Monday, February 29, 2016

i want to destroy your future together

i cannot
reason it
no one accepts
my handiCAPS

just don't let us identify the symbol you wrote in heavy precipitation or we will run far far away, and never hear back until death-bed wishes and you have children, so can't even

We are quick on our feet. But if it makes you feel any better we want to call you, because we are bored, because we are tired, because we are pretty sure that our knees would touch your knees for nearly an hour and you would smile into our eyes and tell us we are smart and you might try to move our hair out of our eyes and then we would slap your hand and make fun of you and we wouldn't do anything else and you would be cool with that. We are nostalgic poolside, and can't sleep, like true middle-schoolers.

if it helps in rejection, unfair: I can't performR

I saw it all happen there, imagined more
than you, even. But, I wouldn't wish this on A N Y 1

And, for all their desperation, someone touch her, please!
And, it's not your job, but I feel all sorts of guilty.

samo shhh

been studying my horoscope, and that
right there says there is something wrong. Inside:
Arians are romantics (that's a lie) -- New people will be coming into your life (call bullshit)

we know: same old, dead inside

so broken-body here

my favorite persons don't know how well we feel

been taking notes on my horoscopes

all knowing sign, something is wrong,

but with writes:
Kelly with Hair in Electrical Tape: a cooler than you experience

kmn, it's like an effing diaristsss...


Phantom Feeling. 2016, and its a different person, and it's not any better

because it is making we sick again, and
                     we can't concentrate on anything,
and we are all conceit and self-importance, but we
                       are pretty sure you were down to play too.

Sorry we did that thing we do where we make fun of anyone with real, visible feelings.
We are all in postures, when it comes to that one thing, "This asshole over here."     "And, you should totally go for it."    "Because I support you girl."     and our relative attractiveness is irrelevant and we always think we have all the game but who knows, maybe it wasn't wrong, even though it was a lie, "You should totally go for it,"   because we would just have kept-safe-waiting    "And, I'm probably more transparent than I think," and that is pretty transparent too.

Pass back, pass forth

"in a passionate kiss from my mouth to yours"
"butt-to-butt" and I thought I'd be a Miranda July by now,
from my south to yours...

                                           I like you.

that fact that when we say,

"we don't have any immediate use for it" it is a romance like thing, is pretty serious.

empty and gross and in all practical tragics

because ego makes we want it more
and we are not threatened by competition
we are threatened by our inability to
acknowledge a need, and see competitor's
want beyond anything concerning we, and
it is a thing replaceable by any other thing,
that is pretty clear to see, we are pragmatic,

and we only want it when it is wanted otherwise
employ some knowledge that we would probably
keep it, tied like strings, because it is reassuring
some-of-the-attentions, often too much too-wrong
but we don't have any immediate use for it--back to sees.

Doors are closing all around us

And we are trying to be more vulnerable.
But we are very, very good at sacrifice.

*Call me, I'm desperate for safety*

I think one of the best reasons to decide to be in a (for serious) relationship is because you realize that you are never too young for Life Alert.

You know what, never mind, fuck it. Why would I want one person when I could have a whole team of specialists to take care of my body after I choke on an apple or slip in the shower or do that thing where you hit-your-hip-bone-on-the-edge-of-a-counter-because-it-is-the-perfect-height...?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

full stop, dead inside, successfully

Recognize own indoctrination. Was favorite book when too young to read it. Full stop. Dead inside.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

back of the free with some essential cheese

in-the-dark, glow
for we. Find something,
                        windshield treatment
                        a fifteen-year-old steps
                                               into a bar.
And boots find you in
the dark--faces.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

how do you title something so pervasive

And I am reading up on gender harassment,
and I don't want to cause 'drama', but isn't that
statement one of the discursive ways the Same keeps the Other in line? Mic .  Drop .

faster, younger, smarter, (emo)stronger...(secretly nicer)

And now in all my retrospectives, full-bodied white cubes, stop to be serious:

I'm not interested in 'emasculating' anyone.
     (Whatever the fuck that even means)

But...let's be honest, I'd throw that
motherfucking 'alpha'* lion off
the cliff, no prob.

*we are not talking about 'alphas', because, vomit...that doesn't actually exist in we-world.

post-human coverall

A pixelated image, because that's rightly nostalgic,
and do we get to have book covers, gel skins, hard cases...and anything, armor.

