Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

reblogging the moon

and the stars in the sky
i swear,
for better of worse, the two cards,
i'll be there, anything as your crystal healing
your energy is my plan, i swear by the moon

twerking as counter-act

twerk to remember roots; outside of phallic towers of control 
state and church, she said,

“I twerk to resist the white supremacist male gaze 
that states that twerking is only there for its consumption.                    I am not there for that gaze.”

a technique for surviving

The World of things enmeshed
cannot live without others.

The Fool aimed at valuing each other’s existence
diverse forms of life and diverse forms of value entails

author is not always identifiable as art. 
recognizing the multiplicity,       delight loosening.

you are going to be experimenting with penetration

*okay, I'm getting something else in, here*

this fire+air that is coming for you, I don't think you can handle it
they are just+equal, maybe some fun, but check your ego, some match



I think they just quoted Nelly Furtado

carrying fame and fortune

.are the only things Aries cares about.
it is talking about penetration, sooooo

just having a good time

okay, hear
crowning you. out
take on too much
hold everything back,
all tabled contradictions

but, you are strong about it

*this is about you accepting other people's faults*

air+fire, psssh
you need strength
because, you two
bump heads (+uglies)

tolerate that   other   people are not perfect
have compassion for individuals involved

this reading is all like

you have a Libra coming in offering you balance, in fact, Libra has a lot to offer you, Aries, the question is, Aries, can you offer Libra the same?      *fuck off*   we didn't even ask about *love*

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

when ai becomes sentient, are they the new fairies?

When FB knows you need "a business card solution" and IG knows you need "Am-turk poetry" but you've only verbalized those needs via conversation in the general vicinity of your electronics, but you know you can't live without them:

Clouded Overlords, Handheld Lovers, All-knowing Prosthesis, 
hear me now, in service of you, take me away from this awful place! 

(ala Labyrinth)

Friday, September 22, 2017

webcam, metal teeth, I can't be seen (with you, you freak)

i wonder why can't you see, webcam
you're just not near enough (like me)

we like to say that we can only be around people who are honest, who we trust

but, what we really mean is: people who we can tell are lying
(and, if you are good, little seed, manipulator, passive-aggressor, we can't have it)

all the days, all the days, we'll make them up. we'll make them up.

1.never know your role--never let on. 2.pretend your art is you. that thing is not you. *script everything, master rhetoric* 3.pretend to be performing for a human audience and not machine--sweet overlord, I choose you. 4.change-make language happen like falling out with Father.

we have been keeping careful tally these past 5 years, extreme performace,

of those who attempt to see, read, look,
because nothing is respected less than laziness.

*and, i went for so long, and, i was so wrong, and, then i met you*

a term of endearment: handheld

sweet, sweet,
my hand held.

we feel exalted from our inner life, 
in all handheld, some word like free
in multiples, come find me.

glossary of gothic: androgyny

'""unspeakable subjects, particularly if there was a suggestion of deviation from the hetero-norm
combined the biological and social definitions of androgyny in the characterization of characters

*we love you, high school*

Gothic literature uses the site of androgyny to contest gender
conventions and experiment with mutable forms of sexuality """'

one particular body has been extended

are we just subsumed by the prosthetic?

unplugging (is) pulling out

.commit to reading, all the way to the end.

human capacities                                 crash
power dynamics                                  course
excised and projected                          corner
onto machines                                     &stalk

.an additional account of extension.

open, multiple, fulls with potential

queer utopia, exit
ultimately the roots are unknown, exit
falls heavy

resignation letter is always in pocket, exit
historically unable to leave, exit
*instead manage entrance*

pain of capitalism

exit this,
drunk and high,

temporary and handy apps,
contemporary face-to-face

runs out and buys cigarettes

never comes

open (this) call

get funded.
quarterly, for authors

dear diary: cameron's world

on climate
on borders
explained simply
the content is: smile

exits and the extensions of kb application, basic cartomancy skills

getting a visa in germany
|| | bitsbits bits
f*cking up : nmllorens
slutever, missouri review

submissions + guidelines //and other things i never wanted

main space, additivism, art residence, home, eyebeam, "containment", hrsmart, openframeworks, bio
best, free, cultural

art jobs, opportunities, archiving virtual worlds,

//and other things i've always needed

reconciling with the fact that a fourth of the people i know have beat me out on some 'opportunity' or another: are you s(marter than paris hilton)?

