Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What are you looking at? Your life is perfect. You think I’m pathetic? You’re a fool. Don’t you...



Big Fucking Deal, Life


The More She, the Less He



Pulling on beads. Pearl necklace.
Moving like a whorehouse
after 24 hour, attract.
Red, with coded envy.

Beat sure of. Being under anything.
under, grateful hurries.
Fire shot, caught
lattices do shake
too far underweight.


Your pile of quivering crap. is.


Stay alone tonight.
Just in case. Bored.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

"And, I Mean, I Have This Much Left to Learn, and It Can Fix Anything, and I Need a Hug, It's the One Thing It Can't Fix...

With sister, Whole Foods, months ago, bathroom.
Left her alone. Out. Near imported cheese.
Bugged out Yogi dude. Eyes. Handstands. Eyes.
Pale, and glazed, and much like Flea’s.
He wants a hug. No. He needs a hug. Handshake.
She. Uncomfortable but willing. A sob story away.
Old, so old. And staring. I take one for the team.
Over-used. Texture. Describe the damage. Skin.