Tuesday, June 14, 2016

and we repeat in extreme similarity, because I will feel this for a while. it will hold attentions, for pieced blood equality

in all honorable contribution, please with notes on inability. on oppression. on stripping for rights. we replace for need, but, so rhetoric: our blood does not substitute your blood, my loves. *and I want no power over you*

when we say the thing, we say the else too

Unfortunate Middleschooler, stilled, many thanks, full cultures.  Thinking about a couple of weeks ago when someone gave me a t-shirt, but when I said I wanted an xl they refused. I wanted to wear it like a fucking dress. And, when I was 7th, in mediocrity, clarinet chair in 7th grade and asked for a large band shirt (for baggy genderless structures) my teacher thought he knew what was best for me.

When you are given something for free, you cannot choose the size.

And, when your specifications are not respected, the Thing is useless. Sometimes dangerous.

<also stop treating me like a middleschooler>

Monday, June 13, 2016

sorry. i can't sleep on you tonight

I'm in my shell of a man

a big cap, a whole lie, hold me inside of you, as long as possible

We wanted to say "our community" and not "their",
because we are so in like, #twins even, but we are
allowed (listen, explicit, rhetoric), we are Allowed    to give.

                                                                                My blood.
                                                                               And hold it.
                                                                             Warm a body.

And give, give. Allowed with heroicism possible, and I have no
want to make for you a need. A need for we. They. A, but They.

And a big, cap. Cap on They will disempower you, but, for little help, little but voice and tearing in protest, dissent. We feel with you. We are you, but, also, no, Not. so close in all ways, my deep deep stuff too, but they say we different, they say we can, so I won't play that mouth, because Illusion of Equality is a strong tool, but we want no power over you.

this small rupture will create a tool: this public wound will not haunt with you

We innocence with chippings. A day in, day out. Took longer
than we'd think. More comings too, faster from socialization.
And wet with more in sensitivity. More than admit, all intents.     Purposing avoidance, even.

Diet care, and all the fucks, we wonder if anyone else feels in ways.
                                                                       Of course we do. We is you.

Friday, June 10, 2016

we open, wide openly admit to being a performance artist

But, often look in working of others
                                    with that same-
ness                             as all-behaviors
"what the fuck were they thinking about when they made it?"
+  they were thinking of making art--
                                                         only of making art--and
that is a problem////       
                            <>don't believe in     genius-myth, if
no senses...mental illness, even

+ it is about manipulation and grabbing asses, smoke      -whether 'they', big 'they',
                           admit it to themselves, or you for that

I want to believe.             Too.             But it just isn't. It just isn't.

is not-still-being-somewhere progress?

?then, why does it seem like it?

*imagine* that poster I made of JBcastrationPLOTalaWienerDog

That took an ugly turn.
And we need a new face for our brand.
+Paper bag.
+Good genes.


we fake equality all the time <too> it is casual-like and blinding

minding a flaccid social

looking for a head?
with all hopeful, they
are a cannibal, they
are more at comforts
still and high, mediate
for others, because they
have with normative bodies
too much power to exist with
no-shame in the illusion of...
now: don't-recognise-my-elite-positioning, I-am-you.juskids

fourth walls and break: never believer anyone, I mean, anyone who says this--includes we--we fake equality all the time, it is casual-like and blinding, we-are-you: have powers over some, and like all with any, will not lose it willingly, we need everything we have.

                   +pretty in the pink+

with all healthy criticality

**I am still happy for your veganisms**

*It is late, I was feelings for poetics, certain doom and apologies*

A new head of school. A decent watch--too pink--too slick. A thing I was/am excited about, but, like everything--no perfection...betterment, I think. A Charlie-white-man who cannibalized an identity (maybe after reading Tiqqun), made a young woman (a commodity-girl-pure-consumption-thing) minor-local-famous through the appropriation of her not-men-body (through explicit use and exploit a point is made, but ala-Santiago Sierra, who's on top?), lived in Cali so super PC and wifing a poet (above all affliction, and smart too--above all blame, careful association)...who clever trick: predated/predicted fourth wave feminist aesthetics--bewares, for sure, nodad created by dads is a commonality in problematics.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

while we are in the ryan reynolds thoughts, on only good suphero move of recess

Deadpool just capitalizing on that commoning fear: we are too gruesome to love.
Cesspool: love is an embarrassing word, fear is an embarrassment.

A list of things I am too oldens to be:

iceskater, gymnast, any Olympian probably (10-years-in-servitude-and-brain-damage-to-peak...well...maybe, like, a Geena Davis archery stunt), model (high fash), child actor ala Disney or Nick (I play no one's mom/dad/sad-older-sister-bro-who-takes-care-of-10-years-younger-sibling-while-selflessly-sacrificing-single-life-and-career-dreams), boy band, jailbait, Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby (do not watch that movie, you will feel gross inside, like you have aided in child abuse)...other stuff...


And, this may be the thing that launches our acting career--modeling age, longings and gone. Mall, no Barbazon--but acting! Pay for my plastics and surgeries--impending crowdfund, everyone gets the obligatory bikini-shot. Disregarder: it must be the Scarlet Fever or the Plague (webmd can't be wrong twice).

none of it matters with quoting

Calling all alert: do we know anyone with mono? We might have mono. Like, from drinking after someone, or something, because we don't kiss on the mouth--you have seen Pretty Woman, right?! And, we are secretly (but we'll tell you, select few) that we are really excited to possible with sick, because, "So, I lose 20lbs. Then I really will be like Karen Carpenter, 'on top of the world looking down on creation.'" 


