Thursday, May 31, 2018

you're the only one who can stand me. in a larger mood of instability and paranoia.

we have a magick of speech that you cannot deny
we just have to be in-company, your couple dissolves
we stand and say, some illusion of authentic, again

and, it happens when we mean it, like lies don't hold. feel
it in your stomach, we know who we are. and i could keep
you in unwritten memoirs, but you've already been told.

less awake: the quality of an object

taste is a human capacity, almost subconscious: i saw the devil.
enjoys beauty, without being able to explain it, founded on surprise.
algorithms are meant to provide this, did you realize? that i smell your secrets.

~we know to expect it.they don't love you like i love you.

defined taste as a moral capacity, an ability, can you recognize truth and beauty? 
in your sheets. it's all theoretical knowledge: quick and exquisite application
hold up, unknowingness is important. don’t calculate or measure taste to us; 

~we simply feel it. displaced judgement. they don't love you like i love you 

big lonely, the camera is small, but still There

on a pedestal inside its mouth
a microphone, a speaker, an eye. After

set it up on a shelf, tell me to look straight in
light my lanks with desire, blink and flash. A

head-to-toe view. I’m only used to seeing me,
standing awkwardly, wearing an average tight. The

background is blurred like evidence of flattery,
big lonely, the camera is small, but still there.

i swear you taste heaven. perfect

my partner organization
with everyday applications

it's exactly what i feared:
seven years rooted in aesthetic interests
experimentally stressed, artificial, and interneurally dependent

i've wanted you since i was 20 years old.
everything is okay. and, someday, i'll move out
my hair is back to brown, as fake as i'll ever be.

newly capable and hacked, the human brain

my life-long thing will break your silver lining
like a good book, you can't afford this fairytale

quiet performance of the neurally linked. i could not
erase it. real shift, grow up fantastic. ride along w/me

~i'll take you with

i want to be someone else or i'll explode. it's all theoretical, of course

floating on the surface, to travel to the inside of one of--i want it bad.
you want me? charged and waiting, in the model might not even exist.
the reason i want you would attract oppositely charged matter
and eventually become neutral. so break the door down, i'm ready.
is still useful in the way you are. rotating black holes, is probably the norm.
travel and measure it. i'm ready. one can really only study what's interesting.

i lose information as i condense, a container is a container is a container

erase a memory you don't need: home
all it said to me is, "I'm the one you love."
solidly states: to open up is to obliterate

some exact solutions that are perfectly smooth with no kinks,
no tidal forces moving to infinity, where everything is perfect,
is well behaved.               singularity and live forever together.

trigger words: belong, hope, plans, remember

who, among other things, describes you as a property of spacetime,
without the four-dimensional scaffolding, more to the point,
mass, energy, and motion. feel me? i feel you.

"you know what, jeremy, i have a feeling you'll never feel me." -me, circa 2013.
                                                                                                            who is that?

the only thing that doesn't exist is the past

ask me about your fast car.
 (unpack here)
and, we can finally see what it means to be living.
 (some background)
this body is old and working.

i had a feeling i could be someone.
(ever heard of this guy named einstein?)

tie yourself to me, an observer's entrance is never the same. i blame you, my darling.

oh. no one else can be necessary. be obliterated—or at least not in the way you can. don't leave me. imagine me, hurting. keep you awake. every day would destroy their past and open me. an infinite number of futures. wait til you say, don't you wish you never met them? They’d never emerge, but that doesn’t really matter—they’d have no one from their past to return to anyway. lick my legs.

that place we always went, is dull now, and it makes me wish we weren't so bright

we come home as a detailed report
published in the last week alone, to observe
the first time that we kissed, entertaining certain sins,
two theoretical black holes couldn’t exist. or, we'd be twins

and. i wouldn't be alone.

disclose a location that feels like home, for once.

imagine our species has perfected eyeliner.
interstellar space travel and we are the universe.

trip into a black hole. something from nothing and cannot escape with light.
*enter me, like you entered my mother*

little lungs. big heart.

we learn as we listen.
i record everything too.
fear me. but
don't erase.

ahistorical horror, a storyteller from the now

in space, poetic text in the atmosphere
across two screens and synced to interact

original will transgress, original wills artificial, remixes that
viewer as receptor, empower them. parkour.
repetition and loop in narrative, into uncanny dissonance

dialogue-less and unending behavioral patterns.

pervasive international worry

-erasure and revision-
-physical and social-
-body and text. a history-

exaggerating elements through the incessant mediation of self+other without direct communication.

darkly, two tourists

view one another through a technological lens
estranged, unaffected expressions.    this footage
was shot in 20 locations from Barcelona to Madrid

in amanner creating repetition. changing landscapes.
phone is a prosthesis. the eye and the screen;
the picturesque landscapes,
unusual interiors

processed and translated data—real time

information performance and corrupt feedback. a loop.

it was the most compelling work we read. thank you.

but it does not meet our editorial needs

*you are too much*
*a lot*

i am a fiction of the future

Travelogue Apocalypse III is an audiovisual installation piece that utilizes video shot on smartphones during a cross-country road-trip through Spain earlier this month (May).

we fly under so many radars, you know

which makes us very dangerous
experiential, dangerous

fit on, sip on, slip in

what a weird space, to see you
better, we appear and disappear

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hollaback Girl is just self-hate?

