Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If You Can't You Said You Won't

Lay your temple on your knee and pee.

I bury my feet in hair and make a nest there.

Forehead, middle, third eye--she called it lesbian erotica.

Because, my wetness wet her wetness--but, it wasn't.

A little trickery on my part.

Cold B Ending Yesterdays

driving alone   best way   listening
because, "cold bitch"   knowing
I thought I was with a grrrl, but she felt like a boi
writing stories about you in my head
knowing    no time, listening

Happiness Studies

With readiness consumpt.
Under treats like ours.
Mean production,
guilt and situation and influence.

Jumping high for, meaningful, pleasurable.
Plastic beads.
Heads up, and it's fat-free,
and authentic. Happiness studies.

Feel It Gone Yolo Torrents

            along the way you work, less shadowy
weigh now, in light.
transmissions    wet, sudden awe
    terror of emotion, well-known and expected

prolonged fun   avoid hurt
  field of    permissive, exploits
commodity fetishism   

                               in theory

Criminal Mischief

Blank Wall, round-the-clock
Stare experience.
Stay open. Removed
No was harmed.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Disrupt this Space, Father Fuuuers

For all consideration, confusion, borders. Placed.
Liminal. Buzzword.  We talk ArtSpeak, pick n' choose.
Not a strange man, father. Bourriaud.

Bite down. Attempt piece.
Your concept, not me.
And, Daddy, don't walk around in your underwear, it's gross.

Fourteen-Year-Old Katherine Heigl in a T-back Bathing Suit, en Franccccccccc

eye words like and I'm
not one of your French girls
not going to be Lauren Hutton tooth-gap
to Tyra with Love from Top American
makeovers fool talk shows on "mommy"
"take the jacket, it gets cold at night"
still not enough, as if there is any care
"your daughter is Beautiful"


Don't fool yourself. I can be entirely different and I would stand, still

With All Possibe Sincerity,


And, I can never type Dear before John when composing a letter.

Can You Feel the Uh Tonight

Karaoke songs expressing an explicit emotion
Perform the contrary one(s).

To the Slaughter

I can see it: Think
Lamb. Think precocious.
.Shirley advert.

Don't presume that you know me.

How Much Longer Can I Let Them Think This Kumbaya Bullshit

Them, sensitive MFAs.
And, I, can't.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Those Ringer T-Shirts from the Nineties with Text like BRAT, BITCH, or PRINCESS

Still not attractive enough for this world.

Still Not Quite Human

Speak up, so don't let go so long, obsess about how abject, become a desire, mimicking their desire, like always, because, don't possess own, so, not borrow, beg, nor steal, but contract it, contagion, some emo-pantomime, a phantom-feel, know you don't want any of that dick, not even the tip.


It's just a hand,
can't we share this space?
What harm? Can it do?
With that article placed, just so.

People will ask questions,
based solely on my-unpermitted-actions.
You'll find yourself again
that same-uncomfortable-spot.
Under my hand.

CleverTrick. Indirection. ButIfYouLook.See.Acknowledge. YouGetIt.

Did ya get it?

Auto Pie

hide all the affectations    that    are second-nature by now,
because    so as not to    attract    anymore attention
than humanly    possible      .turn off.


Resting there. Hair
    Turduckin, sexy lady mud flaps
    all that. Undesireable. But, at least straight-up.
                             Not a "feminist sympathizer".
                             New term, not unlike "white apologist", which I have been called
                                                                                      by Sexy Lady Mud Flaps.
As if I have a choice. Be aware. Be, be aware.
                                                      A cheer.

Sounds Like the Person Above Me Just Started Working Out with an Ab Roller, Ten Years Too Late


Bet your apartments are too expensive for me
Fuck you, apartments.

Pull Tight

   open      study
chemical reason
                 rarely   works