Friday, November 28, 2014

And Now It is All But on Top

more so again

Quarter-second Pressure and Slips

under, like silicon, like squares less distinct
          matches perfect   all doodles,   sweat
a second started, devastating and excitable

count your movements, making already  a
                                          coming for   strong
in brief cases focus, superhuman fluids

A Professional. Insertion

Pulsating ear. Stopped.
Medical lubrications, a metallic snare.

Exhaustive, superfluous, counting your
soles. Like smoke. Like shadows.  Never

Fifty minutes, OCD attention.    Cuts.  
         therapy.           Caution, too short
a question.

Pick Up, Take So Want

High, deep, low, doing it wrong

Helicopters sound like me, heartbeat

One, round Two, short Three,
                           sure hurts for

Get Off

Road course, understand. All the choices, couldn't.
 Still took, perpetuate that. Why not?
Is it ever going to be enough? Keep that
whiter. In lines misunderstood.
    Visual rhetoric.  Very exposed. Finding cause
Say it without. Speak. War and war.
Girls and guns and gold and outside your power. Never going to be enough.
     Super tough.  Vernacular of medium. Racism super. Shape up, who are you talking to?
It's not me. Pick up. Take it. Where.
Lower than deep. Do it wrong.

Is a Lesson, Is a Game

Make moves, map
      Spatial.       Identities.
Keep it closer, follow
  under tools like ours, get hot, get close

Sign me up, chances.
Topography and bones, all gone
    Play me,     stayed away
let alone, I feel it in my. Tongues

In Now

area of relief
   circle, button, top of me
is there? difference? between?
nice shirt and looking nice
    tell the cashier at Whole Ffff
she's got a 
area of relief
   can circle, buttoned, on topple me

I believe in Rhizomes now

A tourist, nearly ten inches,
a wall inside, the fifth-person

This year, scratching
the surface, this. You
refrain from carving your initials

I Tick Tock All For You

Catcalling: Portraits of the Employees of the Month
13 is a hell of a year: ceremony

up onto us

Rather not, running time
      arms and things feel necessary
 Left wondering, burning through
       cold into where oneliner ought
   See you waiting, come
        hold it longer with us

black box prostitute revisited

I will follow you
no, no, honey, that's the message
Rebel, and I'm dying
following, deep-sea diving

no, no, under    near and under
deep seed baby

a wave in the wall

we are found, bow, so baby, I can't believe it
nod in the direction, looking down
hair, shimmer, clouds,
call it tease, and away
give yourself to pieces, no pain

Do You Have Some Cash For Me?

I broke     every time.
     Let me see some ID
No rest.
     Is she legal?
It's just going to hurt
     Close enough.           Winks at
I am longing     honey
     Nice nails                   A half-smile
They threw my head.
     That way
Get you back.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hot Wet American Semester

obvious fem...famine

A lovely narcissist
A empty|A blank
    Project On

Rhett ProblematicS

take issue with survivor in almost all
are you victim
so, all are, why distinction
are you victory
Ivictim  Idistinct Ivictory  Icelebrate
when words rebrand an ill

New Mank in Town

not caretaker not role
     that momentary sweetness
just for Me and Talking
cheapened it  
no need public nice tainted
   so I guess  
it doesn’t matter anymore

how I saw through Mank
exploited niceties
penitrated them
with reward in mind

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nesting Inability

Impetuous. Insubordinate.
Wants to live in hotel. A clean one.
Chandelier in lobby. 24 hour gym.
For 5 am. Swim. Pool on roof.
11th floor. No need for a microwave.
Prefers mini fridge. Coffee machine, most important player.
Revolving neighbors. Do Not Disturb.

Monday, November 17, 2014

and leg braces religious freak

and like I always thought maybe I was him reincarnated because I had some memories of being a little boy and in something I would call the seventies with leg braces and on wooden floors in a northeastern brick house and with a horrible individual for a mother and my mother is not a self-righteous religious freak but my grandmother on my father's side is without a doubt unbearable

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Sex Ual Ten Sion

I like a little
asexual tension

over streets like ours

folding corners
ceasing tires
               salt              waters
holding down

Held My Wrist There

points to that dip, an inch in,
points to the person, place, or thing
that held a little too long, a little too      pressure
just a little thing in the beginning, with
some time can break into blues


I'm writing like this
so I'm remembering
                       and it's fucking annoying.
     Like brushing your teeth is
     because it is habitual, but
     then when you forget to it's fucking disgusting.

You are fucking disgusting.
Why am I even thinking about?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Loyalty Report

on the contrary
*another voice*
on the contrary
*you are certain*
on the contrary
*I've been told*
far-out      on the contrary

nside/felt ou

inside felt out
or lie flat on
machine at 4
in the morning

Saturday, November 1, 2014

get switch click ween

Patent every idea, all of them
wait twenty years
do nothing at all until
make back the exact amount of money
you invested

say uncle

behind the sofa, uncle
beneath the cover, auntie
put it there for you
hid it in me

or maybe consumed accidentally

You either can't or won't

Trick, let believe
hold attention
influence and intimidate
all flattery blurs
and lies, gets what wants