Thursday, March 31, 2016

throw away joke

Life Hack 24: learn where your apartment's trash/recycle is; stop throwing your Amy's frozen dinner trays away in public trash cans for the first time in 3 months.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

About the last title...

I say basic with the best intention--basic is beautiful (coming)
I say bitch with the most admiration--beasts (I'm coming)

Sick, like a basic bitch

coming on a month,
body hurts for you

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

we are fucking alive

and you should come for me more often but I am just playing your crush as-seen-on
                                            lizzy mcguire                             handspring

be less obvious, be less obvious, be less obvious

I was looking and it was obvious

call me by that other name

Nothing like my actual one.
Pull.      My.         Hair.

bloodpalm, some weird Youtube commentary

"would you be my fucking boyfriend,"

no, seriously though. "fucking boyfriend,"
I don't do vulnerable. I wrote about you, though.

id like to tell you how fake id is, but thinks you know already

We have 16 different laughs.

"your self confidence is admirable"

I think they were calling me delusional.



Much for confidence.

All is text and making we never discreet.

Wrote you into my chapbook. (at cafe, "He gets all the bitches.") Only criteria for series, an fb and never to meet more than threes--I'm sure I've forgotten hangs, falls, offing blanked space. You know we better than we know, by myself. (on the overhead, "The kind of bitch you want to get with.")

if sleeping were easy, like me

What are you doing without we?
Why would you ever choose over?

That couldn't happen. Could it. And,
where did all those left over emos goes?

(yours not ours, as if me sentimental)

Monday, March 28, 2016

work for table, what do I own you next week?

I just accidentally wrote half a chapbook, after-studio's night, because, obviously, I have nothing better to do, and you just wrapped your arms around me and said, "I'm such a fan."

Bad words. I'm such a bitch.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

high contact

Rolling papers

oblivion, genesis, a (good) grimes song,

I dream an electrical sneak, of sharing more with hues

settle into skins

Honesty we better every times. I currency like to think that we are losing marketability. Year-by-year.  And, a wiser post for you. And, a less desirable post for you. We are what we are. The difference a day makes.

a nicer collector for you

making change, a plastic stage,
certain comings in limited space

hot breath beating


I'm gonna fucking year you apart.

Thanks for the bday wishes.

wicked game music video, ice

Not cut out for this world.

Just kidding!  More often than not, I'm worried that this shit is a perfect fit...which basically just means I've lost my true form entirely. True form, whatever the fuck that is.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

only talk about what you, boring

What does an examination of that really mean? And, are you just poking around with no incision? Point.    Punish me cause you watched it: a smartass.    Make promises to listen and not just speak.   So that we are all clear and level. Look longer, speak stronger, and know this:
drunk soup-make
kills microwave
reals 3/23, 20sixtn

still not-a-laugh for you

hear me? listening close, a little behind...
inching closer won't reveal the things, unsaid


That Replacements song

It sort-of-sucks to realize that our first move, the impulse, is to make something from Clever-clever-land, and that seems very distinct, very self-satisfying. But, then we sort of don't care, because we like being satisfied. And, we want you to be too.

waiting one day for an email response is the difference between funding for a project, or--goodbye $352.37

And, you know exactly what you want to do...
stop selling the idea, and make the thing

horoscope chapter is going, well, it's going

Time before March, no one is awakes, ask me about my meaner.

Monday, March 21, 2016

fb diary and delete

We fleeting for publics and breakdowns, we
vastly overstated memes, some sentiment
is still not-a-truth, follow this corpsed
response...are we masking enough?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

correspondence is important in the new age

World: the social
Tower: the museum
Chariot: the biennial
Wheel-of-Fortune: the gallery

They are all elitism

let me hear you say....I'm-so-tired-of-the-term-millenial

This photo was taken while I was
privileged-homeless and I thought
I wouldn't have to worry about lead
paint poisoning if I got an apartment
in a building from my generation.     #youngerthanBritney

stop drop n roll

Jerry Saltzzz 'hearts' a photo with a
little thigh showing--back off Jerrr!
I'm into your wife.

all friends here

That time my fresh-ex tried to im me that evening
and then showed up at my after-after with a new another...
so I just sat on them and introduced myself to her.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Its a pretty, pretty, but you can pull anything off, so sorry for the mani

How to get your high-school ex back for exactly 2 months, even if you are unsure that you are still interested in their gender-identity, because you are sad your mom is sick and you hate your 40h a week job: see them at a bar, touch knees under low light, dead-face look them in the eyes while they talk for five minutes, look away, close your eyes for ten whole seconds and when you open again be staring at them. Tell them that you saw them out with their new Other a few days ago, "I didn't say 'Hi' because I didn't want to bother you, but awwr, you are cutest couple." Say the last part a little too high pitched. And, smirk. Say, "You are like going to be that upper-middle-class partners tennis couple in like three years." Know that they just gave up on their band last year and got a 'real' job. Get up, move around, avoid them the rest of the night. Feel bad about it when they text you later, but also know that you need someone that feels like home...until mom gets better, until you move away for grad school, until you barely remember their face, and have no clue if?..they are probably married by now.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

delusion is a good germ

rubbing up is pretty physical, can I get reimbursed for this?

FB camillionaire--get riche

Help me make a corpse vessel for my fallen Tamagotchi. What if I hadn't cremated my cat and sent her up in a balloon? What if I had saved her body and put a digi pet inside? Life=better? She could still watch me cry myself to sleep ala thirteen.

Neko Atsume is so last year, dude...Twitter doesn't even exist reallllly

Polyamorous digicat cult.

notice: I don't call them mentors

When Its advisor says, "and you're cheeky, you can get an audience on your own...
you're an entertainer," It's just thinking: I'm very serious.

It is serious. It is professional. It is going places!

This is grave.

And It just wants to complicate, but they want It to focus, but that is easy.
And, It is playing with things It wouldn't before, and It hasn't even gotten its actual review yet.

It puts the cake in its mouth
and thinks of that terrible
Mary Kate and Ashley
"have your cake and eat it too"
dialogue from Island in the Sun.

Think, ppl!

mostly redacted privatized ffffffffffffffffffff

Because you are aggressive and unwilling to hide it.

fb-dec-2015--did this make it here, yet?

She speaks like a proposal, we
believe none of it. A possible
assignment, removed. Clearly,
from a quarter-inch away, but
we see too close. The
womb is where the warmth is?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Monday, March 7, 2016

some. a band in youth

we are all broken bodies, there.
follow we  into the seats.
embrace the cut.
so filled.
and, we will eat you whole.
big bang...big bang...big...

redbelting, waiting for it, 2 min.

Some hate speech in a commentary, and
I blew it all on dancing without retrievers

arcing conceit, listening on our feet

Honestly, who wouldn't want to be self-involved?

why not call we now?

Right. Don't have the number, intestinal really. Bleeding.
         But just so we are clear: we were hoping
it was you and not our grrrls

when we were in the shower, blingy text-noising, sinking of you

anyways. But, they are all conspiracy,
but, we listening to Past Lives, thinking with you
for once. inside for like ever.