures, except to debts. +enough with inquiry+
Call me in the morning, xt month, xt year, won't be in Florida w/o
much practical tragic. But what do I know, I'm just a doctor.

Best question: Continue as Kevin Brophy?
*um, yes! always*

And, I will never attend your wedding.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

prob able and symbolic

"lick it up baby, lick it up"

Flashdance: Droppin-serious-Blood4NYE. Hearts, B.

Blood is my currency.

 "This wouldn't be a problem if you had Pandora Plus with Dri Weave."

We glad we such with terror, not discrepancies for pos and neg...just w interest instead

And I think someone is flipping that SWF script on me--it's not scary, it's hilarious.

2011=bad, roomie

color outside the line. it's reductive not additive, lips appear bigger if you remove the rest of your face

"I will talk to you.
 however I want."

"How's that working out for you?"

 can't you tell!?!"

+character needs conflict+

unfulfilled idea, cut off with some basement...cookies! spam!

never make we real again, cocoa crispies! krispies? fake ham? Hawaiian delicates. jeopardy Before and After: brain jam

I want my smiling face on a billboard next to the word AGGRESSIVE

unfinished thought and impotent to catalog billboard ads

I am confused. Keep passing billboards with smiling ppl...I want to be a smiling face, but those most like mine smile besides weight loss and liposuction with teeth white, white...and they get to smile near aggressive representation and success
Easy proj. Words you smile next to

Soulcycle, hospital gown. Basically procrastinating and trying to decide if-to force self into more institutions by paying with application feels and creating compilations of things past when we rather be up in that new, new. If you hate them, they love you more? And the top listicles and the blackest black v the pinkest pink (say my name), some dramaturgy tooth obfuscate. And, never said we knew nor liked much about galleries, this is hilarious. 'hilarious':


Favorite question: Continue as Kevin Brophy?


'world' says we shouldn't: get real into yourself, down deeps

i can feel you when youre not here

ouch! that hurt

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

libra conanian will come and make we human again, i am the musKcle

Fully functioning and intend for everything we make in
g*s* to be seemingly bad and mostly embarrassing.

+follow forms and *trust me, we know what I'm doing*

what if we are, like, reincarnations of each others favorite authors?

I so sap.

And, moths are my spirit animal.
Or, I walk alone a lot at night.

Walk w we.
I'm sprung.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

with corporate coffee in one hand H watched her colleagues

tall, white, thin. Some hard, impenetrable concrete as well…sunny DC afternoon,

her constituents, and her subordinates pass her by. 

mostly young, eager professionals posturing… 
twenty-two-year-old wearing Armani only can…
women left their handbags open, an illusion of vulnerability. Bulletproof glass.

she felt like those buildings. Old. But, forty years strong…indiscretions of her youth.

too young, too eager to please. she was the monolith.   


Solid steps on the ground, after each one. Some ringing. 

A vibration heard but never felt. 
The library was only this emptied on a Friday night. 
It was after midnight, but M knew that if 


He was very high. And it was very dark.

Later I would tell people he was on K. Who knows?