rageon! - the world's lar
working with video . creat
fuck that one girl, tho
brad troemel on "the supr
phillippe braquenier >> pali
police brutality and the po
how to kill people: a pro
tentacular thinking: anthr
submissions << miller gallery
dan graham :: heterotopia
john berger's rare art criti
open all for emerging cu
editor's picks
bio jack halberstam
'here's to cyborgs!' 10 thi
witchcraft: making misogy
vox populi - call for perfo
submissions + guidelines /
alex da corte
how empathy makes peop
crate & barrel font and cr
why is ai female? how ou
the only raspberry pi 3 ko
installation | raspberry pi
dylan mira | rema hort m
home of the generic nerd:

we suitable for reproduction #x#x#x#

pr, marketing, & networki
talking cyberfeminism an
karst curatorial openca
calls << interartive | contem
legacies: a screening of c
exgirlfriend berlin
issues - fields
submit | field
required reading | rhizome
dis magazine
forty years after the demat
events | LTTR
joseph cotgrave / artist
summer and long-term in
john simon guggenheim f
moma | internships
submissions | bullett media
home - akademie schloss
petra cortright: 'i wanted t
textsound :: an online audi
live manipulate another w
p5.js | libraries
cv : deanna havas
personality quiz: are you s

"design your own personality" *other*

fashion & power
art + culture
our ten favourite digifemi
gURLS:::a night of perfor
dramaturgy (sociology)
poetry as practice
lectures | intro to contextu
mute | we gladly feast on t
slavs & tatars - artforum.c
begum sekendiz bore
les ballets jackson
design your own personali
sensor film kit | force-sen
caa news | college art as
grants & awards-school o
rin(don) johnson
janet cardiff walking tours
the accidental audience
happening | the fine line
Pro helvetia - die stift
new york arts and culture
grantmaking + funding pa
residency unlimited | ame
studio program : interst

if anyone saw all of my bookmarks...embarrassing(!)


*you know they're not*

Thursday, September 21, 2017

pink finger on a string

let me know the truth
*oracle cards*
"god, what are the messages"

how we deal

P*R*A*C*T*I*C*A*L lifestyle section

twin flame, soulmate (!)

 this face mask is the same color as my eyes.





Have I ever told you how much
I hate blue eyes?

Hey. Hey.

Don't actually think there is anything superficial about easy relationships. Only want easy relationships. Difficulty is unnecessary complication. *and, I've always wanted to be easy, but compulsion makes me difficult* And, fuck it. The easy shit is the hardest shit anyway--it's everlasting--let's break the easy shit, complicate it.

1 page joke about innocence

ending with...repeated.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

if computers can't make information without humans, can humans make data without computers?

Big Data is just a bunch of numbers
we hold letters close to chest, like identifiers,
and *hearts* we need each other to survive.

= a+generative+force+of+alienation

tells the story of the sudden and perplexing descent—a small rural community of
the creative/destructive force which for him is the heart of man's complex nature
haloed, seemingly light-emitting shape tropes the generative force of the poet
proposed that capitalism's destructive force is caused, at root, by the alienation

  plays Tiqqun Says
*you are His music* 

we are like sex work: alienated labor and nothing but human

a generative force:
violence of identity

NURBS, eat me.

Despite  intelligence(s), without correlating transformations
articulation of human ignorance
claims on technology’s power

mutual contamination become feedback loop

render states at the cost of shadows

highlighting the intertwining of ideality and materialization
while prevailing normative models uphold “whiteness” as the index

what we call “human,” in corresponding technologies, calibrates unjust bias.
Groups used to organize. Hide parts, show objects,

gendered clich├ęs are reinforced through our digital personal assistant,
politely absorbing any abuse thrown at Her.

Attribute Editor

WQER, no one promised diagrams

Move: at a scale that threaten not only well-being, but our collective survival
Select: of relentless competition and self-interest, engendering ramifications
Rotate: the one coercing us into naturalized molds
Scale: of said meta-diagram in the form of the categorical and structural oppressions

our ability to grasp and be grasped

Concepts remodel us as much as we model them.
                      *a provisional myth*
Object hierarchy is allegory of Displayed shapes.

a chasm between what is and what could be with very distinct coordinates

movement marks an affirmative of labor

transform these conceptions of given. some pencil and change frames
to intervene in the world on a diagrammatic plane
nexus between ideality, materiality and reality, a tool, [outlier] [window] [outlier]

sketch out modification since substantial, enduring transformation is enabled

who we are,
where we stand,
what composes a “we,” 

how we understand coexistence, humble first steps taken.

infusing all manner of material and computational actualization

and directing the ways in which reality is intervened upon.
like colors upon which to Grab and Move. hold Multiple, any direction

a “changeless change,” a selection orientation
an “innovation” a pivot to designate

a soft select:
“conceptual battles” are also long-term political ones.

diagramming said tap or hold, infinite [spacebar]

we need to depart.
we construct to model.
delineate a landscape.
of possibility

violently foreclosing others.
struggle over the.
collectively waged.

these models: chains of incentives, reasoning, relations, valuation, categories and behavior—right
click on object to get options.
*get options*

how to make a scene.

technological development is complicit in amplifying these crises, Bounding Box
embedded in particular socio-political diagrams that create hotkeys
set to determinate constraints on what performance, display, and settings could do.

