Saturday, May 30, 2015


taking note of what room staying in
feel presence before seen, Hotel Alone

cannot lock door enough
falling on booby traps, unexposed

following with no follow through

and she said, "I looked different back then,"
and begot
very, very angry.

no flattery, it never-was, don't pretend. and
assumption of vulnerability is worse. is pits.
is, "I will punch you in the fucking face if you look at me like that again."

Making Millions. Backs of Well-knowns.

Marketing trip to Venice to rich people as a weight loss adventure: be vegan in a land of cheese, pastry, and pig. Be too frugal to pay for both public transport and drinks--walk 6-10 hours a day, have all the 2euro wine and mixed drinks you want! Lose 10lbs in 8 days*.

*try not to eat the world when you get back.

Good luck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Construct, like, superlative whatever and forever

Asexual coolnessss,
counting tthem dollaa,dollas

your anxiety is showing. let it go, let it go, let it show

Oh, gud, someone's kid in my building has been making Chuckie/Child's Play grunts for an hour. #murdermenow.

What if he is slowly being strangled by a blinds cord, because, his parents are asleep. Unknowing. #neglect

And I'm here complaining about the noise, because it brings back childhood scare taxings.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

What This Cave Told Me, uncontextualize

Highbrow Uppercunts, a Professional Asshole,
One of the Most Powerful Beings I've Ever Met,
Queer Bitch, Evasive,     Imp,
Birthed from a Five Vagina Volcano,
Affect Alien, Adorable, Weirdo,
Mischievous, Hater-brat,    Like a 12-year-old,
Used to be a Sweet Girl, but is Now a Bitch,
Human Lexicon,    Tree-humper Supreme, Actually Scares People, Won't Shut Up,
Most Beautiful Thing in the Universe, Alien.