Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A poem for we.
and, we can't stpp.

professional skills (gaming stolen from us via platformational endeavors)

Read you like a cereal box. Level: Easy.
Cut you with my words. Level Up.
Actually lay a finger on you. Impossible.
Burn this whole place down. Likely, Expert.
                                 Read: Institution.

Ideally We Would All Be Able to Recognize the Vanity Sizing on the Wall

Now we know. None of it's true, but all of it's real. But, nevermind the bathroom gender.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

poem for you, cumstaining a revocution

I still don't get your website,
I'm jealous of all that freshh
                                       institutional     meat


I caught a really basic, black bead necklace from the leather dds/mms/bbs today...and it is perfect, because it matches everything. Excited!


Every time I start to     ends
I run, step in a pothole, falls  in

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


.all want."with".no need.

just try and survive this moment 
of skeazzze

loss in temperament

personality like tarot, finding it
  clearly underdeveloped, retrying
    enough. so distilled, so essentialized
Ad hoc .                  Louie.                    Write me in .
               Why do you ask my gender?


monotone, like it's a problem

I don't want to be expressive.


about a year ago they posted the video for REM's Imitation of Life to my wall

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!?!

Still. I mean, I get it, but come-the-fuck-on.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

just for the clarity

I haven, won, and will never
                give no fa...fa...fas.

As if no one can see my eagerness to succeed    even
                                             if I fail to attempt, the expectation is
                                                   ____ing in my    stupid blues e.yes.

I Grabbed Your Hand Before You Left and Thanked You for the Thoughtful Advice

And, I was too cool, then
       And, I hadn't learned how, yet.

But, your kindness compelled 
me, used to disregard
                                 especially from those
                                 in charge of my start.

And, then, you called me "a fine-ass woman."
                And           I had abuse for you    this use of me.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

bb emvarassed vy(ing) for that old feelung, that flaw, that reject-possivilty

just a phantom
              feeling, lung,, again
qt, no reality
               waiting on me, noticing,,
                fighting for that facetime
don't's'thinks about it ?

and they said, "you either can't or won't," but, I've, been

Giving All the Fucks Since 2013.

i want a legit penpal, and i will write using my stylus to touch screen, touch, maybe finger, then

How do we adjust intimacies based on the 'new' proxemics?

scalin'it 1-5

Humility/honesty: 3.69
Sincerity: 5
Fairness: 4.25
Greed/avoidance: 3.75
Modesty: 1.75
Emotionality: 3.44
Fearfulness: 2.75
Anxiety: 4.75
Dependence: 2.75
Sentimentality: 3.5
Extraversion: 3.69
Social self-esteem: 4.5
Social boldness: 3.75
Sociability: 2.25
Liveliness: 4.25
Agreeableness: 2.88
Forgiveness: 3.5
Gentleness: 2.75
Flexibility: 2.2
Patience: 3
Conscientious: 3.56

Wait, wait, wait, sleep-slept.
2 days ago, lost the rest, out of draft.
Longest poem alive, must pay fine.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

--between texts--waiting on some sage advice: my 23yo sister-brother

Tell me what to wear.
And.      Am I worthy here?

Respect it. Be only considerate.
Make everyone else so.  Think of...

I'm always going to be substituting for you.
And, I'm not ready. With answers, I mean, 
what Does that even mean?
                                      Bleach your self-victim good, brat. 

diarist(ic) approach to theory

And, offered me cream. And,
I, rude, duh.

Left (you) with no hope.

And, she offered me cream too...I

Left (me) with no hope. Probably.

Can't help the abandon, ifeels, and I've
never been made to deal. Before.
Loss, like a wisdom tooth. Amputeed. Welcome home.

choking, stale air, seventeen

Also, I've decided to show my mum where the emojis are on her phone, because she already uses text-speak/acronym/slang that I am (far) too mature for...hilarious, amazing, a-dor-able.

only learned to give, not to want

Most ashamed: need.

fb.delete.no.edit.no.privacy. delet e


and want

to be elsewhere,        always.

ruining the mind-fck

Rue the mind, fccck.

"And when you come back in from nowhere, do you ever think of me?"

Feelings Report

Surprise, I have them!

in solidarity

fucking,,,      wounding,,         bodies


She came.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In A

sharing is caring, vacuum
gather these,,,stitched and marked
    a series of Lifetime Original mov es

Friday, June 5, 2015

waiting on meme

Sycophant hot spot.
        Love mm again, Sssss.
What if I don't get back to LA before I die.t.

Post title

Always taking this
   .              out

of The equation

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Putting on eyeshadow?

I can never access.

I want it now

Sitting in front of blank, blocking screens. Indecisive things. Thinking of past-life. Unprotected. Half-life.

In alley ways with water for days.