Thursday, September 29, 2016

need someone to like we, just one, good we got one. limitsssss

Dressed like a kindergarten art teacher today. We (hashtag) sweet person.

no one likes my humor

Low Key Sweatshop Industries
(coming to your local
charter schools)shhh

want horror, get poetics. drop in, on, tap that

I am holding my breath, sucking on guts, waiting behind this tree.

Someday, scare we.

stalk options, we like incentives

What's that thing from Clueless "[my] stock is plummeting."


*text me, I'm desperate*

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

over&under rated

do we hurt you? for, with,
can we own pain, some other
questions, make uncomfortable
without identifiers, walking on thin
ice. guess that makes me pretty
christ-like, doesn't it? always feel
bad about it. still with does ands
call me tomorrow, we play doctor.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

not even remotely "crushin it, killin it, take a..."

-I have confessed
-I am now exalted

-Have a good weekend

lampooning ppl who align themselves with those in power

 *I was sort of hoping it would get back to you and be this really strange/awkward/funny act of benign-aggression, but I think it has failed. So. Failures are still interesting, I guess. You are in the know.*

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

how do i know if we are related?



you make me stick

there have been exactly 4 people in 4 years who could have

fucked with this, and exactly half have done just that

we make too meek

Sometimes we leave our body

Places for other people

But they are not the ones who pick them up

Something in the dark will find me for you,
and I don't want to read about us anymore.

we are pleasing

just for fucks with yous
fucks with yous with he

write one more time with my gut from my almost history, see what happens...endangerous we

I feel most abused by her
because they should feel me better
And if I endanger this body
Who hurts more? Grow wetter.

Ownership. Mommy.
                         Not the one.

I see you all the time, gaylording over me
with some satisfaction knowing
no lamb anymore, from you.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

when, did so, distrust? who is we? and why is polyannaing embarrassing? I WANT TO BELIEVE

some paranoid-space, and hoping for insomnia-driven-delusions, 
but, up-for-stakes, can't help but think: 

ahh, I see it, I figured it out. 
It was good though, you almost got me. 

There are many ways to control a situation.
Distract, busy-work, enemy closeness...who said I was a problem?

But seriously though, who said it? 

Friday, September 2, 2016

in tedious exorciser. bike it

1 9 5 1 west end exit 
barber school?
runaway truck, runaway truck
(never coming)
texas liberty
exiter height left

there is something easier than this. it is also better

from yesterdays, privated and fb: you can't get mad at us. it was your dry spell

Thirsty, thirsty MFA. One drop. Starry-eyed graduate student. I like Head. New Head only.

"how are you doing beautiful"

and we just took it, "fine.thanks,"
hell-shocker, handed over all monies

<and that is classism and racism>

took. iced-coffee-exchange and left

a mans laughter

"it's all orchestrated, man"

define irony: couldn't afford it alone.

He before She, backwards wife and self One thing agreed, never 
husbands Paper work me overs And overs (and overs again)

7 min utes ago

boy thinks he is dating two grrrs because they are hanging out after class? remarkable tactics like pulling reads. "i don't believe this science stuff. i don't buy it" *florida? no* "god went through everything ive gone through" *glance to see if there are eye-rolls* there are no eyerolls. +ladytron plays in-ear+ one ear in <hey, playgirl> they all laugh *big love?* he has a slight stutter. he is button-up, they are shorts and floral tank. shorts and solid tee. *didn't know they still made duck-bills* "my father had children at 50, that is the perfect age for a man to have children...think about it, he is 50 he can buy his car, pay his bills, thse things are mom is 35." *how is someone under 45 wearing a gold watch and that collared? Verizon Wireless salesman?* he is collared black button-up, some red applique. +peaches plays+ "my father worked his way. he was living in a one bedroom apartment with 6 other men. i want to be my father. i don't want to be famous." he holds his hand in a fist. gold-watch-hand. fist under the chin, when fist makes a point the pinky pulls away from the packed. pinky directs at the one without eye contact. engage both. "im not good at anything. i wont be a singer or dancer or actor or" *wait for it* "but if i did, id be a singer, i am a pretty good singer. acting, the drama department is great here. that would be--" solid tee reaches towards air, all fronts +pixies+ "--but what if you were good. you are good at something. you know? we all--" <big, big love> boy touches hands-towards with airs *sweet* drops something, all laughs|FULL ATTENTION TLC|

some disregarder from days on end, shana moulton note

maintains labels on all the brands
positions current pro.dom
culture within (cur) historical 


artifact-maker conveyer
belt, restructures,


Thursday, September 1, 2016