Sister-beast, shadow Michael Jackson open flowy shirt thing, "You are not alone, I am here with you," the first 10 text messages are always a single or group configuration of the same 7 ppl (we do not closership many frands), and this is not embarrassing.


Today in embarrassment, I finally watched Deadpool and said, "Oh I really like this (Angel of the Morning) song."--subtext being that it's so weird and quirky and maybe-ironic that I like an old timey song. And then my brother reminded me that I had never heard that (Juice Newton) 70s/80s version, but that I was thinking about this (lil gem) :

we willingly given with upperhands, justly for you. messaged last, even sonething with the likes of

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't existed since the mid-nineties,
and, Michael Pitt has been the better ever since, right down to
*age appropriate wifing*

Friday, June 3, 2016

Finish me.

Finish for me.

Last-year-of-grad-school-millennial, do you accept your challenge?


You have $10,000 without interesting for 10 months.
You have 3 months to spend $3,000 to achieve

Do you accept your challenge?


I turned on my computer, didn't I?

Pleased with the hold, we are update-to-new-identity

it is easy, and
it doesn't take me 3 weeks


Userr Replacer
Your Account
Backing 2012

focused on social<service>networking





Wednesday, June 1, 2016




certain restraints, with exies on warm-bottomed, bake

Next time it becomes painfully obvious
.that it is being observed.
it will mimic the conduct of an HSN/QVC
beauty/self tanner segment:
shifting in seat,
arms folded in comparison,
furtive side glancing,
incessant head tilts,
and uncomfortable micro-smile directly followed by not-eyes-only-mouth-smile.

"I'm so real"

Vocal. Affect.

Whoa, Existence

Waxing nostalgic with Big Sister,
with the likes of 2000'$/early
rec/her many band fanpages.

Someones please geocities-anglefire my life! I'm way cooler than...Coal Chamber.

in study like 'maeby--interested', no truths, some honesty

I almost never lock my car because I am afraid something will be stolen, but actually, really because I am afraid that someone will be hiding in my backseat when I get in my car late at night (sometimes I leave it unlocked to see what happens), because I am exactly the type of person to die urban-legend-style, because no one would believe me...I'd be walking around like, "He/She didn't have to kill me, I mean come on, this is bs, and, here are the four reasons why...and, by the way, I was totally just listening to Beiber ironically, singing along as a joke, der," and then I'd post(modem) quote Salad Fingers and croak--but, inclusion aside: obviously it would be a He that kills me, He is always threatening me--He is not any of you, He is probably not even my teenage-body-stalker.

+psst, all of you sweet souls know I'm dead already+

it is all one long character study done through the data of 'likes' directly affect

So, know when we say _____, there is a reason.
And if we say, we vomit, we tally. If we say, we good. You know.

re: if you are in my feed, we appreciate something, but honestly, watch (the we) youR +1...it is telling. as is this response

We know it is...
      but sometimes
      photos of people we don't like
      show up in our feed and our gag

hahaha, *5:34am*

I think most of my relationships revolve
around a certain degree of Stockholm
syndrome. So, you can pretty much
all suck it. **words of wisdom**

laters: gross, still 5-am-after-party-fb-feeler-alerts. house.

Yo. I'm not super sober, but I high key #hateu and fuck #friendship because you make me feel gross and unhappy. And, I have all the feels--will probably regret this, delete this (in the morning) but you can spill all the diets, but it is subtle. But I'm sort of out. Cause why, even? Barf. Vomit. Put that in your poetry and smoke it--ineffectual. (I am sticking my tongue out at you right now.) Suck. It. *also middle finger, like a true 12-year-old.

a later comment reads like all the hearts. typified emojjjjj.

W/e, I'm not likeable, but if you think I don't MOe myself vulnerable, I'm out there every day. Flayed.

some sick, sad pathos, fb-repeater

If you don't know I'm kidding when I start a sentence with "famous people" you can suck my Dragon ballzzzz, and I have feelings and you suck, and this is not a drunk-passive-aggressive-post...well, half right.

at-home w/ claustrophobia

Changed my mind about residencies...could use a cabin in the woods--after 2 weeks, welcome cannibals, winsome loathsome, oh well--but, it'd be really amazing if we didn't have to defend the body and the time from constant threat of outsider-ownerships.

fuck legitimizing the Franco with my ment-teet

AphexTwin4-y-3-outtie-b-advisor? Arm Hi

other scene from today: more momming

Face-phone again, comic about student debt, face-palm.
"I'm gonna be destitute when I graduate!"
The Mom just laughs at we.
"No, you're not, you're just going to have to get a job, K."

Bae-barf, my privilege.

scene from today: some sort of mom edition

I am on my phone, I have been complaining about all the work I need to get done and how lazy I have been this pre-summer: Florida is on big gas leak--pass out in the driver's seat.

Me: (face meet phone, closer)
Mom: (sarcasm4lyfe) Getting a lot of work done?
Me: Yeah, I'm reading an article. Research.(stone cold bluffer fluff)
Mom: Oh.

Zoom to screen and see R29 article about The Hills.
Now, this must be research, so we aren't the liar's dent.