"sounds like you've had some magical moments with..."

I've had magically moments with everyone.
When you give so little, time is important, and
we are all middle-schooled at hearts, full-on
give when can, and hold back a little, so we can make up the diiference.

I am carefully coordinated cream

I'm not to be fast and good. Something,
something else. I am not Corrective.

While we slow to Update at 0%

Waits for everyone to die:
   The Phone must have a surprise.
   And, needs images, the real thing.

ish to learn without trying, so get off, high horse stufff

Learning is listening, I hate you

trans2zuck like a lot, superfuc

write two columns, I want to say wait for everyone to die, instead here are the things the real world matters, one fish in a barrel of fish, one third of the flock of birds, what is blue for there is no difference between the stones and rocks, rock down down down into the world of objects, with your students, haven't got it, nearly killed me with one of the dream cry with a friend to tell me later, he says, that many many people came into his room at night all missing something, and I and I'm awake,

I hear you know them by their voices and said and did not like what they were saying.

to translater one mother zucker or another

nothing to fear of the room to the instruments
cold there for the library using the wheels and
of stop scratching the band of the surgical cat
but the husband could have been crude could           stand up in the world
playing is all around the medication therapy and medication in the Miami
so I put in the real value on the earth and it shine waiting until
we went back to our place with all of the presidents differents
instruments so this time to the ER
so there were other characters and
in Stephenson and I became aware
of how the air with second of all the
         Ramones aware of how little are there been
         4 weeks and not just because Hospital
         residence you say abortion will just type it
         click and the nurse is bad english a
         little while pregnant and then some what
         ugly your breast in my ear the only error

t2 pettit is a size I will ill-fit buy, for the right price

sometimes things get really beautiful really fast good
morning to you let's get nice right now
I know you know I have a tiny I'm so
perhaps I'm not to be trusted
it is an unpredictable life honey
I say you bet my honey
I like to look at shirt shadow like
the precipitation accumulating on
the ladder list the lock itself to sad machines
my tiny I forget fine for this since my honey I am
i speaking I carefully coordinated cream Voyageur
my tiny I don't like taking when I walk into the deepest dark
and leave you there the edges often and eyes drooped understanding
and this I am trying to understand and yes it's true I keep my tiny I had in my tiny
is out of control my tiny I want to have its own ideas and it's done for a
fire by tiny I would do with anything for a feather it wouldn't like tiny is all

translations of a partial pettit

find  robbers: schedule a service and well given instructions
comes for forming some of the most difficult in the board of
operations of abstract thought.

I failed a person. I love you. I could get rocks.
I pretend to be a very treacherous box/boxes.

Will also eat vegetables when they are available. Are you available?
I am learning to fall and fall over 6 small broken blue, because
I might be in a boat, it made me feel different.

I don't want to be a fool, hate someone I watched.
You let it stand in corners.
I'm not correct.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

never writing of one, two. and always with some sub.text and before give away, non-secrets, that misinformation. call it brand appeal

Picture this: everything in twos, like a near impossibility, unlawful, sure
and age does what  name does, but out of choice, and in the well-known mysteries,
and brows do what age does, but in transforms, open and up front. Some identity-flux



every morning we look ourselves in the mirror and say, "leave your body Kevin, like a true prostitute"

Because we know that at some point in the upcoming day someone will harm us with their assumptions about this husk.
                                                     Emptied signifier.

And we can't dress it up with rights working within this language and we like it all, so the fun with the dress,
but                            for                                loaded signs.

                                                 Always speaking out of Regret.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

there are way more than two types of people in this world...

But, some are screaming, and some of those screaming-some  are screaming "love me" attentives, and some of the other screaming-some are screaming "don't love me" attentives, and some of the other leftover some are...apolitical.

Resist me, or w/e.
But, I woke up for this.
        I woke up like this.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Closing the construct. One personality, now respect. Make the book

I should have been a high-powered-business-woman with a hard on for success, because
I look like a young Harrison Ford.

He said to us, “I’m an alpha male and I want to buy you drinks.”

So, I put my arm on the bar, flagged the bartender, and postured, “Well, I’m an alpha female and I am buying our drinks.” I did not even smile,
because smiling would have been dangerous, then.