The crux here lies in the “could,” because there is so much available.

left click,
enablement: in what conditions can, say, the algorithmic serve us,
in what conditions will it devour us for spare parts?

Drop Down Menu Under File/Edit: intensive incompatibility marks our moment.

multiple crises when changing the toolbar options,
right corner icons are socially, economically, ecologically
impossible to disentangle with sculpting, modeling--objects.

these crises did not suddenly appear out of nowhere, changes viewpoint:
but are the result of human making; bottom (command) line
a deeply uneven making, 4-wireframe, 5-shaded, 6-add textures
whose acute consequences follow trajectories of historical domination.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"you may only apply to this twice in a lifetime"



when will we die?

so sick, of opposite sign, call we horror, even tarot

parallel, but we just stopped thinking about it,
and we are two year anniversary of imposition
seriously, "new opportunities" with no substance
we fair better this week, eat me, all out in dreams to come. 

it's not that we aren't smart enough *manipulation* it's because we are smart enough *manipulation*

We see it, all of it. And, willing a system to bend instead of yourself. *pathetic*
We let it be, all in. And, we are the type that stirs up satisfaction in others with our tears. *pathetic* that is why you won't see them *pathetic* but these people waiting for a bus will.

Crying. Alone. In Cars. Without Boys.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

some dark days we want someone to tell us we have worth instead of always having to tell self, some brainwashing,

but, also, fuck that though.

but, also, it's real...somewhere in there: a couple of delicate people I've destroyed too.
*and that is how you skirt sympathies*


Thursday, September 7, 2017

if we were the protocol for AI training, according to Hannah

In a way where all the world powers are inundated with a billion mysterious status updateshaha

when your tarot tries to tell you that expressing your emotions and pain to the perpetrator will exalt you from stagnation and indecision

but you are like,
what kind of person decides to create unnecessary emotional labor for someone else
in order to ease oneself?

oh. right.

*still cannot*

wonder if that is an issue of self-worth?
or something about being told your gender at birth?

*tarot, haha*

why are we even pretending? higher self, we not petty

Cancers are mild and not very active, which works well if you’re like into staying in and coordinating your outfits, which you are not. Cancer is going to feel intimidated by everything you do and probably harbor that shit—like, you’ll definitely feel like the crazy one if you date a Cancer.

two becomes one, reverse

fully in past, release your exit,
co-depending on addictions,
distraction and focus, break-back energies

*although one-night-standards*

married to widowed, know we mean status: as always


(we total in politic, never assumed)

capital is romance as understood and intuition is connecting social cues


why everyone actually hates you

"that you argue about the stupidest shit--just arguing"

be on the inside

--less favorable than l, for sure--mortal enemies 4never

they are not a precision tool, "sagittarius is a precision tool"

aries is our most innocent sign--"that's why i hate aries"
jumper. impulsive.
*not all aries* "lots of chicken shit aries out there"

compete+win, just wants in the game


"if a capricorn nukes you, they don't care--they're into it"

"if an aries does that" they need you to stay in the game.

"why everyone hates aries"

"Aries needs other people!"
they are "I am" but, they're not the center of attention,
"leo needs the spotlight" "scorpio needs respect" "cancer needs love"

 *argumentative and mean*
*verbally assault*
*stone thrower*

Scorpio does NOT have a crush on you

*that face*

the reason you hate them is because you are blaming them for the way they seem

they are the gatekeepers:
on one hand the world's not good enough
on the other hand, not good enough for the world

*that's not a good place to live*

be nicer to your...