They don't like red.
They don't like 🍒.
They don't like we.


A *neverwas*
The only *neverwas*

~the opposite of narcissism?

In my early-mid-life

A crisis, have learned
To exhalt large chunks of myself
(to cut something off)
To free up speech
To combat another's unease
(it is a body-cost)
*How much?

Sunday, May 27, 2018

big powerful secret, story to share

creates visible differences across surface; relatively small 

images pop, depending on the conditions.
icy, hot, a star, on an orbit that makes blazing possible
day side and deathly cold on the night side.
They are a lot, extra, too much--what's worse, They don't know it.

water is boiled
water is frozen

winds transport the water vapor
locked up in a giant layer of ice
Dry day side, ice-covered on the night side.

astrospeak, sure enough, sirens

standing on the surface of a planet like this, run and forget
a block down the street, the Sun would remain fixed in one spot. 

geek-party hemisphere, facing the star is in constant daylight 
slow food and poets, far in constant darkness. 

In between lies a ring of eternal hyperbolic sunset, quite possibly 
the most romantic place in the Universe, a Sagittarius egg. 

The hottest part of the planet  where the star is directly overhead
the light split around their face (a “substellar point”). 

The hottest part of Earth is spread out across the tropics, but the Sun stays in the same place. 
                                                       *thank you cocktail*

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

some bodies, all physics

no matter their distance
you measure, it spins. then

its companion would instantly collapse

the other side of the universe. communicated with the other
to pop into existence once two into one.

In reality, we give so many fucks, we can't let any one hold much value. We do all the things.

very, very small particles
there is no definitive state

exist as a swarm of probabilities,
existing in several states at once

all of its various potential states 
weirder, it's possible, entangled,

meaning they will retain a sort of
causal relationship with each other.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Oh, chomsky

miss me, miss me,
now you've gotta kiss me.

&i've been creeping on you so hard&

Thursday, May 17, 2018

reading a paper book is good for you

i steal the identity of every person i meet.
~fear me ~

i'm a digital artist now, LOL

all the audio from videos and recordings on my current phone october 2017~may 2018

buy me , backlit and bright
recreate all-functioning relationships
say it enough and it is a thing
repeat. repeat.
*it's that human touch*

A phone is A connection you cannot /break

zombies walks in light
~gorilla glass, hold my hand
i'm always alone

this is a commercial for perfume.

delete *fucking* everything
and translate it into something else.

i hide a little piece of myself inside each of you, and
you wouldn't even notice it. it is so small, the piece.

the whole point is the *copy*
my background is white without regards for Amazon litigation,
some ownership over the: product-as-a-product, means i love you.

sometimes i feel like i'm just taking emotional hostages right and left

and i know
that i scare
you, but
that is
because i am *too real*

i want to transfer all of the data of my heart for you to be

is spawning...

i think i am obsessed with myself,
and, that is the human touch.

jellybelly, reading becomes deliberate

engagement machine some resistance turned way up

    as high as possible
*the message is shorter*

about a smartphone, about a new love, because it resists your affections

promised detoxification and escape,
a performative approach to * anxiety
a conspicuously consumed
a juice cleanse, a fast,
an “off the grid.”

It was (first iteration) able to make calls.

Monday, May 14, 2018

a focus is upcoming, but rom-coms are just pain

Telescopes make observations
support the notion that venting
will leak us into space, full emo, and
attempted observations have turned up dry.

*we are dried at the thought of you*

So instead we return to 1997 where we made a closet
approach 400 kilometers above its surface. Of course

5 minutes, inside. spike the space and craft a sensor
to reflect on the alterations: that veil of cause

impossible to say whether this is a single or many,
like the complex system of fractures and how
They become its owned evidence too weak

to tie the authors without fitting well
We model evidence.

that time they flirted with me and vaguely stated the next day, "I regret so much about last night."

Galileo may be dead, but stories still tell.
magnetic probes and down to be ice-bound
we hurry to burn up in the atmosphere,

but home is vast, is a saltwater ocean
venting water into space. to speak to Them
is to endeavor a robotic exploration

become trapped beneath a thick moon
believe that if you focus, there is
potential, something habitable for life

Call Them Europa.
*or what was it, "they're just not into you."*

Sunday, May 6, 2018

potentially life-saving. potentially a good life

high demand: you can think of it as legal
charge a single-digit. has standards.
let’s call it a trickle. 

game now, a page hooked on the personal:
the following hardware cannot adapt.

i am produced on a single chip.
*there is no we in me*

to order a kit, log on:all is "tech company" understand, that company is newer than tech:I am technology.

might want to edit
portal and pick genes
predictive software guides—order is completed, 
software directs fluids of reactions 

a parallel way is the novel

perform just one.