Friday, December 28, 2018

i am forest cleaning. there are buried things, of course. i am testing you, a picture of anxiety.

millennial pink,
i sentence lines in the moment
between the dance, and               start over again.

most realistic MASH last night:

Living in a Los Angeles McMansion, making 100k/year as a artist-writer-professor who rides a bike to work, has zero children and 1 cat, whose main focus is their career and clearly, obviously is coupled with a poet. Peak of success: 2022.

jan is my quora contributor obsession

her mother was a narcissist.
her neighbor, jimmy, sucks.
her childhood encounter with lizard people has...had an effect.

she is overcome with paranoia, but she wants,
earnestly, beautifully to share her insight with you.

last one :we are 4 out of 15: flirt a little. you look and smell goooooooood.

flirtation is important, you really like her 
and, you are new to flirting, 
often it happens on its own. 

you may find yourself smiling and locking eyes
and not even realize that you have been doing it all along. 

we are pretending there is such a thing called innocent.

Smile at her 
see her. really look. 
make frequent eye contact 

these are clear signs. if
she looks away, don’t get worried. 
she is nervous, which can be a good thing (?)

pay her for compliments...“You are such an amazing artist and I really admire your talent.”

Sincere compliments are another thing.
what are you more comfortable with?   exchange.

They won't be direct and thoughtful. They never are.

some things are. other 
than her appearance, 
an intelligence, creativity, determination [realist]

“I think it’s really cool that you have excelled in such challenging courses.”

find an excuse. talk to her.

I'm so into femmes  rn.
how to... get a girl to notice you, 
you will need to talk to her at some point. 

that sweet, sweet femme energy.
You don’t have to have a good excuse to talk to her, 
you just have to have some sort of excuse to break ice. 

and, am working with our history of internalized femmephobia. 

Try saying something like, "Hey?" or "Can you?"