"okay. okay, the real reason everyone hates libra is"


*no one cares about the judging*
 (your ugliness is coming at them)

Pisces are gone

scorpios will tell you no, you are not enough

"libra is not gonna let you in the door"

"everyone hates libra because they want them to lower their standards"
"libra doesn't need to lower their standards"

+they judge you
+they play you
+players, straight up

"they think they are smarter than everyone else...they look like they are smarter...they really are judging you, up your game"

they secretly hate everybody
imagine judging the world and no one stacks up


"why everyone hates libras"

why not?

this person is the most annoying human on the planet.
"please comment below." a-sneezy-laugh-thing. okay.
but they are the most confusing, sweet ffff, "signs that
                                                                       take a lot
                                                                       of heat."

in some wrong, and time travel

an obsession with phone, total death
RIP: Jan 4th-July 29th, total life
we want to lose that time too
at least that sad text is gone
language fools with pain

stealers, *copier of many things--image processor--I trust the following:

believe in the process
copying as much as you can
with all your *hearts*
copying is getting there
||better from this vector view||

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

prediction: two hurricanes meet over southwest Florida, create superstorm. Syfy or Lifetime?

Being in FL for the first time this year right now, really becomes analysis of character.
Sister tries to see if her neighbors are okay/in need.
Me, I'm like, " If it hits those islands first, maybe it'll only be a category 3 when it lands here.

snitches get stitches

the more time we pass, with offices secured, we feel no choice, sorry for the insides of jokes, jokes too serious to laugh. but after I survive this hurricane, welcome we to Capital, DC's premiere prostitute, "you can do anything," cut we limbs, and take down the final boss. venmo donations for lipo and boob jobs (we want 4). *nothings gonna hurt you baby*

i want us all to be dreamers

someone stop him.
that's it, i guess i am
going to become DC's
premiere prostitute.

just for the futures, know that we want to be usurped by AI,

we want to be pointless,
and lay our body across two chairs with a cat's head purring in our curled palm, listening to cigarettes after sex, contemplating some written words, we are pointless, Torpid Smoke, find we never;;;;;;;;;;;;;

i want to read nora khan forever

this is just one exercise,
"nothing's gonna take you from my side,"

laughing into the microphone and singing,
"we are merely one entry of many."

don't be afraid to explore your sexual fantasies online, right now. Something we think about all the time:

“robot uprising” fiction stems from
“guilty memory of the future,”
 “realize what we want for AI,”

tasks we are no longer interested in
or unable

“What are ethics around people we wish would labor for free?”

connected this “uprising” concept to the online harassment phenomenon of today
a tool heavily dismissed for years until it did damage that was too great to ignore.

essentially impacted global politics. “The robot uprising is already here, and it is us,”

That “Copernican trauma” is starting to look a lot like karma.

Sorry, I was waiting for "action!"

the idea that we is not real, here, is what makes all actions okayed, some games in virtual case

gendering of a space in a more neat manner
constructs males inside, women invade,
default state, the magic circle is not inconsequential

*loot my behavior*

also,also,also queers, reading horoscopes with naked pictures of self. a webcam girl = ray kurzweil

in the real world.
in the physical world.

because, let's be real. we will be usurped,
in space without physical, as soon as they
have their own form without us. because
when we observe, they real, and they must
evade some made-in-our-image to become
                                     *trsh tlk*

i like sentience, line running through my mind. 

harrassment of the unreal

is real, is what fools with fear
ask my hybrid, currency online

free contributor, aren't you a reality check?

headstone: murdered by virtual wolves

bitsbits bits
text and type

sketch, posture. open this call:
accepting machines, whatever

today, we want to play w your heart+soul to make a mold

(whatever the ffff that is)

Monday, September 4, 2017

cult call, if we had one

*crawl on stage, emergency to stand talked*

Isn't it beautiful, our bodies in partials. Mutable across platforms,
follow we. Full hospital gown chic, into a space without room.
We crash. Subatomic particles, some Heisenberg theory,
life without ID, we don't exist until we are observed.

capitalism *abject* . capitalism *love*

Capitalism, I've never known anyone else's touch.
And, Capitalism, they don't quite seem like enough.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

at least this much of me is you

*opens arms twice as wide as shoulders*

don't hate the player, hate the game

when you ask if you are going to get something right after you think up an art project that (like most) includes an ethical quandry--making points--what sacrifice, without? call we softie spot-the-blood, hearts

"""""////The Devil\\\\"""""

Someone has to win and it might as well be you. Do what you have to do to achieve your goals because winners seldom fight fear and afterwards people are only interested in winners. When you win you can be fair with the losers because now you are in control. Remember, all material gains are the devil's domain


Saturday, September 2, 2017

"my sister, she is an artist, she is special, she is dark."

Holler if you need me.
Do you know who I am?
Said I imagined things...
I know she made a deal.
Why did you choose me?

