Wednesday, May 28, 2014

this is the poem=

**write poems that rework pop songs, like Justin Beiber**


In what ways? What roles? How do we?
In order? Can the everyday? Piece. Concept--

(More Theater Notes)

Void. Art major.
Theory. Develop. Deviate.
Participate. Personate.

Expanded version, discuss visuals
electronic submission. Read
Aristotle, avant garde. Post.
Artland and Theater Cruelty.

Bolt. Epic. Samuel Beckett.
Mad Theater, crossing boundaries.
Iron curtain. Read. Post.
Open. Puppet.


Peculiar museum person: peculiar curiosities steal, away to see particular items curiously: display.

(Theater Notes)

ahead of time. serious, emotional. distinguished
imitation of action. system of manner. debate
structure. words, speech. spectacle
objects of imitation, universally bastardized
forms, art, philosophy. essentialism 
episodic non-sequitors. comedy, pity, design.