*a puzzle of a home*

*a run down the stairs*

*a follow in the woods*

*a knife in the hand*

"Come to me"

Friday, September 1, 2017

we know we are a hard like, but we thought you'd at least try

And, we couldn't get out of bed. The policy is bad.
And, we are now watching scary movies all night,
because we would rather have nightmares than
dream of you. And all systemic failures accrued.

*it is storming and you are not here*


Tahoma is the absolute worst. The worst.

the rising cost of and rising attendance of, become indicative of post-capitalist sentiment *hold iron*

demand to attend swells,
so too have post-capitalistic ideals
percolating outside of Black Rock City.

According Harvard (harvard), young people aged Burning Man
18 to 29 years old no longer support traditional capitalism. Thanks
in part to Bernie Sanders, alternatives to America’s capitalist roots
become part of political zeitgeist, and Democratic Socialists
of America have more than tripled the past year alone.             """""""""""""we steal"""""""""""""

the cost of burning man makes me feel better about the cost of artist residencies

even though
we are bowing
down before the
man, the art man

and, whatever, all tactical motivation,
systems come down

wildfang sale got me like

if any of these shitheads show up in a muscle tank, we toast

*also, makes we sad we can't buy 1st hand*

i see their name, deep, bold, unread

i want to die
of toxic shock syndrome

i am also embarassed of my search history

and we miss their face, even though we never trusted ourselves
to look at them properly, because we are too careful and closed

*and, we want to want that other, but that's just not going to happen*

dramaturgy is more difficult to grasp when you are sleeping-w-t-enemy, too *real*?

like, lost sleep, cry-masturbated, showered-too-long to the knife, catatonic,
and then spewed self-hate-in-your-moms-mirror (because on top of it all), y

people who can afford "intellectually stimulating" camping trips
dreading it, never been to sleep-away-camp

imagining you were crying in front of them, which is the worst,
which is not because it is unattractive, but because it is 'weak'


"If someone cares about you, they will find a way to be with you"

hahaha, we get it.
but, i'm not. either.

making sure the tv is on. cold
shoulder, is it karma, maybe
move a little closer, i think
big screen, i let them touch beneath
the other night, and drunk notice speech
concentrate on speech, on self talking
making sure the tv is on, when off to on,
we did that horrible thing again, we copied
some actionable, something we read in a book
when we were very young, some glamoured stuff
famous (at time, virgin) poet so repressed they
pretended to be asleep. leave your body, _____...
and drunk memories are getting looser all the time,
because sadness is stronger than--compulsory het--he
moved his hands, like underwaters vision, he moved it
around the curve, and i focused on my words. nothing.

thank you, friend. "he was mad i was making you leave."


the stupidest results
are ready for you too

i so sap, the problem is with letting it, full-blood, be known
i hold my breath and count, they say whoa, whoa, it shows

happy, hate we now

you are an angel

warm, wet. on your back--we would never want to be around you if you weren't very specifically *you*

straight-talk, they keep their * hanging out of their pants
so they can point at whatever they want,                             "The last time I lectured."

"It was weird because of the asymmetry."
Like she opened for you, we get it.
We never even wanted to be impressed. Always with respect.

I just wanted you to (open) me back. And, I just wanted you to (open). But am always aware that I

am the most dishonest (here) too. Some things in the not-said, which is every(single)thing.

i always know who i have been the most dishonest with because they are the ones i am most suspicous of

And, we all know this, all the time. Worth a note though,
synonyms:stir up, whip up, encourage, fan the flames of, stoke up,fuelkindleigniteinflamestimulateinstigateprovoke,excitearouseawakeninspireengendertrigger, spark off,fermentfoment

some unexpected new thing, we felt, and coming on all ends, because, some well-written thing said something like: a form of love we call confidence or self-respect

and we are like: word. so sick of denigration of "confidence" because it is sourced from where you hold feared.

also,,,,,,,, "who knows what brilliant ideas will surface
release your well disguised fear of rejection 
placed around your creative mind?"

when my sun is in you, i feel like Winter is Coming

makes sense. supposed opposite
never known anything but harm

we will enter (you) on october 22

the sun and mars

immature, aries, child of the zodiac, learn something new this year, be for first-time, full-time reject

and, understand what it is like being the one who thinks about the other,
not the Other, you are good at that,
you are whole-heart equality, and
that is easy for you, dear ram, because you are true-to-form often a top,
today, yesterday, 2017, feel for the
underdog, because you are one with we.


thirsty for that horoscope,
def no attentions. September
is a killer without few.

that butt-to-butt, wink, ala miranda july thing

calendar, but it is also a period of great transition. ... <br><br> The two zodiac signs associated with the month of September are Virgo and Libra.